Chapter 266 - Gavrael (Part XXIII)

After introducing herself, the spirit named Zanya immediately explained to Evie who she was. When Evie started to question her, Zanya invited her to go with her into and beyond the dark tunnel. Evie looked at Gavrael and an unspoken agreement passed through their eyes before Evie turned back to Zanya and nodded her assent. Gavrael then took Evie's hand and held it tightly in his before they both followed after Zanya who had already entered into the dark tunnel.

"After we exit this tunnel, we would enter into the light fae's kingdom. It is called Crescia, once known throughout the lands as the most heavenly place you can find on the surface or under." Zanya volunteered the information. Both Evie and Gavrael could pick up the hints of pride in her tone as she spoke about this kingdom of Crescia. And through this, it made them curious to know more about that place and were looking forward to seeing for themselves how that place looked like.

As they exited the dark tunnel, the brightness caused Evie to squint her eyes as the sudden light was blinding compared to the gentle glow that she had gotten used to in the tunnel.

Zanya's excited voice then entered her ears. "We have arrived! This is the entrance of Crescia, the home to the light faes!" After blinking her eyes a few times, Evie's sight adjusted to the light source outside the cave and finally could look around and see where was it that they were at the moment. They silently took it all in as they continued to follow Zanya, walking along as she led them.

Zanya began to tell them the story of the Light Faes, about what had happened in the past and why Crescia has now fallen into ruins. By the time they arrived at the castle, Zanya showed Evie the other light faes who were trapped and were currently in the throne hall. And then she told her everything, about who she was and about the prophecy of her homecoming.

Gavrael had been silently listening to everything that had been said, keeping it all in his mind for him to look back and ponder on a little deeper for another day. He could not see the spirit Evie was talking to but using his dark magic, he could hear her voice, and that was how he had heard everything the Light Fae had said.

He could see the shock in Evie's face but deep within Gavrael, he was not even that surprised anymore. He knew all along that Evie was definitely a half-blooded like him. But what surprised him in fact, was the prophecy the Light Fae had mentioned. The one where Evie was apparently the destined one to revive this land and bring it back to its former glory. Meaning that, one day, she would inherit this legacy and be the queen of this land!

They had to immediately left Crescia when their time was up, but since that day, Gavrael and Evie had been going back there every single night to learn more about the light faes. She had also started to learn and practice controlling the dragons with Zanya's help.

Gavrael accompanied and supported Evie's secret trainings at night and when he was back in the Under Land, he focused on his own training in perfecting his preparing and casting of the time manipulation magic.

Until one night, as Evie and Gavrael was riding on the back of the largest and blackest dragon named Onyx, Gavrael spoke to her. They were both looking down at the desolate land.

"Have you decided?" he asked her, leaning in closer to her from his seat behind.

Evie looked at him over her shoulders, her face a little uncertain.

"I… I don't know…" she said honestly, "I am not certain if I can do this. And I am also unsure if… if what Zanya said is even true. Everything has been too far-fetched…" Evie's voice trailed off as she stared down at the lonely castle that was visible from their position on the flying dragon.

"You're doubting that you are the child of the light in the prophecy?" Gavrael had guessed the main reason that she was hesitating.

Evie nodded slightly. Since she had heard everything from Zanya, she had a hard time believing everything. In fact, it was Gavrael who convinced Evie to try to learn more about her powers and abilities, and what kinds of things she could do when she is in control of them. He had also suggested about her starting to learn to control the dragons.

"You believe it, right?" she asked him and Gavrael confidently nodded.

"Yes. To the faes, prophecies aren't something to be taken lightly. Because it is bound to happen." He explained and Evie's grip on Onyx's spike tightened.

"But… what if I fail to bring this land back to its former glory?" she muttered lowly, and he saw fear and uncertainty in her eyes. Gavrael understood as she had never expected to discover such a great responsibility that was awaiting her. It was a massive expectation that she is to revive a whole race of people with their land, and to bring it back to its previous heights. "What if I can't defeat that man Zanya was talking about? If he finds out about me and of the surviving faes, he'd definitely come over here with his legions of vampires and destroy this land all over again… the few faes left will all be annihilated and…" she trailed off at the sight of him smiling. "Why are you smiling?"

"Because I could see you are serious about this now. You might not have realized it yet, but you are already taking this challenge. I believe this is something you cannot escape and that's why I urged you to start learning about your powers now. You are strong Evie. I know you are the one that was mentioned in the prophecy. But I understand your fear and that's why…" he paused and then he kissed her gently, shocking her.

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