Chapter 267 - Gavrael (Part XXIV)

His devil blue eyes glimmered as he looked at her seriously, caressing her cheek. "I promise I will stay with you and support you. I will help you grow into your position as the queen and revive your people and this empire and bring it back to the heights it was at as previously was." He promised, rendering Evie speechless. This was the first time he had made a promise to her. And such a serious and huge promise it was, too!

Her heart immediately swells at his words. She could not explain how she felt but it was as though his reassurance, this promise was all that she needed from him at this moment. And just like that, she made up her mind. She was not going to run away and evade this fate that had been allotted to her. She was going to see it through to the end and she was not afraid now, because she had him with her, every step of the way.

"And what would you want in return?" Evie then asked after hugging him for a long while.

A sensuous and slow smile carved on his lips. "I only want one thing, my little butterfly."

"And that is?"

"To become your king." He declared with gusto and Evie's eyes widened. Then slowly, a wide smile bloomed on her face as she threw herself into his embrace again.

"This is a yes, right? Evie?" he asked, and she looked up at him, blinking.


"That you are agreeing now to marry me."

Her eyes widened again. "H-huh?! When did you ask me to marry you? And when did I say yes?!!" Her voice almost became a squeak at the end.

He pinched her chin and licked his lips. "You really are so slow sometimes, Little Butterfly. When I said I'll become your king, that's the same as me asking to be your husband, isn't it? And your reaction just now seemed like a yes to me." He grinned. 

She was shocked as she thought about it, and he chuckled and pulled her into his arms. A kiss landed on her forehead.

"I know." He then whispered. "Not now. But one day, you'll definitely marry me. If you won't, then I'll just marry you." He smirked devilishly and Evie could only blush and bite her lower lip, knowing full well that if he does that, she will never say no.

Since that day, Gavrael started to have a real goal now aside from Evie. He had finally found something he truly wanted to do in his life. And that was to leave the Under Lands for good and rule on the surface. With her. He could no longer accept the fact that he could only stay with Evie at night. He longed for the day he could stay with her forever and not just during the night. Even though he had learned to stop time, so he could stay with her longer, it was still not enough for him. He hated the fact that he had to leave her every time.

Gavrael also started to meddle with the vampires. He knew that his mother was a vampire from the royal line. She was a direct descendant of the vampire king, a princess. And Gavrael found out that the vampires were now ruled by a family of fake royals whom he found out were being controlled by a certain creature.

Since he heard what the light fae had said about this creature, Gavrael began to investigate him as well. In order to help Evie to achieve her aims, this creature must be eliminated. So, he had sneaked as far as into the imperial palace of the Northern Empire of the vampires to learn about him.

Gavrael began to plan everything, step by intricate step. He needed to eliminate anyone and everyone who could possibly get in the way of Evie's success. And thus, he decided to snatch back the throne from the fake royal vampires as well.

However, there was still one problem he needed to solve first and foremost. And that was how he could leave the Under Land without losing his powers. If he loses his magic, he thought that he would not be able to protect Evie. A vampire's ability alone would not be enough. For him to ensure the safety of his beloved for eternity, he must be able to remain as strong as his father – or become even stronger! That was the only way Gavrael could think of. He must be the strongest.

When he returned to the Under Land, Gavrael went to seek out Claudius again. This time, he asked if there was a way for someone to leave the Under Land without losing his dark magic and his memories.

Claudius firmly said there was none. But Gavrael was not convinced.

Due to his strong desire and desperation, he forced the ancient fae to speak. And after much poking and prodding, true enough – there indeed was a way to get that done. An unimaginable way that would most likely cost him his own life.

But Gavrael was a dare devil who was not afraid of death. He would do anything and everything to get what he wanted, no matter how much he suffers, no matter how gruesome it was. And he was that man who always believed he could conquer everything.

One night, Gavrael appeared in Evie's room. He was expecting his little butterfly to threw herself at him and kissed him as she always does every time he returned to her. But this time, no one was inside the room. This was the first time that he had arrived in her room, and she was not there, waiting for him.

Gavrael's heart shook with fear. "Evie?!" he called out and stormed out of the room, flinging the door open and not caring if it slammed against the wall with a loud bang. It was then that he realized that no one was inside the citadel anymore. It was devoid of any human presence!


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