Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 7

(TN: soy sauce party, -打酱油dǎ jiàng yóu, internet slang for just a pa.s.serby or lurker very taciturn commenter inside chatroom, basically just there to watch something)

Ignoring Lulu who went into pervert prevention mode, he just turned around and waved his hands.

“Okay, this should wrap things up. Sheesh, when you saw me take a dip just now, I didn’t even freak out this much.”

Still wanting to protest she thought even if that is technically correct, no matter how you look at it, vertically or horizontally, it’s was her who was taken advantage of, how can he so shameless.

“I’m not gonna bath anymore!”

She pouted while turning her head to the side.

Helplessly shrugging, he felt as if the saying of millenials being a pain to deal with is true (TN:九零后,难伺候, lit those born after 90s, hard to serve), and to think he would find a little la.s.sie so hard to deal with…

With a smug smile that is just begging for a facial reconstruction, he didn’t even turn around while responding to her.

“You should at least make your body slightly wet, if you don’t it might be really suspicious to your companions.”

Indeed, to ‘bath’ for such a long time without getting wet, surely that would be suspicious in the eyes of any third party. If it comes to that point, it would be very hard to come up with a good explanation.

Had it not been for the fact that she is still undergoing field practice she would have threw in the towel and went back home. This is also why she was so happy when she first found the lake .

Even now, after enduring the relentless trollfest threw by Wu Yan, and with it a bunch of other unexpected events, the feeling of wanting to take a bath still hasn’t diminished.

That being said, with a certain “lightbulb” standing there, how can she shower with her guard down.

“But… you’re still here…” Feeling so wronged she put up a very tragic countenance that would make a bunch of males howl like wolves.

What a waste, the male at this kind of place is a d.a.m.ned otaku who can’t read the mood. With his back turned and completely missing this whole f.u.c.king scene. This is just asking for administration of capital punishment…

“This can’t be helped. If you’re companions weren’t out there I would have went out long ago.”

It’s the truth, after the big bang known as the 21st internet all the mysteries and secrets of the female body is already known to him. Although the context is different, how can the ones on screen compare with the ones in reality? But since he’s not an incubus controlled by his lower half this much is a given. Still doesn’t make it any less regretful though.

“What should we do then?” Must she bath in front of him? How can this be…

Frowning, he took the underpant he threw at the lakesh.o.r.e while looking at it with much distaste.

That’s yours!!! Yoooo! The f.u.c.k are you not pleased with!!! (TN: Author talking to wu yan 你嫌恶个毛线啊)

He ripped a piece of the underwear and used it to blindfold himself.

“This should be okay right? if you trust me hurry up and be done with it.”

As she watched this series of event unfolding stunned, her lips started quivering. She tried her best to hold her impulse to laugh out loud while closing her mouth with her hands. She looked desperate in her attempt.

After observing his face for a while, she jokingly said: “You absolutely must not sneak a peek okay?!”

He went completely speechless.

“Little Lulu, please be at ease, until we reach the point of the point of being bedswervers, I won’t be in a hurry to ‘eat’ you.”

Glowing red she leered at him with much hate before slowly stripping.

Listening to the sound of fabric slipping along the skin and the splashing of water he quickly got a headache.

‘Isn’t this just challenging my willpower? Why must my mind’s eye be so sensitive at this moment, Moi don’t want to turn into Liu Xia Hui!!!(TN:柳下惠 commonly attributed as being able to keep calm when a woman is flirting with him)


“Done, you can release your fold now.”

After lord knows how long, Lulu finally called out with a happy tone, waking up Wu Yan who’s still busy diverting his attention by counting the number of monks and nuns.

Taking down the underwear rag, he quickly tossed it a fast ball and regained his piece of mind.

Glancing towards her direction he saw that she was already dressed with traces of droplets still on her skin and wet hair hinting that she was bathing just a while ago. Clearly pleased with her bathing experience, a bright smile was stuck on her face.

Admiring her beauty a few more times he pointed it out honestly.

“If anything, little la.s.sie, you do meet the requirement for being so self confident.”

She who had already gotten used to his style of talking was not put on stand from his statement. With arms akimbo she got full of herself and told him: “But of course, you should know that I have a lot of suitors chasing after me.”

Entertained by her display he shrugged. “Yes, yes, yes, Lulu is the fairest of them all, everybody digs her, now lead the way out of here.”

“Hmmph, insincere!” Creasing her nose and harrumphed she turned away leading him towards the outside…

Suddenly, he realised there’s a major problem.

“By the way, Lulu, how do you suppose we explain our situation to your companions outside?”

The two stopped at the same time, frozen like a statue in their position.



The whole place went silent, only two pairs of eyes looking at each other and Wu Yan’s dry laugh.


“Young miss, you’re finally done bathing. I was thinking of going to check on you if you took any longer.”

While Lulu was walking out, a red shirt fodder lookalike came, it seems this uncle is some kind of guard. The dude said that while ogling her up and down as if to ascertain if there was anything missing from her body.

“Nothing much, maybe because it’s too comfortable I forgot the time and bathed a bit too long.” She oddly turned her gaze away, this is clearly a giveaway… ah, but fortunately the opponent is a dirty fodder of an uncle.

“Rylu, your bath this time is quite long isn’t it…” From the steady and warm voice, he quickly recognized it as the one who talked with Lulu before.

In his eyes, a tall girl wearing short pants and short sleeved shirt stood in the middle of the guard mob. The girl had very pretty silver hair and spotted a face not to shabby compared to Lulu. Her bewbs (包包) were larger than Lulu’s, that and her mature air made her very charming.

“Fei Fei sis, that’s because the water was too superb!”

Once she saw her, Lulu’s face beamed and dived straight for her buxom. They looked like sisters with her acting all spoilt.

This girl is clearly important to Lulu. The reason’s very simple, Fei Fei’s not her sister since she said that she was a sole child.

Cuddling her, she felt helpless.

“A lot of people are waiting for you here, and you have the nerve to…”

She stuck out her tongue and laughed it off like it’s none of her business.

At this point, he knows it’s his cue to appear. Adjusting his sword, he steadily walked out from his hiding place.

“Who goes there!!!” Along with the sound of his steps resounding, the guards around Lulu and Fei Fei drew their weapons.

Lulu felt tense looking at him. After the brief discussion, they decided that it would be better for him to go in after she has made an appearance.

She was going to ask him what’s his next plan after doing that but he just beat his chest and rea.s.sured her.

“Just leave what comes after that to me!”

And that was how it came to the present situation, what comes after this she didn’t know. That’s why she was tense.

Fei Fei tightened her grip on her while frowning at the approaching Wu Yan.

Though he might look harmless and she can’t detect any dou qi or mana from him, she still remained vigilant. She wouldn’t want Lulu to get hurt due to her recklessness.

He ignored the guard mob and maintained his steady swagger.

Once he came to a distance of 6m from the mob he stopped and used his system identification on the mobs.

Excluding the 2 chicas, the mob numbered around thirty something. The nameless mobs have a lv range of 20-29.

Glancing at their weapons he deduced that these 30 something mooks are warriors, since no magician would use knifes, swords, spears and such. (TN: So, so wrong.)

Plus, magicians are quite rare, to learn magic it requires certain congenial talents. Normal people simply can’t be magicians, hence the ratio of magicians to warrior is something like 1:100. from this we can see that to reach tier 4 magician at 17 years old means that she has talents.

Thirty something tier 3 warriors, should we say as expected of a world cla.s.s power? Each of them has the power to end him.

Though he’s thinking that his face still remains indifferent like he can give less d.a.m.n.

But the moment he swept over Lulu’s side, his expression became very grave, and it shook him to the core.

Fei Fei: (lv68) (TN: git rekt m8)

Tier 7!

Fien, he admits it, he lost his s.h.i.t, how can this girl who looks more like a maid than bodyguard and who’s clearly not older than him by much have reached a lv close to 70?

If it were a macho uncle with the matching face it would be acceptable since he lived longer than him. But how come a girl who’s not much older than him can be that much more stronger than him.

Am I still the MC or what!!!

He has forgotten that Lulu who’s younger than him is lv 35….

If this were a novel, it wouldn’t perhaps be a woobie sue right? (虐主文 a work to depict the mc as the most pitiful existence in the universe, parents died when he’s small, lost his sister to cancer, childhood friend died while playing in the park, his chocolate was a milk chocolate, you get the picture)

Don’t give me this s.h.i.ttt!!!

Bellowing inside his heart while looking like he’s just resting his eyes of the outside.

“Who are you! And why are you here!”

Dirty middle aged uncle still can’t let his guard down even if he felt nothing dangerous from him.

With everyone’s animosity turned against him, he quickly collected his thoughts and smiled gently at the uncle. With a much nonchalant tone his sound spread through the crowd.

“Just a pa.s.sing, soysauce party…” (TN: lost in translation, party refers to 3rd party not the kind of booze chugging party in your mind)

The guard who were vigilant suddenly froze up.

Lulu turned her face and buried it inside Fei Fei’s buxom. She can’t help but keep shivering.

‘I can’t do this anymore…’

‘If I look at this any longer, I’m seriously going to laugh…’

Fei Fei also can’t keep her cool. The grave atmosphere has completely been wiped away by his words.

Now, he looks like he isn’t aware what he did, while looking curiously at the surrounding mob.

‘Could it be… They were swept away by my fabulousness? (TN: , hegemony didn’t sound right)

Thinking it over again, he decided to…

Say it one more time!

“Just a pa.s.sing, soysauce party…”

The line went through everyone’s head again, and before anyone could respond, Lulu can’t hold it in anymore. She raised her head, while struggling to put up a poker face, she screamed at him.

“Are you r.e.t.a.r.ded!!!”

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