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Chapter 217 - Chapter 217: Chapter 207-forced into a dream (3)

Chapter 217: Chapter 207-forced into a dream (3)

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The world around him began to collapse, like a huge screen that kept flashing.

Lu Xin felt as if the entire world had collapsed on him as he was pulled down by the hand that was grabbing his leg.

As the surrounding scene kept changing, he felt that he was still in the hotel room, and then he felt that he was in another world. It was like a person who was about to fall asleep, but he fell into a dream and woke up again.

is it a dream creator who is affecting me? ”

Lu Xin’s expression was calm, and he even seemed to be taking his time to consider this question.

He first observed his surroundings to make sure that there were no other powerful polluting sources or aptitude users affecting him.

He then confirmed that the problem was indeed the hand that had extended out of Xiao Yuan’s body.

this should be the power left in Xiao Yuan’s body by the dream creator. It seemed to have sensed that Xiao Yuan was at a critical moment in completing the dream hint, but was stopped by an external force. Thus, this power appeared on its own and tried to pull me into the dream? ‘

Lu Xin’s thoughts were clear, and he analyzed the situation with great efficiency.

After he understood the logic, he bent down and reached for the hand on his leg.

Although he wasn’t as good at tearing things apart as his sister, he should be able to deal with this hand.


Just as Lu Xin was about to grab the hand, the hand suddenly disappeared.

The flashing lights around him had also disappeared, and Lu Xin felt as if he had returned to the real world.

He was still in the hotel room. Xiao Yuan was lying on the floor, and the female Secretary was hugging her legs and crying.

The bodyguards outside the door had already rushed to the door. It was only after the Secretary fell that they saw Lu Xin holding a gun. This shocked them, and they quickly took out submachine guns from behind their clothes and fired at themselves.

A series of bullets flew toward Lu Xin.

Lu Xin furrowed his brows. At this moment, he had the chance to Dodge or return fire.

But he didn’t move, letting the bullet hit his body.

The bullets pierced through his body, leaving countless bloody holes. He felt an unimaginable pain.

Lu Xin could feel his life force draining away from his body along with his blood. He didn’t even have the strength to stand.

But just as he was about to fall, he lowered his head and looked at his body.

He looked at his body carefully and found that there were no bullet holes in his body. The pain had also disappeared.

He was dreaming …

When he tried to pull the pale hand, the hand suddenly disappeared, but it didn’t really disappear.

It was because it had finally pulled itself into the dream at that time.

A dream based on the real world.

So, how should I break this dream …

Before Lu Xin could finish his thought, he suddenly saw Xiao Yuan’s body twist and turn. Xiao Yuan’s face twisted, and he opened his mouth to bite Lu Xin’s leg with his fangs. Xiao Yuan looked at Lu Xin with an eerie glint in his eyes.

This sudden turn of events made Lu Xin have the urge to shoot him.

However, Lu Xin did not respond. He merely frowned as he looked at Xiao Yuan, who was biting his calf. He did not say a word, nor did he smile.

As if he was embarrassed by his stare, Xiao Yuan slowly loosened his mouth and returned to his original position.

is this the dream-maker’s forced dream? ”

Lu Xin thought to himself as he scanned his surroundings.

He was not in a hurry to move, because he knew that when faced with a dreamer, moving would make him more passive.

The first rule when dealing with a dreamer was not to trust them.

Any reality that he believed in could be an attack from the dream creator.

On the contrary, when one didn’t believe it, the power of the attack would be weakened to the extreme.

At first glance, the surroundings seemed very real, but upon closer inspection, one would discover that there were hazy lights and shadows everywhere.

This kind of unreal light and shadow could only be discovered when one looked at it intentionally.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have noticed it at all.

Furthermore, the more he looked at it, the more clear his mind became.

Lu Xin, who had spent the entire night reading up on the dreamier’s information, naturally knew that dreamiers had an ability called ‘ dream-forcing ‘

The core ability of a dreamer was to modify a person’s dream.

But there were two ways to modify the dream world.

One was to sneak into the dream of the sleeping person when they were asleep.

Under such circumstances, the sleeper would not be able to detect the dreamscape’s surrealism.

The other was to forcefully enter a dream. The specific effects of this would depend on the will of the dream creator and the affected person.

Those with weak will would still be unable to tell if the dream was real or not.

Those with strong willpower could retain some of their consciousness and quickly discover the flaws and wake up.

This was exactly what Lu Xin was experiencing right now. Even though he had been forced into a dream, he was able to maintain his consciousness and quickly realized that the dream was not real. At this point, a dream that he knew was not real would no longer be able to keep him trapped.

The time he experienced in the dream was much longer than the outside world.

The flow of time in dreams and reality was different.

Usually, the attack that a dreamer used on the person who forced them into a dream would cause the same flow of time.

Just like how he had imagined the scene of the bodyguards rushing into the room and firing at Lu Xin, the time he needed to do that would be the time he had spent in his dream.

In reality, less than a second had passed.

Under normal circumstances, the first stage of the DreamMaker’s ability could only extend the time in the dreamscape, but not accelerate it.

The hazy light and shadow around him began to fade, and the dream was about to be broken.

It was at this moment that Lu Xin heard a faint laugh, and he felt a little dizzy.

This laughter seemed to have some kind of ability.

Following the direction of the laughter, Lu Xin saw a pale hand slowly reaching out from the wall. Then, a disheveled head and a body in white clothes slowly peeked out from the wall.

Its head was lowered, and its hair was scattered. Its face could not be seen, and only its laughter that seemed to echo could be heard.

“Is this the materialization of the mental power left behind by the dream creator?”

Lu Xin thought back to the hand that had pulled him into the dream. It was obvious that the hand belonged to it.

In that case, would killing it be considered as eliminating this force?

Lu Xin stuffed a Black Bullet into the revolver’s cylinder.

This was the special bullet that he had applied for to deal with this dream creator.

Lu Xin slowly raised his gun.

“Hehe .

However, it was also at this moment that more laughter rang out.

Lu Xin saw a pale hand reach out from the wall next to him, and a person ‘grew’ out of it.

It looked exactly the same as the person who had grown out before, with disheveled hair and a white dress.

Then, from the TV, the ceiling, the glass partition in the bathroom, and even the bed, white shadows ” grew ” out one by one, like mushrooms. They grew out and covered the entire room, laughing at the same time.

Lu Xin’s mind was assaulted by a cacophony of laughter from all directions.

There was only one special bullet, so Lu Xin had no idea which one of them he should aim at.

But their laughter continued, intertwining in the room.

In the midst of the laughter, a series of images suddenly appeared in Lu Xin’s mind. He didn’t know if they were real or fake.

These images flickered and occupied all the space in his mind from time to time.

Some of them were like Windows, some were like lamps, and some were like long, endless corridors.

It was as if countless fragments of worlds kept appearing in his mind and occupying his vision.

“Entering a dream subconsciously?”

Lu Xin recalled the information he had read.

Subconsciously entering a dream was already a relatively powerful performance of dream-creating ability users, although it was also in the category of forced dreams.

However, he stimulated the opponent’s subconsciousness and made the opponent create a dream.

This kind of dream realm was the most difficult to break.

Moreover, it often hid the deepest level of the opponent’s past, the deepest secrets, and it was the easiest to make the opponent collapse …

Before Lu Xin, the special Investigation Department had used this method to test if aptitude users could be recruited.

One could understand the risk of losing control by directly checking the subconscious of a person with a mental mutation.

“This place is …”

When the images that didn’t seem to belong to him appeared in the depths of his mind, Lu Xin was slightly confused.

At this moment, his consciousness was still very strong, and he still had a chance to break free.

However, those scenes inexplicably attracted him.

When he saw those scenes, his heart beat faster. He was even a little excited and a desire welled up in his heart.

Therefore, not only did he not resist the appearance of these images, but he also subconsciously wanted to pursue them.

Under such circumstances, the remnant shadow of the dream creator felt a strange sense of ease. Entering a dream subconsciously was the most difficult thing to do, because when breaking through the subconscious, the person affected would subconsciously resist.

But now, he could feel Lu Xin’s unusual cooperation. He had completed the construction at an unimaginable speed.

“Chi …”

In Lu Xin’s field of vision, the images became more and more realistic and larger. One by one, the fragments pieced together. In the end, all of the fragments suddenly came together, and his head began to spin. Then, he saw a completely different world.

Lu Xin’s eyes flew open as if he had just woken up.

Then, he saw that he was in a strange place. It was a corridor.

The corridor was about two meters high and one meter wide. It seemed a little cramped. Above them, there was a white light that hid the light source and illuminated the corridor. There were some strange instruments scattered on the ground around him, as well as all kinds of surgical equipment. The walls were made of white tiles, without any patterns or colors.

The entire corridor seemed to be unusually pale.

“Ding ding ding …”

In the depths of the corridor, the sound of a hammer hitting a metal rod came.

“Zi Zi Zi .

It was the faint sound of an electric shock.

Chi Chi Chi .

It was like the sound of a sharp knife cutting flesh.

There were also faint, weak moans, as if they were screams from far away ….

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