Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 17

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On his way here, it doesn’t matter whether they were playing soccer, chatting, reading or skirt chasing. The moment they laid their eyes on Wu Yan, their gaze fell on him. In their eyes, a flame of intense hatred burned, they grinded their teeths so hard it went ‘bajibaji’. they look they can transform into a nasty hound any moment and pounce over to bite him.

Feeling the stares which could bore thousand of holes in his body. As a lv28 little super, he’s honestly afraid….

Hinagiku satisfyingly stretched her body and then fabulously swung her pink hair around. The moment she released that amount of charm, he could feel that the gazes intensified.

He could only sigh and agonizingly facepalm.

“What’s the matter? You keeping letting out sigh after sigh, you’re going to turn into an old man at this rate ya know…”

Glancing at him she teased him so.


Half closing his eyes, he sighed with a body drained of energy.

“Even though I knew you were very popular, but who would have known once one really gets to know you, it’s rather disconcerting just how popular you are.”

Giving him an odd look, she still don’t understand what he’s on about. He then turned his lips over to the side signaling her to look over there, only now did she understand what he meant.

She felt a little bit sorry while scratching the side of her face. Quickly she changed the conversation.

“Sa, let’s go home,I’m looking forward to tonight’s dinner.”

Getting to the latter part her eyes keep getting brighter and brighter, clearly while the girl was saying this to shift the conversation, her heart is actually really looking forward to it…

He can only shake his head at her.

“Nn… You head home first, I will head home a bit later.””

Stopping in her tracks she turned and asked him.

“Why? Did you forget something in cla.s.s? I will wait for you.” (TL: It’s happening boys, get on the ship)

“Nope, I have a bit of a matter to attend to, so I was planning to go back a bit late.”

He regretted not being able to spend the time flirting with Kaichou Sama but he really can’t help it, duty calls.

“Some matter to attend to?”

Looking closely at his face, she tried to gauge what his intentions are. Only until he started getting a bit uncomfortable from her stare did she finally say it.

“If I recall, somebody once said he didn’t have a place to go, that’s why he wants to be a butler, tell me, where can you go now?”

Looking at her lovelyy face he stepped back two steps while laughing awkwardly.

“Maa, it’- it’s just a small matter, I will be done in a jiffy, I think it’s best if you head home first.”

Puffing up her cheeks, she narrowed her greenish yellow eyes. Staring at his face awhile, she turned her head with a cold hmph.

“If you don’t want to say it, fine. Just remember if there’s anything you need help with, just confide in me. I don’t know if I will be useful or not but it can’t hurt to have more people on the job.”

“I know I know, if there’s anything milady can help with, I will definitely come to you!”

He jested.

“I will be going ahead now, remember to come back early!”

He instantly gave her a funny look, that’s when she realized what she said just now sounds like what a wife would say to one’s husband….

Her cheeks grew red, noticing the funny look still on his face, she cried out against his funny face.

“Hurry and go do your thing!”

“I will be taking my leave now, bye bye!”

Feeling his continuing presence would bring harm to him, he instantly turned around and scuttled.

When he was no longer in sight, she withdrew her angry glare while muttering something.

“Sooner or later I will dig all your secrets out!”


At this moment, he is at the old dormitory, a cold flash shined and Kusanagi sword appeared on his hands which he then promptly affixed behind his waist.

Unlike his free days in the past, now that he’s studying in Hakuo, how can a student bring a sword around with him. Given this school has a lot of freaks, screw swords, some might have brought a gun , he however has no interest in taking part as a member of the cast of freaks.

So, he used 10,000 Ip to buy a must have legendary tool in every novel ever — s.p.a.ce ring!

At first he thought those rings are ubiquitous in novels so they shouldn’t be that expensive. He was wrong. So wrong.

Ignoring all others, just this ring costed him 10k. Even so, compared to the other rings which have nigh infinite s.p.a.ce, this one has only 100m3 approximately.

What he can do besides sucking up and buying it? If he didn’t buy one now he would still need to sooner or later. Since he’s basically homeless, he can’t stash his stuff anywhere, a storage item is absolutely needed.

Pushing the door open, he went in. Looking at the ragged and dilapidated place, he opened the system’s probing function.

If it’s within his field of vision, nothing can escape the his probing. Given that it has ‘Youkai’ in it, he should raise his guard just in case the enemy knows how to turn invisible.

The sky outside is slowly turning dark, and he essentially walked all over the old dormitory but there was no youkai in sight. He can’t help but feel mystified, this surely can’t be, the system said so, so it can’t be wrong. This youkai leader should definitely be here, why haven’t he seen it yet?

It can’t be that one has to wait until nightfall for the d.a.m.ned thing to come out?

Scratching his head, he looked at the sky and decisively abandoned the thought of waiting until nightfall.

Kaichou sama already said it, she is looking forward a lot to to tonight’s dinner. If he isn’t home by dinner time to make the meal, he isn’t sure whether the favorability with her would drop, but most definitely he would get the cold shoulders for one or two days. Just for the sake of a d.a.m.ned ghost, he won’t sacrifice his thing with Kaichou sama, definitely won’t.

Had he knew beforehand, he would have just went ahead with his conquest when the meter was just half, why did he have to go for full love-o-meter? Isn’t this just asking for trouble?

Beating himself up inside, he continued thinking, opening the menu list, he started coming up with a better measure.

After awhile, he turned up a side of his lips, flipping his hands, a dimly glowing light ball appeared above his palm.

Fluorescent ball: Have the ability to track mysterious energies, as long as it’s within a certain radius, any abnormal energies such as curse, qi of death, demonic qi and the like would be detected and sought out by fluorescent ball; 1000 Ip.

Ignoring the lame name, the effect is pretty good, at least that’s what it looks like from the description….

Squeezing the fluorescent ball in his hands, it felt soft, like girl’s This is what he thought despite having never touch a girl’s b.o.o.b before, he tossed the ball.

The ball hanged in the air for a bit, dimly shining it floated up and down like a fish.

After that, the floating ball stopped and hovered towards a certain direction.

Lucky me… it works…

He let out a relieved sigh, and swiftly followed it.

The ball’s speed slowed until gradually it went from a running speed to a walking pace. The ball continued to float towards the inner parts of the old dormitory. Drifting and drifting it went.

Finally arriving at the innermost part of the dormitory, the fall finally stopped its momentum and turned it direction going into the ground.

Looking at the floor, he was stunned.

What did this mean? Is this ball floating towards h.e.l.l? What the f.u.c.k, I told you to find ghost qi not go to the underworld, get your a.s.s back here!

Throwing tsukkomi, he looked helpless, but what can he do? Might as well dig and find out.

Drawing his sword, he tapped the floor with it. Startled by the hollow sound, he grinned.

Evidently there’s another place behind here!

Breathing deeply, he slashed the floor…


The floor broke and dust flew everywhere, holding his nose with his hands, he stepped back and swiped the dust away with a swing of his sword.

The dust cloud went away and what appeared before him is a tunnel that can allow the pa.s.sage of one person.

And at the end of this tunnel, he can see the dim light from the fluorescent ball. Looks like the ball stopped there after it entered the ground.

This shows that the mysterious energy the ball was chasing after came from here!

Popping his head inside, he looked inside the tunnel, seeing as there’s nothing besides the light of the ball he braved up and jumped down.

He landed and raised his head to look in front of him, his heart jumped at the sight in front of him.

A great hall spread out him front of him, he estimated that the area appears to be as big as the old dormitory. There’s only dirt and dust here, in addition to a few little cuties….

A giant crow flying around the ceiling, a floating snake with a form and a skeleton looking at him.

Suddenly faced with this scene he jumped in fright. It has only been 3 months since starting the grind, so he’s still pretty much a normal human. And a human being afraid of a ghost is pretty normal…

Holding his chest, he grabbed his sword tighter and looked at the giant crow almost half the size of men.

General eating crow: (lv10)

Lv10? Pffft, so it’s just a mook. That youkai leader or something, can’t be just a lv10 right?

Curling his lips, he looked at the floating giant snake.

Wandering corpse spirit: (lv10)

Spirit? Isn’t it a snake? But it has a point, a snake won’t float, and it most definitely isn’t in gas form. But it looks like it isn’t the youkai leader either. In the original work, did Saginomiya Isumi really dealt with these things? Where’s the frigging ghost!

Sighing he looked at the skeleton and went .

Delicate skeleton: (lv10)

You’re just a skeleton, why emulate delicate shoujos? How are you delicate? How are you tender?

Still stuck with his astonished face, he almost let his sword slip out of his hand. He really wanted to ask where did these names come from, is it from the Youkai leader? A demon’s interest really differs from that of a human. But perhaps to them, this rough looking skeleton may very be delicate.

Should he ask them where’s the youkai leader?

He’s conflicted whether or not to do so.

Howeer, even if he wanted to leave, the other party won’t let him do as he please. The general eating crow cawed and he saw the wandering corpse spirit and skeleton jolting before pouncing towards him.

Sure, you guys can eat humans, but please size your opponent up. You’re just lv10 mooks, just because you’re demons you think you can defeat a human like me?

After the corpse spirit appeared before him, he reversed his grip on the sword and decapitated the thing. Grabbing the skeleton by the skull, he yanked and slashed sending it eloping with the corpse spirit.

Looking at the crow he mocked.

“What? Weren’t you pretty noisy just now? Why don’t you caw up some more b.i.t.c.hes…”

And he would very soon be soon have his smug grin wiped off his face.

A giant horde of skeleton popped out of the ground in streams. Shakingly they stood up and fell into organized ranks. On the walls to his side, a horde of wandering corpse poured out. Mouth wide he just silently uttered against the general eating crow.

I… I will be d.a.m.ned…it really summoned them….

TL: moral of the story, don’t tempt fate. Also isn’t the horde of demons/youkai reminiscent of a certain tea drinking trickster?

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