Chapter 298 - Ferocious Beast

"Gav! Wait! Ah!" Evie's voice echoed inside the sound proofed room, but Gavrael did not seem to be able to hear her. 

A guttural sound of sheer pleasure was all she heard from him as he continued his zealous rhythm, penetrating her over and over, causing her to only be able to grip onto his shoulders hard and to wait for the storm to subside.

"S-slow… slower…! Gav…!" she pleaded as she hung on, unable to keep up with his unexpected intensity but it was as if her begging had worked to arouse and stimulate him even further rather than stopping him. She gasped out in shock as she felt his manhood swell to larger proportions inside her. 

She felt as though his already thick length became even bigger, hotter, and plunged even deeper inside her and she could only stiffen. It was too much… this was too much for her… 

"Evie…" her name was the only word that came out of his mouth aside from the sound of his groans and harsh pants of his breaths. It was as if he could no longer remember any other words now aside from her name – not even his own. 

The sound of the water that surrounded them in the tub was also splashing about and getting louder the harder he thrusted, as if even the waters were now protesting under his wildness. As if they too, like Evie, could no longer handle this ferocity of his anymore. 

"Gav! Ah! Too fast… wait –" she did not even know if her words were understandable with all the moans and little shrieks leaving her lips at the same time. She was on fire, her insides were burning and convulsing like they had never done before. This kind of sex… this kind of pleasure… it was almost terrifying… she never knew such a terrifying pleasure that could drive one insane and lose all rationality even existed!

She looked down at him and she saw his face, the face of this ferocious beast ravaging her so mercilessly. His eyes were blazing in blue fires, perfect droplets of sweat formed on his elegant brow and trickled down his face and to the sides of his neck, only to heighten the seductive aura that was already overwhelming her senses. His dampened hair was tousled so appealingly, following to the vigorous movements of his taut body.

He was intoxicated, his eyes permeated with intense, unspeakable desire as he stared up into her ecstatic face. He was fully enjoying how their currently engaging activity had caused her to be so dazed even as she gazed back into his eyes. 

His fiery blue eyes were radiating with overwhelming ferocity she had never seen before. 

But as she looked at him and saw that fierce, ravenous with a hint of disorientation on his face, as though he was currently experiencing something that was beyond the scope of his understanding, she felt an unspeakable feeling well up within her chest. He looked to be drunk on hard liquor, as if he too felt as intoxicated towards her, just as she was towards him. It was as if he was now completely mindless with desire and now completely unable to control himself. 

The sight of him looking as though she was not the one under his mercy but actually him, made Evie's heart warm and sent a thrill buzzing through her whole body. And the tiny sliver of fear his shocking ferocity caused within her melted into nothingness as she saw that there were no signs of coldness in those fiery blue eyes of his anymore. There was only desire, lust, and passion so strong, that nothing in this world seem to be strong enough to overpower them at this moment. 

She bent down towards him and sought his mouth and kissed him with all that she got. She really went at it with the hopes that she could make him slow down even a little bit but contrary to her hopes, Gavrael groaned out deeply – one that she could feel rumbling from the centre of his chest – and all of a sudden, he rose, and stood up in the tub with her still held firmly within his arms. 

The water flowed down in little rivulets from their bodies where most dripped back into the tub, but some caused the floor around to be speckled with little damp spots. 

And before Evie could react by pulling away from him, his strong hands which were digging into her behind, pushed her until his length was about to leave her insides before he himself pushed in rapidly, making Evie shriek and her eyes rolled up into her sockets as she scratched his skin with her nails. 

He did that again and again, until she completely lost control over the reactions of her own body and shuddered and wept as she clung desperately onto him. 

"Evie!" he uttered her name with so much difficulty and for the seconds that followed, the sounds of gasping breaths, moans, sobs, and the suggestive sounds of wet flesh slapping against wet flesh were the only things that could be heard inside the room. 

Unable to bear it any longer, Evie subconsciously sank her teeth into the crook of Gavrael's neck.

He groaned hard as he felt his manhood swelled to impossible girths inside her. And with one last thrust, he spent himself inside her, filling her completely as the both of them shuddered violently. Tears slid down Evie's cheeks as her toes stretched and curled, riding out the waves of pleasure that kept crashing over her. 

Evie had lost consciousness as Gavrael nested her head on his shoulder while bringing the both of them to sit back into the tub. 

He was dazed and disoriented as he gently stroked Evie's silver head with his still trembling hand. His other hand was carefully washing her down there, cleaning her up from all the traces of their lovemaking earlier. 

When he finally stepped out of the tub, his legs wobbled a little as they were unsteady, as if he were the one who suffered from his ferocious intensity instead of Evie.


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