Since The Red Moon Appeared

Chapter 47 - Chapter 47: C-grade special contamination source-039—1

Chapter 47: C-grade special contamination source-039—1

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“It’s so scary …”

The lizard was still talking with lingering fear even after it walked out of the building with a huge backpack.

“Why are you so afraid of her?”

Lu Xin asked curiously as he followed behind the lizard.

Looking at the lizard’s carefree appearance at the beginning, he thought that he was really not afraid of anyone ..

“Did you hear her asking me to take off my clothes and dance in the crowd?”

The lizard turned to Lu Xin with a serious expression.

“Did she really do that?” Lu Xin asked in shock.

“She did!” The lizard shook its head.

Lu Xin silently thought of the scene and thought, this is indeed quite scary …

“Alright, time to work!”

The lizard came to the side of the road and stretched lazily. It turned to Lu Xin and smiled. brother, since old Chen asked me to guide you, then I won’t be polite. Our Spider series is different from other ability series. We are most suitable to learn during action. I won’t talk about those theories and principles. In short, you just have to watch me do it .

Lu Xin nodded. He knew how to treat an old employee.

He wanted the other party to feel his respect, but he didn’t want to appear too reserved.

They had just arrived at the side of the road when a black Jeep drove up to them. The two of them got into the car.

The driver didn’t even ask them where they were going and just drove them straight to the North of the city.

In the car, the lizard handed over a box. Lu Xin opened it and saw a Black Wireless earphone. He had already used it once before, so he took it off and put it on his left ear. He turned it on, and the lizard did the same.” Coming, coming

processing team line connected .

connecting to the information analysis team …

In the channel, a cold and crisp voice quickly sounded, ‘”‘Testing the signal!”

“Hahaha …”

The lizard immediately changed to a sneaky voice. “My dear Linda, I’ve not heard your voice these days, I miss you very much!”

“I’m not Linda, my surname is tie, tie cui,” the crisp voice replied.

Lu Xin glanced at the lizard.

“The name tie cui doesn’t match your beautiful voice, so I’ll just call you Linda. Even if I just say it, it always makes my heart itch. It’s so comfortable …”

“Then you can call me Katrina,” the female voice in the channel said.

The lizard suddenly showed a constipated expression.

“Now, we will begin to report the information of the special pollution incident.

[ serial number: C-grade special contamination source- -039 ]

[ target class: C ]

[ infection level: low ]

[ threat Level: Intermediate ]

“Incident summary: special contamination source No. 039 was discovered by the investigation team 10 days ago …”

Lu Xin thought that he would be listening carefully to the briefing, but he didn’t hear what tie cui or Linda said after that. This was because Gecko had already reached out to grab the headset and leaned its head toward him. It said mysteriously, did you hear that, brother? this is the most important lesson I’m going to teach you. The information analysis team is our most important partner …

Lu Xin expressed his agreement. The information analysis team could provide him with a lot of information in time.

“Think about it, if we don’t have them to chat with us all the time, how boring would we be when we’re out in the field?”

Lu Xin was speechless.

Why was it so different from what he had imagined?

every person in charge of the information analysis team is specially assigned to the members of the special Operations team. This is so that we can get along better and develop a tacit understanding. This way, we can get twice the results with half the effort when carrying out the cleaning mission. Also, think about it. We talk to them as soon as we go on a mission. If we talk to them as soon as we go on a mission, wouldn’t we …

The lizard winked at him with a “you know” look.

Lu Xin subconsciously thought of the gentle and polite han Bing. He wondered if she would be the one to receive him in the future.

therefore, for us who are out on field missions, support is the first element!

The lizard was not stingy with its experience. It then let go of the headphones and laughed. “Linda .

“Call me tie cui!” alright, Katrina, you didn’t even tell me if you were single last time before you left .

Linda’s calm voice came from the channel, “That’s because I was in a hurry to feed the baby.”

The lizard’s face was scrunched up, as if it had swallowed a fly.

But soon, his face relaxed and he smiled, “”Don’t joke with me. I’m not that gullible. Do you think I don’t know that your information team is so strict? how could they allow you to bring a baby into the office?”

who said my child is a baby? ” Linda said. maybe he’s in his twenties!

The lizard’s expression was as if it had swallowed two flies.

The Jeep soon arrived at a dark area in the northern part of the city. There were tall factories and wide lanes everywhere, but there was only one streetlight very far away, so it was very dark. From afar, they could see a factory with glaring lights. The lizard and Lu Xin got out of the car, and the lizard was carrying a long, narrow, and tall box on its back.

“Dear Linda, I’m going to save the people in this city again. Do you have anything to say to me?”

“There are!”

The female voice in the channel was silent for a moment before saying, “”Don’t call me Linda anymore. If you do, don’t add” dear “in front of it!”

“Okay, Linda!”

The lizard waved its hand happily and suddenly raised an eyebrow at Lu

Xin.”Let’s go!”


Lu Xin was slightly taken aback as he watched the lizard’s tall and sturdy body suddenly leap up and climb onto a brick wall that was about three to four meters high. It waved at him and then stepped on the wall with both feet to climb up. The lights around them were dim to begin with, so it was almost impossible to see its figure.

Lu Xin heaved a sigh of relief before reaching out to the side.

“Why don’t you give me candy?”

His younger sister’s frightened little face appeared in the night, and her eyes seemed very resentful.

Lu Xin reached out to grab his earphones before whispering to his sister, ‘ children will have bad teeth if they eat too much candy …

“You think I’m a child .

The younger sister seemed to be a little angry as she glared at Lu Xin.

Lu Xin looked at his sister seriously and said, ” you’re a child, the pretty kind .

The younger sister seemed to have choked.

After a while, she raised her head and asked, “”ls it the kind of beauty that can be pieced together?”

“That’s right!” Lu Xin nodded earnestly.

His sister stopped talking and seemed to be thinking.

not only do I want to eat candy, but I also want to eat the black kind, the kind that is sweet and bitter …

After a long while, the younger sister spoke again. She spoke resolutely and at the same time, she stretched out two hands. “Ten Yuan ..

“Alright …”

Lu Xin calculated the number of candies in his pocket and nodded helplessly.

Then, he stretched out his hand. His sister was a little happy. Her cold little hand finally fell into his palm and he gently held it.

It was at this moment that Lu Xin felt his body become lighter. The solid wall in front of him seemed to have become flat ground. He climbed up the wall quietly and met up with the lizard on the top floor. The two of them followed the power line to the roof of an adjacent building. They climbed up a rusty water tower and squatted on top of the iron tower under the Crimson Moon.

“Why did you only come up now? I thought you took the train there again .

The lizard looked back at him and asked in a low voice, “Did you see the source of the infection?”

Lu Xin followed the man’s gaze and saw a factory about 300 meters away.

Then, he squinted his eyes and zoomed in. Through the glass window of the factory, he could see the scene inside.

This made his back slightly tense.

In the night breeze, only Lu Xin could hear his sister’s chuckle. “Fun ….”

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