Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 385 - The Sixth Third Year

385 – The Sixth Third Year

If they continued to exchange like this, they could probably collect more than ten yellow emblems before the start of the game. At the end, it would be a no-risk bet for them. This was simply…

Would the third years also do the same thing? Let alone the fact that someone else had already done it, but Tang Yuge would not allow such a thing because of her pride.

“We must make them understand their place this time.” The Holy Crystal soul master said viciously. At this moment, there was nothing holy about him.

Tang Yuge glanced at both of them, “Let’s not make the same mistake again. Let’s go, this week, we will practice together.”

The two Black Tortoise Shield soul masters were standing next to Tang Yuge, Li Siqi and Li Siming looked at her, and Li Siqi said, “Huge, who is our sixth candidate ?”

Compared with the five-vs-five last time, they could have one more person this time. In this regard, there was no doubt that the third years held an advantage.

Although they were not familiar with Qian Lei’s strength, they had just bought relevant information.

The materials provided on the first years were all from their entrance exam. This undoubtedly didn’t tell anything about their improvement in the previous two months. However, even if they had improved in that time frame, by how much could it be?

Tang Yuge also bought the exchange intel. Although she felt angry, she still bought it. Mainly for checking out Qian Lei’s abilities.

Facts proved that Qian Lei was really as weak as Tang Yuge thought that day, two-ring, his Martial Soul was to Summoning Coin. He could summon different soul beasts with a certain probability.

When Tang Yuge saw these, she even wondered how he got admitted to Shrek.

Undoubtedly, this was good news for them. More importantly, the first years did not know who their sixth person was. Tang Yuge did not have the intention to leak this neither.

“Let’s find him.” Tang Yuge said helplessly.

Li Siqi, Li Siming, Holy Crystal soul master and Dark Cloak soul master were all taken aback and looked at her in surprise.

Tang Yuge said faintly: “This time, we can’t afford to lose. I will speak to him myself.”

After speaking, she walked directly towards the classroom.

The third years’ classroom was no different from the first years, their number was also more than 30. Tang Yuge walked into the class and her eyes directly locked onto one of the people in the corner.

The student was wearing a school uniform and sitting quietly reading a book. His somewhat messy long black hair concealed his face, concealing his expression.

Tang Yuge paused, and then walked towards his seat.

“You are also a member of the third years. For the sake of our glory, we need you.” Tang Yuge stood beside him and said lightly.

He sat up slowly, and one could see that he was very tall. Third years students were all around fifteen years old, but he was almost as tall as Tang Yuge while sitted.

His appearance was a bit haggard, and he looked much older than his actual age. He looked up at Tang Yuge, and in his eyes, there was a faint green light beating.

Their gazes locked, Tang Yuge didn’t retread the slightest.

“Okay.” A hoarse voice came out from the student’s mouth.

Tang Yuge nodded to him, “Thank you.”

“No need.” After speaking two simple words, he lowered his head again and went on reading. If Lan Xuanyu was here, he would find that this one was reading a book on forging.

The news about the first years and third years’ rematch ignited the whole Outer Court. In this regard, the teachers completely turned a blind eye. It was good to have competition in Shrek Academy. Moreover, they had been notified in advance, and got the approval of the academy.

Gambling and fighting had always been one of Shrek Academy’s traditions. If one wanted to become stronger, one always needed to test his strength. Actual combat was the best way to test the cultivation’s results.

The two sides agreed to the same format as before, a single match in the Douluo World.

In response to this, Shrek Academy also specially selected a particularly large venue in Douluo World through Xiao Qi, which would accommodate a bigger audience. And a certain amount of publicity was also carried out on this game.

The condition for doing this was that the academy collect half of all income.

This made Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but sigh, this was really what one called grabbing money even under the coffin ! Was the academy short on money? Absolutely not. However, they still refused to let go of this little bit of income.

As for the other half of the income from the game tickets, it was naturally attributed to the winner in accordance with the rules.

Soon news of the ticket sales came back. In just four days, 100,000 tickets were sold out.

Regarding publicity, Shrek Academy would never do poorly. The announcement was simple. Shrek Academy, Outer Court’s Inter-Year Peak Battle.

Just a single sentence, which did not clearly explain what kind of fight, or which year vs which year. But the words “Outer Court’s Inter-Year Peak Battle” were more than enough to attract people

Moreover, Shrek Academy was sparing no effort and broadcasted it to the entire Douluo World.

Needless to say, just the words Shrek Academy were enough to attract people.

What was the Federation’s current population ? Taking into account all of the administration planets, it was about 15 billion, and more than one-third of them would often visit Douluo World.

How big was this number ? If it weren’t for the fact that the Great Soul Arena in Douluo World could only accommodate 100,000 people at most, even more tickets would have been sold out, no matter how expensive it was.

Yes, one could set the fares by himself when doing this kind of site reservation. Of course, the premise was that they paid the fees to Douluo World.

Then Shrek Academy adjusted the ticket to one hundred Douluo coins.

How much was 100,000 tickets? One hundred thousand tickets, a total of ten million Douluo coins.

Only then did Lan Xuanyu realize what was a true business mind.

In addition to the fixed fee of 200,000 Douluo coins, the academy needed to pay the Douluo World’s share, a 10% split.

Nevertheless, the academy still had more than 8 million Douluo coins left. Half of that was four million. The remaining four million Douluo coins belonged to the victorious side.

What did four million Douluo coins mean?

The value of four million Douluo coins was more than four million federal coins! Worth ten times more. It was equivalent to 40 million federal coins.

Although the Federation didn’t allow directly exchanging Douluo coins against federal coins, private transactions still existed.

Just a single match, and the tickets’ revenue alone was so huge. This had far exceeded Lan Xuanyu’s gambling agreement.

Four million Douluo coins, if it could be fully exchanged, one thousand Douluo coins was worth a white emblem, fifteen thousand a yellow emblem. This exchange was equivalent to four thousand white emblems, or more than two hundred yellow emblems !

In fact, Shrek Academy certainly would not allow an exchange of this magnitude to take place. But even if the exchange rate was reduced, it was still an astronomical figure for students from the Outer Academy.

Thus the academy immediately gave an exchange ratio. No matter which side won, if the four million Douluo coins were obtained, they would be directly exchanged for a purple emblem per person.

Yes, only one.

When receiving this news, no matter Lan Xuanyu or Tang Yuge, they instantly felt indignated.

So shady! This was really too shady.

Even if a purple emblem was equivalent to twenty yellow emblems. For a team of six people, it was equivalent to one hundred and twenty yellow emblems ! The academy had just directly stolen half from them.

When they raised objections, the academy said magnanimously. Regardless of the outcome, the academy had paid the money they bet. Then?

Then there was no more. Protesting any more was invalid.

Therefore, in this first and third years rematch, the party who benefited most was undoubtedly the academy.

Of course, even if there was only one purple emblem per person, it was still a huge reward. As a result, students from other years felt a little tempted. Could this kind of competition be replicated?

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