Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 387 - Go on Strike?

Chapter 387 – Go on Strike?

“Senior sister. Are you aware of a certain matter ?” Lan Xuanyu said.

Tang Yuge said a little coldly, “What’s the matter? If you want to affect my preparation before the fight, then you are wrong.”

Lan Xuanyu said: “No. I think we should go on strike.”

“Strike?” Tang Yuge was stunned, “Are you crazy? The academy has already announced it to the outside world. At such timing, what would the academy do to us if we do so?”

Lan Xuanyu said: “The academy has sold the broadcast rights of this match to the Federation’s Soul Television Channel, and it is now being broadcast across the entire Federation. Sister, do you know how much this can be sold for?”

“…” The other side went silent, but soon Tang Yuge’s heavy voice came.

“Where are you?” Tang Yuge gritted her teeth.

“In the dormitory.”

“See you in our main teaching building, we’ll go to the dean. On this matter, the academy is going too far. We have already cut our exchange ratio so much, and they even concealed the situation. Strike, we must go on strike !”

Twenty minutes later. The captains representing the first and third years’ teams stood in front of Ying Luohong.

“Why do we need to tell you if the academy sells the broadcasting rights? Without the academy’s publicity, can this game gather so much attention? Go back and prepare for the match. These are not things you need to care about.” Ying Luohong said angrily. At the same time, she secretly slandered in her mind, these two little guys were very well-informed! The academy had only discussed the broadcasting rights yesterday. How did they know so soon?

The match was scheduled to start today. They originally wanted to get away with it discreetly. Moreover, the academy had really spent a lot of resources and connections on publicity. Although these were not money, they were much more precious than money.

“Dean, how could this have nothing to do with us? Our competition was originally a private one. We can accept that the academy is using us for earning money. After all, we are students of this academy, but shouldn’t we have a share? The academy hides the income like this, it is very unfair. We are still students and are always learning how to do things fairly in the academy. Everyone is treated equally and obtains emblems based on their abilities. But this time, the academy not only greatly reduced the exchange rate of our emblems, but also concealed from us news concerning the broadcasting rights. How can we still go on with peace of mind?” Tang Yuge said with some agitation.

Lan Xuanyu was listening on the side, and thought that Tang Yuge’s train of thinking was quite clear. Worthy of being a senior.

Ying Luohong said in a deep voice: “The broadcasting rights have just been finalized, but I haven’t had time to inform you yet. Moreover, this itself has nothing to do with you. No need to say anymore, quickly go back.”

“Then we won’t play this match.” Tang Yuge said coldly, then turned to look at Lan Xuanyu, “Right ?”

“Yes, we won’t fight anymore.” Lan Xuanyu definitely stood by Tang Yuge at this moment.

Ying Luohong was taken aback, “You two little things dare to threaten me?”

Tang Yuge said indignantly: “We are just fighting against unfair treatment.”

Ying Luohong’s face suddenly hardened. Stop the match ? All the broadcasting rights were already sold, plus the tickets. If they didn’t fight, their loss…

“The publicity towards the outside world was only a confrontation between the third and first years. If you don’t fight, I can find a team from these two years. I believe many people will be willing to take your place in the competition.” Ying Luohong said faintly.

Tang Yuge was taken aback, she did not expect Ying Luohong to be like this, “Dean, you, how can you be like this?”

Ying Luohong looked at her and said with a faint smile: “Why can’t I be like this?”

Tang Yuge was speechless for a while, yeah! She was the dean. Her decision represented Shrek Academy’s Outer Court. They were just some students, what could they do?

Lan Xuanyu glanced at Ying Luohong and pulled Tang Yuge, “Senior sister, if that’s the case, let’s go. Let the dean find someone else.”

“Huh?” Tang Yuge looked at Lan Xuanyu in a daze, with an incredulous expression in her eyes.

That was a purple emblem ! Each person could get to have a purple emblem. In the whole Outer Court, let alone the first and third years, even among the fifth and sixth years, it was by no means an easy task to earn a purple emblem. A disturbance was just a disturbance, Tang Yuge really didn’t want to give up on this game.

Lan Xuanyu said calmly: “If we go on strike, it will be fine if the dean finds someone else. But among the first years, I can’t think of anyone who can compete against the third years. In other words, the first years will lose. If we lose, there will be no gain. And the gap between us is likely to be large. A match such as this representing Shrek, Dean, if you think it’s fine then I have nothing else to say.”

Yes, among the first years, the strongest people were actually Yuanen Huihui and Lan Mengqin. Especially Yuanen Huihui, the only five-ring, and his Martial Soul had gone through a Second Awakening, a bloodline awakening. He had to be there, and only then would the first years have some power to fight against the third years.

Although this match was advertised as a peak duel between the first and third years, the video of the previous game had been circulating in the Douluo World since a while. In fact, the audience was still looking forward to Lan Xuanyu and Tang Yuge and their two teams colliding again. If there is an ad hoc change, would the broadcaster’s party really not object ?

“Senior sister Yuge, if you still decide to participate, I have no opinion. Anyway, you will win, and it will be a crushing one. In this kind of competition, I think it’s pretty meaningless for the first tears to participate.”

Ying Luohong looked at him coldly, “You’re talking as if you can represent all of the first years.”

Lan Xuanyu said: “I can’t represent them, but our battle represents Shrek’s reputation. The academy has always advocated fair competition and told us to improve ourselves through our own efforts. Relying on our own efforts to earn emblems. However, this time I’m seeing unfairness. First, the exchange is unfair. The estimated revenue of 4 million Douluo coins will only give the winner a purple emblem. This is too unfair. The matter about the broadcast rights after that is also unfair, none of us has been notified. Dean surely also knows that the video recording of the match in Douluo World should belong to the winner alone. Last time we put it in the exchange center of the academy and earned a lot of emblems. But this time, it is being broadcasted by the academy, who would buy our recording, is this fair to us? If the Federation’s number one academy does not even uphold the most basic fairness, then I am really disappointed. I will withdraw from this match.”

After speaking, Lan Xuanyu turned around and walked out.

Listening to his firm words, Tang Yuge’s eyes became complicated. His words had even made her blood boil. He was right ! This was Shrek, the holy temple that all soul masters yearned for. If in Shrek Academy, there was no fairness, could it still be considered as a holy place in their hearts ?

Just as the saying went, a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, Lan Xuanyu’s words had suddenly made Tang Yuge’s eyes firmer.

“Dean, I ask you to please find someone else. But among the third years, I, Yuge, still hold a certain authority. I will explain the situation to everyone. It will then be up to everyone to choose whether to stick to fairness or to participate for the benefits.” After that, she also followed Lan Xuanyu out.

“You two come back.” Ying Luohong’s face flushed with shame. She was left a bit speechless by their bold words.

Lan Xuanyu, who was walking in front, stopped immediately, turned around, and at the same time pulled an angry Tang Yuge, who had walked to his side.

“What instructions does the dean have ?” Lan Xuanyu asked calmly.

Ying Luohong said angrily: “What do you want?”

Lan Xuanyu said: “Fairness, we only want what’s supposed to be ours. Let’s do it like this then, Dean, we also understand that without the advertising of the academy, the match would never have had so much influence. We aren’t going to bicker too much with the academy. In this game, no matter who wins, both sides will definitely go all out. The winning side will reap the rewards, but the losing side has also made great efforts. I think there should be a certain amount of subsidies. I won’t haggle specifically how much. What do you say about this, the winning team will have two purple emblems for each team member, and the losing team a purple emblem. We won’t ask for how much the broadcast rights were sold, and we don’t want any of that. It will all belong to the academy. We’re not asking for much, with some simple calculations, the revenue in Douluo coins alone is already much more than that, as well as the broadcasting rights. The academy is still making a lot of money. What’s more, we are all the best talents of our year, shouldn’t the academy want to to see us grow? With emblems, we can exchange for more resources, cultivate harder, become stronger, and bring glory to the academy. In a sense, the academy should also give some more resources to outstanding students. Giving through this competition does not violate the academy’s fairness policy. Doesn’t this kill two birds with one stone?”

LTang Yuge, who was standing next to Lan Xuanyu, was a little stunned. Was he really only twelve years old? This guy was really too good at talking.

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