Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 15

Hakuo Academy truly deserve its name as a world renowned n.o.ble inst.i.tute, even if you ignore the ridiculously large area of the school and those educational facilities that look more like villas, it is still in a cla.s.s all its own…

Ignoring everything else, just that ridiculously high entrance threshold is enough to stop all those wannabe students. This can be easily discerned from its entrance exam.

Even Wu Yan who had memorized the study materials wouldn’t say he would definitely get high distinction, forget the other mortals. He reckons it probably has something to do with how she crossed the crazy sister, the paper he got was of a super high difficulty paper, and boy was it hard.

Even so, he’s pretty sure he can get a pa.s.sing mark. He felt really regretful, the him who treated papers like ferocious beast won’t ever return. Now with ‘impeccable memory’, papers and whatnot might as well be toilet paper to him… (TL: lit floating clouds, transient things/ inconsequential)

After this, he just need to sit tight and wait for the enrollment letter from the academy to arrive…

However, he is facing another problem, this problem has its source in one of Yukiji’s question.

“Leave your address here, and after awhile, someone would send the enrollment letter oveer.”

Yes, this is pretty standard, leaving an address is pretty standard procedure. Hakuo can’t be expected to correct your papers just for you. And it also takes time to prepare the enrollment letter, normally around 2 to 3 days.

And within this 2 to 3 days, surely one can’t stay at school right?

Hence, the procedure of leaving one’s address.

Problem is, he don’t have one!

He just arrived at this world for less than a day, why would he have a place to stay….

Haphazardly write one? One surely can, but he doesn’t know when the enrollment letter would arrive, he can’t just camp out at that address waiting for one…

Thus, his current predicament.

It’s just an address…. why the distress…

“What’s the matter? Is there a problem?”

Hinagiku already got use to him being troubled here and there.

Looking at the pretty Kaichou sama, he had a bright idea.

He went ‘pata’ and knelt in front of her, giving the Kaichou sama who’s not afraid of heaven or earth only height and small breast, a jump. Before she could recover, he did a bow with a serious look.

“Are you in need of a butler?….”


Now she’s decoupled from his frequency, what is happening?

“Maa, Hinagiku, just treat me as your butler.”

Typical of him, impossible to be treated seriously. It hadn’t even been 1 second, he returned into goofy mode. Spreading his arms wide he laughed.

“Be my butler?”

Pointing at her nose, she was taken aback. She’s in Hakuo where there’s tons of rich kids running around, but in the end, she’s just a kid from a slightly well off family, she wouldn’t have anything to do with a butler.

Not to mention, our kaichou sama is notoriously competent, otherwise she wouldn’t have become student council president in a place filled with talented people. She never had the need to hire any butler.

Now this dude comes running along, saying he wants to be a butler to someone like her who makes the need for butler obsolete. She can’t help but be skeptical and questions if he has other motives. (TL: You bet your cute a.s.s he does.)

“Yes! I want to be your butler!”

While donning a serious face.

“A student council president of the n.o.ble school of Hakuo Academy, how can someone like this not have a butler? That’s why I want to be your butler!”

“But… I have no need for one, plus, I can’t afford one, I may look like this but my family can’t be compared to those rich families. I am no Young miss…”

She just told him straight while looking troubled. Honestly, she can’t predict his spontaneuos behaviors, not even now could she do it. Just look at now where they were talking about enrollment procedures.

“No problem, I don’t need salary, so please don’t worry about it!”

No, even if you put it that way, I can’t be at ease…

She thought of such a retort, free labour, completely voluntary, even if one say’s there’s no strings attached, no one would believe it.

“How can we do that! Not being paid…”

Immediately, she raised her guard against him. She looked like she’s trying to defend herself against a wolf. (TL: of the “hunt you down eat you alive” variety, if ya know what i mean)

“That isn’t important, what’s important is….”

Raising his head, he looked at her. He changed his serious expression into one like a puppy eyed abandoned child forsaken by the world.

“I don’t have a place to go!”

“…..” Looking at him who can change his face faster than his games, summing up what he has said, the absurd conclusion made her lose her composure. She can only twitch her lips.

“So you mean you don’t have a place to stay. Thus you wish to become my butler and stay at my place?”

Finally piecing together the puzzle she finally understood his intentions, she’s not sure what to feel at this point.

“Yes, you know me, I’m just a chinese who came here not knowing the place or the people. Of course I wouldn’t have place to stay. So Hinagiku, please take me in.”

She doesn’t know if there’s a second person on earth who could articulate such fine sophistry that makes a request to sponge off people seem so reasonable. But it’s definitely her first time seeing somebody like this, she completely lost her ability to tsukkomi.

Certainly, he doesn’t feel like he’s sponging off someone else (TL: again the term eating soft rice is used here which means almost the same thing, except eating soft rice, to leech off a female while being a male is normally used as an insult or sarcasm). Because to sponge, is to have the woman feeding and protecting the male, that’s sponging. But I’m different, I’m there to protect kaichou sama, I’m a butler, I have genuine reasons, I’m pure….

Don’t have a place to go, just need to be provided with food and wants to become a butler free of charge. Not bad, this is a pretty good reason, at least the kind hearted kaichou sama won’t reject these reasons.

Sighing, she gave up.

“Fine, I have empty s.p.a.ce inside my home, I guess I can give that to you. But you don’t need you to be my butler.”

“That won’t do!”

He jumped up and righteously stated his piece of mind.

“Won’t that make me a sponger?”

Actually, even if you were a butler, it still reeks of sponging….

“Okay Okay, I understand, do as you please.”

Looking at him who operates on another frequency she was at a lost of what to do. But really she doesn’t hate this development, in the end, isn’t this Wu Yan fun to hang out with? Albeit a little troublesome that’s for sure…

“Ding! Congratulations on achieving the t.i.tle: Kaichou sama’s butler!’

After getting the message, he chuckled.

Being kaichou sama’s butler…. that means being around her at all times…. geological advantage if you know what I mean… Starting the conquest and what now…

And so, he revealed his true intentions.

“Well, young miss, would you like some tea?” (TL:the temptation to translate as ojou is real…)

“Don’t call me young miss!”

“That won’t do, I’m your butler you see.”

“But I’m not accustomed to it…”

“Oh yes, what would like for dinner? Young miss!”

“I already said don’t call me young miss!”

While fooling around like that they walked further and further away, completely forgetting a ccertain person’s existence.

“That brat, he became her butler.”

This is a certain crazy sister who saw the whole thing from the beginning to the end. Only now did she manage to recover.


Very succesfully, Wu Yan entered Kaichou sama’s family and gained mother-in-law (?)’s warm welcome. Not stopping at that, Hinagiku’s mom kept asking him what he likes to eat, what sleeping posture would be comfortable, does he want to buy some clothes, a whole barrage of questions basically. This made him pretty hard pressed.

He really wanted to ask, are you my butler or am I hinagiku’s butler? Now I can see why the crazy sister turned out like that…

Originally, he thought that as a mother of a gorgeous and fine daughter she would be wary of any boys her daughter brought home. At least that was how it always turned out in cliche dramas.

In the original story, Hayate came to Hinagiku’s house to stay over once, although he had also received the same treatment as him but that was mostly because he was too feminine looking. That’s why he triggered the mom’s maternal love and was turned into a perfect human mannequin to test Hinagiku’s apparels…

From that he knew that the mother is hard to deal with. However, he thought he would be an exception.

It was out of his prediction, that the mom would treat him like hayate was in the original work. He avoided the fate of being dragged up to act as a mannequin but she’s seriously not worried about the possibility of her daughter being mistreated. And from the looks of it, it even looks like she’s deliberately trying to get her hitched.

Maa, at the very least when introduced himself as her butler, the mom was perplexed….

He’s starting to get a bit suspicious on whether or not the mom is actually the real mother of crazy sister and thus she adopted Hinagiku. These two are completely alike in the sense that they have screws loose in their head, the younger one even seems to have be better at the older one at his. Completely unlike Hinagiku at all.

Due to work, he hasn’t seen her father. But it looks like in the original work he was also quite the nutcase…

His mind ran wild with conspiracies. Due to some cliche matters, the two had their daughter, crazy sister, sent to be in the care of Hinagiku’s parents thereby becoming siblings. Until one day Hina’s parents ran away due to debts and abandoned both of them, so they got the two back from Hina’s parents. And due to some cliche matters again, they can’t reveal their relation to crazy sister and thus pa.s.sed it off as: adoption!

The truth is: She’s not related to crazy sister! Hinagiku is the one being really adopted!

He doesn’t know if this conspiracy theory is true or not. But after sharing his hypothesis with Hinagiku, he knew for sure that though she kept smiling , the truth is she really wanted to beat the c.r.a.p out of him…

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