Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 9

After Wu Yan’s done washing up, he walked out of the.

He sincerely wished he hadn’t stayed a night at such a inn.

The reason’s simple, he’s broke…

Yesterday, after he mentioned he didn’t have money on him, Lulu magnanimously said she would cover the fee. The judging look on the innkeeper’s face at that time, how he wish he could find a hole to hide then.

Right after walking out, he saw the Lulu and corps all dressed up and ready to depart.

Lulu zoomed to his side while unhappily complaining about him.

“So slow.. why did ya have to sleep so long, completely like a pig.”

He just rolled his eyes at her, this by his standards as a former home security guard, is already exceptional. He can sleep until noon before, unlike now where he has to wake up so early.

“Mister Wu Yan, what do you plan to do after this? I heard from Lulu that you don’t seem to have a place to stay…”

What really happened, was that she told Fei Fei that he’s a mountain dweller who came out looking for food and got lost. Fei Fei merely romanticized for his sake.

“Yeah, where do you plan to go after this? Why not follow me home!”

His face changed drastically sour after hearing that. The h.e.l.l? Picking me up like this to your home, are you a bandit lord trying to bag himself a waifu (TL: husbando in this case)?

Fei Fei on the other hand is shocked at her request, this would be the first time she has invited someone to her home isn’t it?…

He thought it over deeply. Honestly, he hadn’t considered where he would go. He’s just an ex-hikikomori who came to this world for just a month. Even back on his world, he hadn’t go out much, much less to be said of this world where he completely doesn’t anyone or anything to rely on.

“I’ll go look around at the mercenary guild i guess.”

He came up with this after thinking for a while. Going along with her is a good alternative, but not to mention how that would be sponging off someone else (TL: not sure to translate as per original meaning, the original meaning carries a rather s.e.xist notion, to rely on a female for livelihood among other things is considered to be “eating soft rice” or being “little white face”), the main issue is that he would lose his chance to level up. To level up is not just to kill the enemy, but to spar with someone, unless it’s a real battle (TL: to the death kind of context, real animosity, the series will explain upon this further in later chapters but i figure it would nice to mention beforehand since it might be confusing left unsaid), he won’t get a sliver of exp because the system is quite astute at this…

Moreover, he would most definitely summon a few 2d shoujos later down the road, should he remain by her side, a sudden increase of people would probably slip off Lulu’s radar but definitely not Fei Fei.

Thus, being a mercenary is the best alternative, one can nab the awards, and level up as well as farm up some points, and it’s also very unrestricted.

“Is mister planning to be a mercenary?”

Understandingly she nodded, given his position, without anywhere to go, being a mercenary would be a good choice.

“A… why’s that, ne, are you really not going home with me?”

Fine, there is still a protester to this.

She still can’t get enough of how he’s so mysterious. To her, he’s a very useful playmate while killing time, now that the ‘thing’ is about to go away, she’s feeling kinda reluctant.

He doesn’t know what she’s thinking, but he had a foreboding feeling that if he followed her, nothing good would come of it!

“Young miss!”

A band of about 100 knights appeared, the leader seems to be a male of a similar age to Wu Yan. Although he’s not wearing like Gilgamesh, but his armor is pretty fancy, the knight sword on his waist tells him that the sword is more of an aesthetic purpose than practical.

Slime: (lv25)

Other than him, the other knights were around level 10 +/-, sure their number are greater than Lulu’s corps but their overall quality is on a lower magnitude.

He don’t know why but when he saw Slime, he felt trouble brewing.

After the sound of clanking metal and footsteps came Slime. He walked towards Lulu.

“Young miss, the airship preparation is ready, you can depart anytime!”

“Why did you appear here?”

Not pleased with the fodder who disrupted her plans to keep Wu Yan tied down. Her ‘beautifully thought out plans’ painfully weaved together in her mind went poof because of Slime’s interruption.

Girl please, you should save your thoughts for thinking about what to eat for lunch, it would be more realistic that way….

“Rylu, they are the guard sent by your father to escort you home, I have just received the news yesterday…”

Sure Fei Fei’s been at her side for a very long time, but regarding this particularly air-headed girl, even she does not know what she is thinking about sometimes. She don’t know why Lulu’s not happy so she could only bitterly laugh.

“My father is so…., I’m not a kid anymore…”

If i were your father, I would be worrying about whether a half klutzy daughter like you would get lost….

A certain otaku who was lost for one month thought in his heart.

Now, Slime’s occupied with sliding his eyes all over Lulu, showing a hint of l.u.s.t and enraptured expression now and then.

Coincidentally he was noticed by Wu Yan who’s busy a.n.a.lyzing people using system identification.

Curling his lips, even using his knees he could guess what the slimeball was thinking. Maybe she didn’t notice but Fei Fei knew it would go like this, she’s not showing it but her eyes looked at him with utter disdain.

Well, none of my business, as long as Fei Fei’s with her, nothing could happen. Because she’s a tier 7 super not to mention a rare magician at that!

He only knew this after hanging out with them for one day.

“Lulu, Fei Fei sis I guess we part our ways here.”

And so he planned to start his leveling trip.

“A… wait a second…”

“Who the f.u.c.k are you! Who gave you the right to call young miss like that!” Slime didn’t see Lulu’s reaction but he looked real smug with his frown while calling him out.

Sighing in his heart, says who women had better intuition, moi’s not any less accurate as well, see? He really is here to cause trouble.

Giving slime the cold shoulder, he just gave her a wave before turning around and preparing to depart.

Slime got mad, since being a knight leader of one of Lori family’s knight corps, even the tier 4 and 5 people don’t dare to wrong him. But now a brat with no dou qi or magic aura dares to overlook him!


He drew his sword and slashed at his back without using any dou qi.

This unfolded so quick even the group including Fei Fei didn’t have a chance to respond since she didn’t expect this. By the time she responded, it’s already a little bit too late.

Wu Yan however had a cold glint in his eyes.

Who would have thought that just because he called out to Lulu and ignored him he would drew his sword. Judging from the wind coming from behind him, it seems the blow is let out with intention to kill.

This slime, even if he did use his dou qi it would only be that of a lv 25. Being a lv 18, the difference is one tier. This however didn’t mean he’s at his mercy, he challenged a tier 2 at lv 15. So what if it’s lv7, who’s afraid of who?

Right now, the opponent is not using dou qi and against he who holds ‘Kendo Master’, this is simply diggign his own grave!

Just at the right moment before slime’s sword reached him, he grabbed his sword and with a flash of light, blood flowed.


A pitiful scream grabbed the attention of many, once they glanced over, they all held their breath.

What they saw was a slime who was thinking he’s hot s.h.i.t who had his hands cut clean off from the wrist. Sword arm gone, the blood flowed incessantly, crying nonstop, he held his hands and rolled around of the floor.

“Wu Yan, you okay?”

Lulu ran over to his side worried out of her mind with guilty feelings inside her. Her own people drawing his sword and nearly killing him. How could this not have made a kind little girl like her feel guilty?

Despite knowing her for just a few days, he can already guess with much certainty what she’s thinking. He just gently knocked her skull with a slightly touched feeling inside of him.

Give or take, it’s just a few days, although not her fault she still cared more about him than his own personnel, this proves that this little la.s.sie is a friend indeed.

“How can i be hurt, but I think lulu, your family’s personnel don’t really know to train their personnel…”

Saying so, his face didn’t have any sign of putting a blame on her. If anything it’s Slime’s fault, not her.

“Sor-… I’m sorry…”

Rubbing her forehead she said with a totally moe kind of sad face.

Fei Fei was relieved with this scene, looks like he doesn’t blame her for what happened. Otherwise, with Lulu’s personality she would probably be traumatized for her whole life.

“Mister, terribly sorry for what transpired, we will properly deal with this matter.”

She said with a stern face. Actually, she was planning on dealing with this pest sooner or later, she only needed a proper excuse to do so, and an excuse she has now.

He just nodded, he didn’t really care about this. If it were him from before, not just cutting people’s hand off, he wouldn’t even dare hurt a hair on another person.

After slaughtering monsters inside the forest, he more or less hardened his mental fort.i.tude, if the opponent came at him with intention to kill him, then he will respond in kind with no hesitation.

So by this logic, not killing this p.r.i.c.k is already a very good thing.

And from this experience, since the opponent has animosity and had a battle with him, he managed to lv up to 20 reaching tier 3. Such a simple battle, one can predict what he felt inside, pretty d.a.m.n good.

Looking at the sullen Lulu with her head down due to not being able to look him in the eyes, he just caressed her head.

“Cheer up Lulu, isn’t it just a slime? I won’t hold a grudge against you for it so stop blaming yourself.”

“Did you really mean that?”

She looked at him with a dejected face. (TL: kinda like this)

Retired ttk june 2016- nov 2016

Helplessly he nodded, only then did she began to smile again.

“Welp, I’m off now, if there’s ever a chance, I will come find you1” Stepping two steps back he sheathed his sword.

“I guess… that’s okay, but you must be a man of your words got it?”

She pa.s.sed her address over to him albeit reluctantly.

Nodding cheerfully to both her and Fei Fei, he wandered off towards the mercenary guild.

And about the slime, maa, according to the story flow, he’s completely irrelevant now…

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