Chapter 265 - Gavrael (Part XXII)

As Evie sat in her room reflecting on her thoughts, she suddenly realized just what he meant to her now. He was no longer just that sneaky and sly boy to her anymore. Unknowingly, he had become such an important and significant person in her life. Just how did things happen and progress to this stage? Evie was startled at how quick it had progressed.

She started to wonder what if he did not appear ever again? At that thought, her heart gave a violent shake that it even caused a sharp pain to lance through her body. She was surprised at the feeling she felt just by thinking about it. Even though she knew there was nothing that could be done to undo these feelings, she was somehow shocked and a little concerned at how much he now dominated her thoughts and reigned in her heart.

As the night came, Evie found herself sitting and waiting by the window. Her heart was churning with so much emotion that it shocked her herself and then there was the dread that surfaced right after. She dreaded if he would no longer come by to visit her. Could he only be just a dream? Or perhaps he was a figment of her overactive imagination? She took her fist and knocked herself on the head before shaking it repeatedly.

"He will definitely come back, right?" Evie asked herself, now looking anxiously at the sky. She was just waiting for the moon to rise. She suddenly thought that if he did not appear soon, she would go look for him.

But as those thoughts filled her mind, a breeze blew past the curtains, and someone materialized right before her. It was him. The boy she was waiting for.

"I'm back, Ev –"

Evie launched herself at him as her slender arms wrapped themselves around his waist and grabbed him tight, hugging him as though she had not seen him for a long time. Her sudden actions shocked Gavrael to his core.

"You… you missed me?" His happy grin melted away into a helpless and indulging smile as he looked down on the head of hair at his chest.

She nodded wordlessly even as her grip tightened on him.

He lifted her up and spun her around. Then his lovely laughter echoed around her room. "God dammit, I don't even know what to say, Evie. You don't know how happy you have made me right now!"

Since that night, their relationship had slowly changed and blossomed into something more than plain friendship. Evie started to accept his advances and as days went by, she continued falling more and more for him. And it was the same for Gavrael. Their feelings towards each other just continued growing the longer they spent time together. The night had become Evie's favourite time of the day.

Days went by and they also started to go further in, to the Middle Lands and had now gone past through the Mist forest and Gavrael had managed to wipe out a number of ferocious orcs.

This time, they went straight beyond that blocked gate as Gavrael had finally destroyed all the orcs that tried to stop them from reaching that point.

And that was the night they met with a massive dark dragon.

Gavrael immediately told Evie to fly the moment he sensed the presence of a beast inside a massive tunnel, far stronger than all those they had previously encountered. So, Evie was already in the sky and looking down at him when the dark and large dragon came out of the cave.

Evie had her eyes wide at the sight of the large creature. Then it roared and Gavrael started to bring out his power. Evie could tell he was going to fight it. No… Evie attempted to go back to stop him. Even though this was the first time Evie had seen this dragon, she immediately felt that she must stop Gavrael from fighting it. She just had that feeling that the two of them should not be fighting each other!

However, before she could move from where she was, Gavrael had already attacked the dragon. The dragon roared and when Evie saw the dragon about to breathe out fire at Gavrael, Evie then dove towards them and landed before Gavrael, stretching both her arms out to her sides to shield him, shocking him to his bones.

"Stop!" she screamed and the glow that was surrounding her blasted outwards.

The amber light then collided against the dragon's fire. What was totally unexpected was that the dragon's fire was immediately extinguished in that moment of collision.

The dragon froze at the sight of Evie and then it suddenly crouched down as if it did not want to fight anymore, shocking Gavrael once again.

"What the hell are you doing!!" Gavrael snapped at Evie from the shock. He could not believe what Evie just did. His rage blazed into his eyes as he held Evie's shoulder. If the fire had not been extinguished… just thinking about it made his heart shrivel within him. He felt that he was going to go mad with worry.

Seeing the fear and rage in Gavrael's eyes, the first thing Evie did was to hug him. She knew that he was not truly angry at her, but just that it was a display of his utter worry and concern for her.

"I'm sorry…" she told him as she tried to calm him down. And when his rage did not calm even with her hug, Evie tiptoed and kissed him on the lips, causing Gavrael to stand there, paralyzed for a moment.

"God dammit, Evie. Please, never do such thing again. I would never be able to take it if something happens to you." He said after a while, his arms still shaking a little.

At that moment, Evie saw someone staring at them.

"G-gav… there's someone…" she pulled away from him and faced the woman who was now standing right next to the large dragon and looking straight at her.

The woman was clad in white, looking like some spirit and was smiling at her as if she was beyond relieved. "Thank goodness, you can finally see me." She said as she approached them.

"W-who are you?" Evie asked and the woman did not waste a moment longer to introduce herself to her.

"My name is Zanya." 


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