Since The Red Moon Appeared

Chapter 218 - Chapter 218: Chapter 208 pale laboratory (1)

Chapter 218: Chapter 208 pale laboratory (1)

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“Where is this …”

Lu Xin’s heart skipped a beat.

He couldn’t describe his emotions.

He felt that this place was familiar, but he could not remember when he had seen it.

The only thing he could be sure of was that he had a very complicated feeling in his heart.

The calmness he felt when he borrowed his “mother’s vision” seemed to have disappeared completely.

He felt a sense of fear that he had not felt for a long time.

The emotions were suppressed to the extreme, and he couldn’t help but want to take a deep breath to keep his calm.

He looked up and saw that the corridor led all the way to the front. About seven or eight meters away, there was a light green wooden door. The door was tightly closed, and through the narrow window on the door, he could see what looked like a wide experimental area behind the door.

Lu Xin’s heart was suddenly filled with curiosity.

He didn’t know where the impulse and desire came from, but he especially wanted to find out what was in this dream.

He lifted his heavy feet and slowly walked forward.

However, he had just taken a step when he suddenly felt a force pulling him.

“Pa pa pa pa …”

A series of crisp sounds rang out in his ears. It was someone snapping their fingers continuously to give him some sort of hint.

At the same time, the world began to tremble, and cracks appeared.

Like a television that was about to break, glass-like cracks appeared on the painting.

Lu Xin raised his hand and saw the White figure.

It appeared in the air behind him, its head raised up suddenly. Under its loose hair, one could see that it was also showing a frightened and puzzled expression. Then, it retreated with all its might, as if it wanted to leave this world at all costs.

It didn’t seem to have expected that its subconscious would create such a place.

It should be the time for it to attack, but it subconsciously felt afraid.

That was why it was struggling and trying to escape.

And because it was about to leave, the world began to become unstable. After all, this world was created from its own power and Lu Xin’s subconscious.

“Whoosh .

Just as the world was about to collapse, Lu Xin suddenly turned around and reached out to grab it.

He was very far away from the shadow, but when he reached out, he grabbed it tightly. Then. he ignored its struggle and Dulled it in front of him with all his strength. He had never used as much strength as he did now, holding onto something so tightly.

The White shadow was caught by him, and he could feel the fear on its body.

since you’re here, stay with me for a while longer …

Lu Xin said to the shadow in his hand. Although he was gentle, he didn’t allow it to reject him.

After capturing it, the world began to stabilize again.

Lu Xin didn’t care what he was holding in his hand. He just made sure that it couldn’t escape before he continued forward.

The White shadow in his hand was trembling and twisting.

It had never felt as scared as it was now, and it had never seen such an absurd scene. Even if it was only a remnant of its spiritual power, it could still remember that anyone who was affected in the past would try their best to leave the dream and return to the real world. That was the instinct of life. But this time, it was actually itself who wanted to leave, but the person who entered the dream insisted on staying …

The most important thing was that the will of the dreamer was too strong, and he was not his match at all.

It was being suppressed in the dream it created.

Or rather, he had been kidnapped

Lu Xin didn’t have the time to care about what his companion was thinking. He was eager to see the world.

He didn’t know if it was because this was a dream or for other reasons.

The surrounding air seemed to be filled with countless contorting forces, causing his vision to become blurry.

Gusts of cold wind came from the depths of the corridor and swirled around Lu Xin.

It was as if there were many things that he could not see surrounding him.

The corridor was not wide, and the surrounding space was not big.

However, Lu Xin could clearly sense that there were countless eyes staring at him from somewhere he couldn’t see.

They weren’t hostile to him, but they were afraid. Lu Xin could sense that the owners of these gazes were trembling in fear. They were looking at him with extreme fear, but they didn’t dare to escape. They were also wailing in pain that Lu Xin couldn’t hear.

In contrast to him,”it” was in Lu Xin’s hand.

Being stared at by countless eyes, it felt an indescribable fear, or perhaps torture.

Its body was like a human’s shadow under countless moving light sources.

Under the illumination of the light sources, it kept on distorting and disintegrating before returning to its original state.

Every time it changed, it seemed to decrease a little.

As Lu Xin strolled along, he felt the emptiness of the corridor.

All sorts of sounds strangely disappeared as he approached.

However, it would suddenly appear when he wasn’t paying attention.

When he reached the end of the corridor, he slowly pushed open the unlocked door, and the light behind the door suddenly lit up.

Lu Xin could even hear the buzzing sound of the electric current flowing through the incandescent light.

As soon as he pushed the door open, Lu Xin saw something black on the floor.

His heart skipped a beat. Upon closer inspection, he realized that it was a person with a twisted body.

His body was covered in a black substance, and his original appearance could not be seen. One could only see that he was wearing a white coat. He was a man, and his body was twisted into a strange shape. His mouth was wide open, and one could still feel the fear he felt before he died.

Lu Xin looked at him for a while and saw a badge on his chest.

On the badge that was not completely covered, the words ” Crimson Moon project “, ” Research ” and so on could be vaguely distinguished.

Lu Xin didn’t try to pick it up. He lifted his head slightly and saw a row of tightly shut doors in front of him. It looked like a prison, or rather, a hospital ward. However, many of the doors were already open, blown away by the wind.

Some of the doors had metal shelves with medicine scattered all over the floor.

There were also some doors with blood splattered on them, and there were even scratch marks on the doors made by fingernails.

Lu Xin felt a little lost. He tried his best to look further, and he saw three more doors.

They weren’t opened, but were tightly shut.

The excitement in her heart, or rather, the nervousness, grew stronger.

Lu Xin strode forward. He could feel his legs trembling uncontrollably.

He walked to the first door that was closed.

Then, he stuck his face to the window and suppressed the turbulent emotions in his heart as he looked inside carefully.

The room was dark. With the light from the corridor, he could see that there were many instruments and operating tables inside. In the corner of the room, he seemed to see some torn plush toys, which were scattered on the ground.

The strange emotions were like flames, rising with all their might.

Lu Xin could feel the fear of the cruel shadow that he had been forcing to stop him from leaving reaching its peak. It was struggling and rolling around in an attempt to escape.

However, Lu Xin used all his strength to pull it back, forcing it to help him stabilize the dream.

Then, he stood on his tiptoes and continued to look into the world behind the closed door, as if he was looking for something. He felt that there must be something in this room …


It was at this moment that a pair of eyes suddenly appeared out of the window that Lu Xin was looking at.

It was a pair of eyes that were hanging upside down, and they were completely white.

It was also at this moment that Lu Xin felt a strange sense of familiarity.

There was even a strange sadness that gushed into his mind and drowned his consciousness.

However, it was also at this moment that Lu Xin’s hand suddenly became empty.

At the same time, his head began to hurt, and the world around him began to collapse inch by inch.

He was returning to the real world.

The shadow that he was forcefully pulling had completely disappeared.

Creating such a dream seemed to have taken a toll on the spirit. Furthermore,

Lu Xin had forcefully pulled it in and prevented it from leaving. As a result, Lu Xin had to borrow its power to stay in the dream for about 20 seconds. During these 20 seconds, he had to use up its energy to maintain the dream. Finally, when Lu Xin saw the pair of eyes, its mental energy had been completely depleted.

Lu Xin’s ears began to ring with the sounds of crying, women’s yells, and the bodyguards ‘coaxing.

He looked to his left and right and realized that he had returned to reality.

He subconsciously looked at his watch and realized that less than three seconds had passed.

Just now, when he was grabbed by the pale hand, he had fired a shot at the female Secretary. In less than three seconds, the female Secretary was lying on the ground, crying loudly and falling into a semi-conscious state. Naturally, she couldn’t do anything to him. Outside the door, the bodyguards heard the gunshot and quickly hid on both sides of the door in fear. They shouted outside, “Please control yourself …

“Shooting in the city is illegal …”

the people from the security Department have arrived. You still have a chance to turn back …

“Don’t get too excited.”

Everything was still under his control, but Lu Xin suddenly felt a sense of loss.

After a while, he sat down on the chair in a dejected manner.

Although what he had experienced was only a dream, and the time was especially short, that feeling had always shrouded him.

After sitting for a while, he finally reacted and felt that his eyes were a little strange.

He subconsciously reached out and touched the corner of his eye. He found that his finger was stained with a crystal-like liquid.

It turned out that she was already crying ….

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