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Since The Red Moon Appeared

Since The Red Moon Appeared

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从红月开始 從紅月開始





Since The Red Moon Appeared

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My name is Lu Xin. I'm one of the few normal people in this world.

A lot of my colleagues ask me how I could be so calm in the face of a crisis.

I smile without saying anything. When I get home from work, my parents and sister are already waiting for me at the table.

"Brother, why should we be afraid of those monsters? They should be afraid of us."

"Son, if you're bullied, you must tell Mom and Dad. We'll get him together."

I calmly pick up my bowl of rice. Monsters? What's there to be afraid of? Can it be as scary as my family?

The sudden rise of the red moon thirty years ago has thrown the world into chaos. The surviving humans not only had to deal with sudden changes in their environment, but also with mutated monsters eyeing them covetously. Fortunately, some of humans had awakened their superpowers and were barely able to keep up the peace.

However, everyone knows that this security is only superficial. The terrorists in the cities, the awakened who can't maintain their condition, the corrupted monsters constantly threaten ordinary people.

Upon learning of a new recruit at the Agency—

"Mr. Lu Xin! What do you think of yourself as the savior of mankind, the greatest hero in human history?"

"I can only ensure that my family doesn't step out the house."