Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 16

In his daily life with Kaichou Sama, Wu Yan pa.s.sed his insignificant days in a fulfilling way. His main duty is just to cook for Kaichou sama, or to serve her some tea. But with such a cute 2D shoujo moving around in front of him, he’s indescribably happy.

Our Kaichou sama was planning on just giving him a t.i.tle as butler, she didn’t need one and she never wanted one as well. If not for his request, even the t.i.tle butler would have been dispensed with, she just wants to help him who’s ‘homeless’. (TL: remember this p.r.i.c.k could beat the s.h.i.t out of anyone just by stuffing gold inside his socks.)

But, within this few days, with his service, she has become reliant on him. The reason is because within these few days she has been conquered. Her stomach, that is…

With ‘Culinary master’, his ability as a chef is world cla.s.s, be it tea or rice or pastries, he’s an expert in all of them. In just 2 to 3 days, she who would eat anything even if it’s just plain rice and tea has been conquered, her taste has been conditioned (TL: lit her mouth has been raised artfully).

To capture one’s heart, one must first capture her stomach, he skillfully changed the meal and snacks to different styles, not only did he subjugate her stomach, he inadvertently fattened her mom a bit.

Now that her stomach is in his hand, can the person resist for long?…

That’s how he fantasized everyday anyway…

And so, 3 days pa.s.sed, and they spent much of the time away in sweet moments mixed with a squabble here and there. On this day, she brought him a good news.

Squinting her eyes she gave a doc.u.ment to him.

“Congratulations, Yan, from tomorrow onwards, you’re a student of Hakuo Academy.”

About time it arrived!

“Ding! M1 complete! Obtained Ep, Ip, Ap, Sp each 1000 pts!”

“Ding! M2 initiated!”

Transcript world: Hayate the combat butler!

Transcript mission: Extermination!

M1: Enter Hakuo Academy and become a high school student (completed);

Reward: Ep, Ip, Ap, Sp 1000 pts;

M2: Waste the youkai leader residing in the old dormitory (TL: clues and explanation in later chapters.)

Reward: Ep, Ip, Ap, Sp 10000pts;

M3: Not initiated;

Receiving the doc.u.ment, the system notification streamed in, he’s surpressing his excitement on the surface but he’s basking in the blessing of the system inside his mind.

Youkai leader? What’s zat? Why the h.e.l.l is something like this in the old dormitory?

Why wasn’t this in the original work? With so many people inside Hakuo, how come no one has discovered this apparition inside the old dormitory?

Suddenly, he recalled that in the original work something like this did happen once. One night, Hayate who was retrieving some stuff for Nagi went into the old dormitory by mistake, Hinagiku who came along due to the sound resulted in both of them being chased by a ghost. (Alright internet citizens, work your magic, get me a picture of these 2 getting chased by said monster(s?))

However, in reality, the ghost was just a stunt by Saginomiya Izumi. The purpose was to scare the two away, although she boke-ed (lit: commited boke, screwed up) in the end and Hayate saw through it. He didn’t call her out for it and just took Hinagiku away from that place.

The elaborate hoax to scare of the two was done in order to properly conduct exorcism ritual without bringing collateral damage to both of them!

Could it be, that in the original work, Izumi’s target of exorcism was this youkai in the old dormitory?

Ai, why wasn’it a skirt chasing mission, the other MCs clearly did those…

“What’s the matter? Yan, are you not happy?”

n.o.body knows for sure what psychological process he goes by, but in her eyes, after he received the doc.u.ment, he laughed for a bit and then just went blank there.

Maybe he got too happy? And now he’s become emotionally unstable?

He recovered and laughed it off.

“No, I’m very happy it’s just that I was thinking about some things.”

“What kind of things were you thinking to stare off into empty s.p.a.ce?”

Curious, she asked.


Taking a fake pose of contemplation he snickered.

“I was thinking, to prevent milady from getting fat, perhaps it’s high time to reduce your food consumption….”

“You can’t!”

She shouted on reflex. But after she saw his grinning face, she turned red and shot an angry look at him.

“I’m the type that won’t get fat no matter how much I eat, so you don’t have to worry about it. Also, didn’t I say this already? Don’t call me Young miss, seriously even before when we were in the student council, I had already told you to call me Hinagiku….”

Opening the doc.u.ment he retrieved a piece of card, it’s his student card, handling it he chuckled.

“Alright, then hereafter I will refer to you as….”

“Milady Hinagiku!”

She was about to show her satisfied smile but seeing that he grinned and then shouted that out. Quickly he made his escape.

Stunned she got mad and grabbed her purse before giving chase.

“Stand right there!”


Hinagiku’s mom just sat there on the sofa, watching the Tv. Listening to the squabble that would happen 2 or 3 times a day, she sighed and moaned.

“Must be nice to be young…”


The next day, Wu Yan came tos chool with Hinagiku, using hanky-panky tactics, he managed to squirm his way into being in the same cla.s.s as her.

“This is our newest student council member, Wu Yan!”

At the moment, there stood 1 male and 6 female inside the student council room. Certainly, from the bystander’s POV, the male looks like a winner in life that should be dragged out to be executed. But what they don’t know, is that the male in this case wants to do nothing but jump down from the balcony just to get the h.e.l.l out of here.

Hinagiku stood there and happily introduced him to the 5 girls. He has a smile plastered on his face during this session. On the surface, he’s smiling, but inside of him, his heart has already turned to dust (TL: he’s dead, jim).

After she’s done with introducing him, one of the 5 girls who stood opposite to him with purple hair and a notebook inside her hand raised smiled and greeted him.

“I’m the student council president Kasumi Aika, please to meet you.”

A girl with greyish silver hair and who looked pretty fine looked at him with a serious stare. Right when he’s about to feel numb from the p.r.i.c.king gaze, she nodded to him.

“Harukaze Chiharu!”

“Wa! A new face, to be recommended into student council by HinaHina (TL:someone confirm the original nickname in anime or manga because I’m pretty sure it’s not little Hina as per raw), he must be an incredible dude!”

This girl had purple ten week stocks colored hair and twintails. At first glance, one can tell she’s an energetic girl. She’s curiously studying him with a bubbly aura. That gaze, it’s as if she found something interesting.

“I’m Segawa Izumi, I will be in your care!”

“Hanabishi Miki!”

This was a blue long haired girl with dead fish eyes.

“Asakaze Risa!”

This was a brown haired girl who’s giving him a thumb’s up.

Looking at all these girls filled who’s basically asking him to hurl tsukkomis, tears ran down his heart’s cheeks.

It’s just recess and he was forcibly dragged to the student council room and he signed the ‘Slave contract’, proudly becoming a member of the student council board.

Originally he nodded nonchalantly to this request because he thought he would be able to spend more time with Kaichou Sama and increasing his favorability with her. But he came to regret it very quickly.

This is because soon after, she brought these 5 grand G.o.ddess (TL: lit, but it carries a more sarcastic and humorous tone, the joke being that these 5 are so infamous they are G.o.ds .) while saying she wants to introduce them to each other.

Given the choice he would rather give himself 2 slaps then to come here.

These 5 are problem children!….

Kasumi aiko looks warm, acts like a nadeshiko, but the thing is, as anyone who have watched Hayate the combat butler knows, she’s a girl (TL: both mandarin and j.a.panese have the same meaning, and since this is describing an anime character’s trait I’m putting in the j.a.p term instead of black stomach-ed). The notebook in her hand has a pretty cool name, it’s called the . Exactly what it says on the tin, this has the weakness of everybody she met written down. One wouldn’t even know when she sniffed them out, as long as she gets a hold of this, one wouldn’t know when or how an untimely death would happen.

And standing beside her, with a cool face, where she looks like nothing in the world could ever change her face is the taciturn harukaze chiharu. Her inner ident.i.ty is a very ‘autistic’ girl, why ‘autistic’? That’s because though she may look completely composed, she has the soul of a maid. To hide her true self from others, she normally surpresses it within. Hanging out with her, who knows when he might be driven into psychosis by her.

If it’s just these 2 it would still be okay. Be a little careful around Aika, be a little bit level headed aorund Chiharu, with his profound understanding of 2D shoujos, he can still manage somewhat.

The truly terrifying ones however, are those …

The three amiga grinning at him are segawa izumi, hanabishi miki, and asakaze risa. Respectively, , half dead corpse (TL:半死不活, lit half dead not alive), too-much-energy to spare. These 3 problem children are known as ‘the three stooges of Hakuo Academy’. United they’re not that big a deal, united however, means that there will always be an ‘incident’, basically, they will get into trouble…

In the original work, one of the duo bearing the same t.i.tle as Magical Index’s, Kamijou touch-a-t.i.t (TL: I s.h.i.t you not, 上条把妹手, lit Kamijou shoujo touching hands, a joke about how his hands which can break supernatural things, manage to “break red string of fate”, thereby gathering hordes of harem candidates). Hayate always pick up the slack after them, that’s why the three of them can go about their merry lives. But he definitely doesn’t want to be the tragic guy to for them!…

Adding the perfect but dormant volcano-esque Kaichou sama, this student council, is probably only habitable to resilient lifeforms like Hayate….

A… If only heaven would give me one more chance, surely I would…

“Yan, what’re you s.p.a.cing out for? Hurry up and greet them!”

A jade-like beautiful hand slapped his shoulder, rescuing him from his hallucinated tragedy. Looking at the unamused Hinagiku, he wants to cry but somehow the tears won’t come out.

With a smile that can’t get any more fake, he greeted them.

“Good day everyone, my name’s Wu Yan, I’m a chinese, I just came to Hakuo today, Hinagiku’s butler, I will be in your care!”

“Hinagiku’s butler?”

Flabbergasted the 5 looked at him and Hinagiku with a face of disbelief.

In their heart, she’s someone who’s a perfect existence, academically good, excellent competencies, excelling at sports, good at house keeping, with a countenance that make people’s jaw drop. No matter how one looks at it, she doesn’t look like she needs a butler to look after her.

If anything, if it’s her becoming a butler, that would make a far more reasonable choice…

Now, a dude comes running from nowhere and announces himself to be her butler, not for anyone but for Hinagiku, how can that be….

After being blown away, they recovered with a smile. Coming to his front, they cornered him. On their face

“Ne ne, Wu Yan kun, why did you become HinaHina’s butler, it doesn’t make sense, is there something going on behind the scenes? Why don’t you fill us in on the details.”

“As members of the same organization, we are henceforth brother in arms, don’t try to hide anything from us!”

“Did you maybe picked a fight with HinaHina, got your a.s.s handed to you and then fell for HinaHina’s charm. Finally turning into her ‘loyal suporter’?”


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