Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 618 - His Magnanimity and His Calmness

Chapter 618: His Magnanimity and His Calmness

It was precisely because of these great fights that the mainland slowly calmed down, and after the changes brought about by time, the people of the mainland came to belong to different sects and countries, and those super strong cultivators and top-notch prestigious families that had initially appeared mysteriously vanished. Some said they had died off amidst the chaotic battles, others said they went into seclusion after successfully carving out a reputation for themselves, and there were even rumors that they had gone to a different part of the world. Anyway, currently those with the family name of Huangfu living in other various countries were living with it as an ordinary family name that was no longer associated with the brilliance of the past.

Too many generations had passed, and now nobody was clear about the whereabouts of these initial cultivators and prestigious families, therefore no one was even able to confirm that they had truly existed before. The paragraph about these legends seemed to be like half-hearted myth that was passed down merely as a tool for storytellers to make a living with, or a bedtime story that parents told children when coaxing them to sleep.

However, now Ling Chuxi was thinking of this at the moment—if these strong cultivators and prestigious families had really existed, where would they have gone?

Would they really have died amidst all the chaotic battles? That, of course was not possible. A prestigious family usually had many strong cultivators, it was not possible for them all to have died amidst the battles of that time, right?

Were they living in seclusion? This was a possibility. However, with a prestigious family with so many strong cultivators along the long river of tens of thousands of years of history, how could it be that not one of them stood out amongst a crowd? With their cultivation and their background, this should not be a difficult matter. Could it be that their descendants were so capable at withstanding loneliness for so many years? Ling Chuxi felt that this was not quite possible.

Then, that left only the third possibility. They had left when peace returned to the mainland, or when they had reached the peak of their cultivation. As to where they went, it was possible that no one would have known all this time.

Then what about Huangfu Qingjue, why did he appear here once again?

Ling Chuxi looked into Huangfu Qingjue’s eyes which contained too much bleakness and depth, as if countless sad stories were written within them.

A random prickling suddenly arose in Ling Chuxi’s heart and she could not even ask him a single thing.

No matter where he came from, no matter why he was here, Ling Chuxi only knew that he was there for her every time she was at the juncture of life and death. He had appeared by her side even within the strong barrier of the array and had always protected her without caring about anything else. This was sufficient enough for her.

“May I know why Your Excellency has come to Little Silver Ancient Mountain?” asked the demon emperor probingly once he regained his senses from his initial shock at Huangfu Qingjue’s identity.

“I am here merely by accident. I would like to seek the aid of Lord Demon Emperor to work with me to open this array core so that I may leave,” said Huangfu Qingjue, calm and indifferent. However, his peaceful demeanor made it even more obvious how extraordinary he was.

How many people in this world could remain so calm before a dignified demon emperor?

“Open the core of array?” asked the demon emperor as he gave a bitter laugh. “My monster beast clan has been confined in Little Silver Ancient Mountain for over ten thousand years and none of us have managed to awaken the powers of our ancient bloodline, including myself. There are countless demon emperors and demon kings here, yet not a single one of them truly possesses the complete powers of their ancient bloodline. The most I can do is to forcefully open the array core. Wanting to leave Little Silver Ancient Mountain always requires a great price to be paid.”

“Will it not be possible even if you and I work together?” queried Huangfu Qingjue without doubting the demon emperor’s words. According to what he knew, when this array was established, one of its purposes was to keep the various monster beast clans confined within, and its other purpose was to suppress the cultivation of all the monster beasts contained within.

“My demon emperor bloodline has not awakened, and I believe that you also know that as the Eight Gate Array was originally meant to confine us monster beasts in here, the inner barrier is much stronger than the outer one. Even if we work together to open the array core, with your companion’s current body constitution, she will not necessarily be able to pass through safely,” said the demon emperor.

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