Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 386 - The Pressure Is A Bit Huge

386 – The Pressure Is A Bit Huge

Since when were emblems so easy to earn?

“Boss, the pressure is too much !” Qian Lei couldn’t help but say to Lan Xuanyu on the way back to the dormitory.

Yes, as the attention gathered by this game was getting higher and higher, the income became more and more lucrative. However, the pressure put on the first and third years was also not small.

Other students’ eyes went red with envy, and Bing Tianliang had come to Lan Xuanyu and proposed to take Qian Lei’s place in this battle. A purple emblem ! Until now, they had not even yet seen what a purple emblem looked like.

The situation was probably similar for the third years.

Now that this game was being organized by the academy, honor was almost not as important as the potential profits. The benefits were simply too great. This was true for both the first and third years.

Among the first years, only Yuanen Huihui had reached five-ring. Among the third years, the highest cultivation base was also a five-ring. Why was this? It was because of the same problems as Lan Xuanyu and the others were facing, lack of cultivation resources and cultivation time.

Because there were too many things to learn, and the emblems in hand were limited. There had to be some trade-offs.

In fact, Lan Xuanyu and the others had not yet reached the time when they were short on money. When they would start to make Battle Armors, it was the moment when they would need emblems the most.

Tang Yuge and the others, when they were making their One-Word Battle Armor, had spent most of their year’s earnings to exchange for resources necessary for its manufacture. This was the most important thing for everyone to do during the second year.

At that time, their cultivation had to be temporarily put down, and lay the foundation of their Battle Armor first. This was the top priority.

There was not enough time, nor resources. It was a problem that every student faced.

Of course, other academies didn’t have this trouble. Graduating after their sixth year was equivalent to graduating from an intermediate academy. There was no need to have a Battle Armor at all, just improving their cultivation base by spending a lot of time on it was enough.

But this was how a disparity was created. Why could Shrek’s students become proud sons of heaven? Wasn’t it because they had training resources and put in hard work far surpassing those of ordinary academies ?

A purple emblem ! If the manufacturing of a One-word Battle Armor went smoothly, the required resources would add up to about 30 yellow emblems. If it was exchanged for a purple badge, one would only get two.

With a purple emblem, if one lived frugally, it was equivalent to half of the set of a Battle Armor. How would this reward not make one’s heartbeat quicken !

The same was true for Tang Yuge and the others. If they could get a purple emblem, in the future, they could save a lot of time for cultivating and making their Two-Word Battle Armor.

After the fourth year, many students in the Outer Court would choose to go out to perform tasks, because the rewards for accomplishing tasks were more generous. In other words, because of lack of money. If it was not for money, who wouldn’t to want to stay in Shrek Academy to cultivate ?

There was no doubt that with the increase in rewards, everyone would become desperate for this game.

“Don’t stress. Tell me, can I really count on you, can Fatty Jin wake up?” Lan Xuanyu looked at Qian Lei and said.

Qian Lei winked at him that day, and he knew that it was related to Fatty Jin. As expected, Qian Lei told him that Fatty Jin should be waking up soon, and there had been some stirrings these days.

“No problem, he can definitely wake up. It should be only a couple of days. And I can obviously feel that after waking up this time, he should have evolved. He will definitely increase my strength by a lot. Plus the duplicated Emerald Demon Bird and your assistance in my summoning. It will definitely give the other party a big surprise. Hehehehe. I hope that their sixth soul master has a dragon-type Martial Soul. Fatty Jin seems to be able to suppress dragon-type soul beasts. What do you think, is he a dragon-eating beast from another world, and originally particularly powerful?”

Lan Xuanyu said in an angry tone: “Stop dreaming already. Let’s rely on your summons for combat first. Your current summonings skills have indeed become more reliable.”

Liu Feng curled his mouth, “It’s still not very useful. In my opinion, it’s better to swap him with Bing Tianliang for more security.”

“No, I absolutely won’t swap.” Qian Lei jumped up as if he had been stepped on his tail, “I missed the opportunity last time, but I can’t miss it again this time. A purple emblem ! Frenzie, if you talk about this again, you’ll hear from me.”

In terms of utility, at least from the previous match, Qian Lei was definitely not as good as Bing Tianliang. However, this time the rewards were simply too generous. If they swapped him, he wouldn’t be able to get his part of the reward.

Lan Xuanyu looked at him and then at Liu Feng, “That’s it then. Let’s work hard together. Although we had luck in winning last time, we have all improved a lot this time. There still should be a shot at winning. And not a small one. Even if we lose, we won’t suffer any losses, right ? The academy has already placed the bet. We have also earned more than a dozen yellow emblems from the Exchange Center. There are hardly any first years that make money faster than us. Keep your mind at peace, and just bring out your abilities as much as possible.”

That’s right, at the Exchange Center, there were already more than one hundred and fifty people who exchanged for their item. This was one hundred and fifty white emblems. And there were still two days before the game, there should still be people who would continue to buy. Taking everything into account, there would surely be more than ten yellow emblems. Even if they really lost, they wouldn’t lose anything.

In this regard, the pressure on the third years was greater than them. They had lost once before. If they were to lose again this time, it would really be impossible to justify.

It was in this increasingly tense mood that a week had finally passed. The highly anticipated game was coming soon.

What surprised Lan Xuanyu was that before the game started, he received a call.

“Son, you are going to compete? Aren’t you still in your first year ? How could you compete with your third year seniors ? There isn’t someone with the same name, right ?” Nan Cheng had called, her voice full of surprise.

This was an interplanetary communication phone call, which was very expensive. Usually, Nan Cheng would only call Lan Xuanyu once a month.

“It’s us, you’re not wrong. Mom, how did you know?” Lan Xuanyu was also curious. Nan Cheng rarely went to Douluo World! She usually liked to watch variety shows and listen to Uncle Le singing…

Nan Cheng said: “Why wouldn’t I know. It was broadcast on the Federal TV ! Such a big event, and I still won’t know? My colleagues asked me if Lan Xuanyu was you. I was thinking you are the only one with this name among the first years. And it is really you?”

Lan Xuanyu’s eyes widened suddenly, “Broadcast to the whole Federation ?”

Nan Cheng said: “Yeah! How long before you compete? Isn’t it near time ? According to the interstellar time, it should be near. The transmission speed here will be a bit slower. I reckon that it will be several hours later. When the match is finished, call me as soon as possible ! If you lose, I won’t watch it. If you win, I’ll watch it.”

Lan Xuanyu looked speechless, and was shocked by the news brought by his mother.

Federal broadcast? Did they really have to go this far ?

In fact, he didn’t know that Shrek Academy’s reputation and influence over the Federation were far more than what they were seeing now.

Shrek Academy, which had a history of 30,000 years, had officially announced a game. How rare was this situation.

Lan Xuanyu felt that he suffered a loss now! The broadcasting rights sold by the academy should be astronomical, right? But they were never consulted about that.

This was too much!

“Xuanyu, a competition is just a competition, you must be careful okay ? Don’t get hurt again mentally. Don’t make your mother worry, have you heard?” Nan Cheng’s earnest admonition came.

“Mom, don’t worry. It’s a match in Douluo World, nothing will happen. We have already fought against the third years before, and we won. Just wait to see your son’s heroic appearance.”

“Well, okay. Then do your best to win. Your father has been bragging with his colleagues for the whole day now.”

Lan Xiao’s voice suddenly came from the other side, “If you lose I’ll beat your ass.”

Lan Xuanyu was speechless for a while, and he put his parents aside for now, hanging up the communication in a hurry, and immediately called Tang Yuge.

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