Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 8

Hearing the Hedong lioness shout out of nowhere Fei fei and guard mob were shooked to their core close to fainting (TL:河东狮吼 Hedong lioness shout, to be henpecked, imagine a submissive husband smacked into place by waifu). Even Wu Yan who was standing about 5 meters away almost threw his sword due to the shock.

She stomped her way to him in angry strides and pointed at his nose.

“Is this what you meant by leave it to you? Are you here to ask for help or to fool around?”

To be able to make such a happy and lively girl so angry, should he feel proud about it?

He shrank his head from the triggered Lulu, he tried to laugh it off with a brilliant smile.

“Maa, wasn’t I’m just lightening the mood?”

“You… you’re beyond salvation…” She flopped down while stating she’s so done with this troll.

“Hey now, don’t put it like that, weren’t I doing just fine?…”

At this moment, Fei fei and the guards can’t seem to piece together the clues.

From this interaction, it seems this male gets along quite well with her, and since they’re so close why didn’t they just greet each other?

And Fei Fei is reading into it much more, as a personal guardian, she knows that Lulu don’t have any male friends, even her female friends weren’t that many to begin with.

Where did he come from? Why haven’t she heard of this friend, furthermore, when did they become friends? Why weren’t I privy to this? And from the looks of it she is trying to cover up their relationship, what’s going on?

Looking at them going at each other, her questions were starting to mountain up.

“Erm… May I know who you are?…” She thought it would be better if she asked first.

Still at a riot, the two were startled when they heard her question. It was at this moment that Lulu realized.

“Oh yes, what’s your name? It seems I still haven’t heard your name.”

Inside of him, something snapped, this half klutz of a girl, why does it feel like she only realized she didn’t know his name just now.

And this made Fei Fei even more curious, weren’t they all friendly with each other? What’s up with not knowing someone’s name if they were already so friendly?

Powerless he can only shake his head and waved at Fei Fei while grinning.

“The name’s Wu Yan, nice to know you, pretty woman.”

“Oh so you’re Wu Yan….” A certain half air head shoujo said.

“Mister Wu Yan, greetings, the name’s Fei Fei.” Seeing as he doesn’t look like a villain, she decided to let it go, but her doubts still remained.

“Might I ask how did you get acquainted with Lulu?”

Hearing that, they both looked at each other. After a brief silence, the two said with much unison.

“I don’t know him/her.”

Trying not to laugh at how synced there are her brows jolted.

“Oh-..Oh so that’s the case is it? Then, your purpose of coming here…”

It seems she a.s.sumed he was here to look for Lulu.

Pertubed he scratched his head, how should he put it? Should he say it’s because he didn’t know the way out of this forest, and that he’s here to ask for directions? This sounds… embarra.s.sing…

Had Lulu heard, she would have retorted that he’s already very embarra.s.sing…

Helplessly he shrugged.

“Actually, I really am beating soy sauce while pa.s.sing by…”


At a loss of words, logically speaking, if he doesn’t want to tell the truth, there’s not much she can do, should he be a person of untrustworthy character then one can just ignore him, but no matter how he look at it, he’s quite friendly with Lulu. In no time at all, he has made the competent Fei Fei run out of ideas.

Guard mob also looked at each other.

If it were your typical meddler, they would have dispatched him with haste, but under this circ.u.mstances, they don’t have much ground to stand on.

Besides, after that performance by him, they already don’t feel like wanting to have anything to do with him.

The mood turned a bit awkward, and he can only utter a few dry laughs. It can’t help since he’s such an outlier.

“Well, what’s Mister Wu Yan planning on doing next?” Fei fei questioned after thinking a while.

“Well… actually, you see…”

“Actually, he’s lost and he wants us to take him out of this forest!”

Not giving him the chance to f.u.c.k things up again, she cut straight to the point revealing his shameful ‘secret’.

Frozen in a smiling state, he understood, this is her getting back him for sure…

Looking at the puzzled look on Fei Fei, he felt like crying.

Even the guard can’t help but rolled their eyes, all this c.r.a.p and it turns out he’s just lost…

Of course, this is what they did after seeing him all chummy with their mistress. If not, and a random p.r.i.c.k came and rustled their jimmies, that p.r.i.c.k would probably end up like the demonic beasts’ corpses laid beside them….

Hold up, they said they didn’t know each other right? Then why would the young miss know he’s lost?

Fei Fei also felt like commenting: ‘Could you guys be any less fake?’

Ma.s.saging his facial muscles, he can only wave his hands.

“Maa, so it’s like this, when is Miss Fei Fei planning on exiting giant beast forest and could you take me along as well?”

Musing while looking at his face, she laughed while covering her mouth.

“So it’s like this, since we are planning on leaving the forest, why don’t you follow us!”

“Yeah! Awesome! Finally we can leave this stupid forest!”

Lulu hurrahed after hearing her. Evidently, this forest has wronged her too little too much.

Wu Yan’s not much different, even if he’s a home security guard, this wretched forest isn’t one where he wants to work as one.

“It’s settled! let’s depart! Back to home!” Flailing her arms with much vigor she ran far away.

“Wait a moment! Rylu!”

She chased after her.

Shrugging he only felt like retorting.

‘I’m not a kid my a.s.s, looks to me like a little brat.’

Turning around he saw the guard mob of macho men, it sent shiver down his spine. Stiffly laughing he ran to catch up with them.


After a whole day of travelling, they finally made it out of giant beasts forest and came to a small supply town.

The giant beasts forest overlaps with the three empire’s land, at the center of them. Just by area alone, it is bigger than any one empire. Within it is a rich reserve of resources and demonic beast, and it’s the only place in this world that is habitable to demonic beasts!

Doesn’t matter if it’s the beasts’ body or magic crystal, they’re all worth money. Naturally therefore, this place attracted countless cultivators and mercenaries.

Due to this inside every empire there exist a supply town that is located at the area closest to the border between empire and giant beast forest.

Since he’s so close to the boundary, he has only met tier 1 or tier 2 monsters and even at most met the dead lv20 wolf, were he to move in deeper into the forest then he would have met with tragedy.

Fei Fei said deep inside the forest there’s tier 8 and 9 demonic beasts, and at the center of this region, there’s even demiG.o.d demonic beast that can turn into a human!

Through Fei Fei’s explanation he finally understood how lucky he was.

It’s fortune because at first, when he was just transported to this world, he was placed close to the giant beast’s outer boundaries. If not, without mentioning tier 7,8,9 of the deeper areas, even a tier 3 or 4 could have come and sent him back home.

Even Fei Fei and the corps were only diving slightly deeper into the outer boundaries of this forest, while not daring to dive too deep.

According to her, he found out that Lulu’s field practice target this time was 10 tier 4 demonic beasts!

Looking at those shining tier 4 crystals and a few unlucky beasts who strayed to close and got ‘farmed’, he can’t help but gaze the sky yonder.

The system told him that Lulu’s one week of bounty was enough to match his bounty of a month. Given of course this included the bodies being transported by the guards.

Going into the small supply town, he felt queer looking at the buildings and the cloths the people worse.

If not for Lulu & co walking in front of him, he would have thought he went into the world of fairy tail.

“What cha looking at?” Brought back by Lulu’s voice he turned his head. Looking at the curious Lulu who’s looking at his previous direction, he just rolled his eyes.

“I say, can’t you rein in your curiosity?” Heaven knows throughout this whole day of journeying with her, he has been dragged into a lot of things due to her curiosity, were it not for Fei Fei by her side, he fears that even the colors of his underwear would be questioned.

“I’m just so curious…” She murmured, pouting like a kid.

He helplessly looked at her who’s curling her lips like a cat.

“Even which street I was looking at you were curious of it, looks like your curiosity is quite big huh…”

“I’m just curious what a male would normally take note, I don’t have a male friend before…” Poking her fingers she sullenly said.

Facepalming he gave a long sigh.

“If you act like this, it would be easy for other people to mistake that you’re just some barbarian from the mountains way deep in the boonies.”

She shot her head up while grinning.

“Mountain barbarian? Wasn’t that you?”

Shot, he wanted to cry but for want of tears, can’t.

‘Fine, it was my fault for calling her a mountain barbarian, why didn’t I put it as field practicing royalty….’

Forgetting once more, that a royal member out on a field practice is indeed right beside him…

“Fine, I’m the mountain barbarian. Now my little tsundere princess, shouldn’t you tell me where are we going after this?”

Moving her head to the side she puffed up her cheeks. He really wanted to squeezed her cheeks right there and then.

“Hmm… Fei Fei sis said we will first find and stay at a hotel for a day before heading back home tomorrow on an airship.”

Stopping his step, he gave her a deadpan look.

“What did you just say? Ride what? could you say it again?”

“Airship! (TL: lit 浮空艇, floating blimp/ship/vessel) Alchemically created large flying ship, via using magic fuel to fly fast. As long as one ride one, a journey requiring a month’s travel (TL:raw didn’t specify compared to what but I’m guessing relative to fastest land travel, again very vague) would be shortened just a few days, super awesome innit! In this town’s airfield, one only needs to cough up the dough and one can ride the airship to wherever one pleases. Too bad though, it’s limited to only within Ailu empire.”

“Oh really? I don’t suppose it was made by a certain magic guild called blue pegasus?”

He really thought that he might as well go and search for Natsu…

“What’s blue pegasus magic guild? I have only heard of mercenary guild, magic guild, and alchemist guild, never have I heard of Blue Pegasus, although the name does sound fabulous. Oh yes, why are you bringing this up?”

He just dry laughed it off.

“Ma… don’t get bogged down by details, details are for ⑨ (TL:), now now, let’s catch up with Fei Fei & co, they are getting further and further away from us.”

Seeing as she still wants to ask something, he immediately broke her off and took big strides running off into the distance.

“What’s a ⑨? Hey you! Wait for meeee!”

She hatefully stomped her feet. Ignoring the fact that she drew the surrounding people’s attention she chased after him.

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