Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 617 - Huangfu Qingjue’s Identity

Chapter 617: Huangfu Qingjue’s Identity

In the midst of the chaos, an old man appeared and shook his head as he gently waved his hand. A thick qi emitted from his hand and the struggling middle-aged men managed to steady themselves and slowly fell in line before him.

“Lord Sacred Emperor,” greeted the middle-aged men respectfully with faces full of shame.

“All retreat,” the old man commanded the middle-aged men.

This was the demon emperor. At this moment, only did Ling Chuxi manage to see the old man’s face properly. His face resembled the bark of a thousand-year-old tree, it was so wrinkled and so gathered with deep and distant bits of wisdom throughout. His cultivation level was unfathomable.

“Master, these two broke into Little Silver Ancient Mountain, and…” The young man with fiery hair went over to welcome the old man, reporting the facts of the situation to him urgently.

“Zhen Ye, you should retreat first,” interrupted the demon emperor.

“Yes, Master,” replied Zhen Ye. He could only secretly glare at Ling Chuxi as he retreated behind the old man.

“As for the both of you, I asked you to stay with the young master and protect him, yet the two of you always cause unnecessary troubles for me by daring to provoke just about anyone. I want the two of you to go and repent at Soul Training Valley,” said the demon emperor to Xiao Rou and Big Black Face calmly and without anger, appearing very majestic.

Xiao Rou and Big Black Face’s expressions were full of terror and their mouths hung open as they received this command. It was obvious that Soul Training Valley was an extremely scary place. However, neither dared to say a word of opposition as they gloomily walked towards one of the surrounding valleys.

“May I know your great name and why Your Excellency has come to Little Silver Ancient Mountain?” Once he had finished addressing his subjects, only then did the demon emperor speak to Huangfu Qingjue. His demeanor was calm and peaceful, and he even revealed a rare smile.

The few middle-aged men behind the demon emperor all looked shocked. Lord Demon Emperor had actually smiled, he had actually smiled. After serving the demon emperor for so many years, even Zhen Ye, who was one of his descendants had never seen him smile before. But he had actually smiled today. The cultivation of the young man with silver hair before them was indeed very strong, but it wouldn’t be to the point of making Lord Demon Emperor feel a kinship with him, right?

“My name is Huangfu Qingjue,” replied Huangfu Qingjue calmly. In an instant, there was a sense of unyielding pride that seemed to arise in his body.

“Huangfu Qingjue. Huangfu… Qingjue… In that case, could it be… Could it be that you are…” asked the demon emperor in recognition as his entire body trembled and his gaze towards Huangfu Qingjue turned from doubt to sudden recognition to shock. His last few words were actually not something he would dare say lightly.

“As long as you know, that’s enough,” Huangfu Qingjue said.

“I did not know we would have such an honored guest, therefore the proper respects of receiving such a guest from afar have not been prepared. I hope you will forgive this,” said the demon emperor as a few shades of respect appeared on his old face.

The middle-aged men watching all had their mouths hanging open, shocked to the point of being unable to say a word. Lord Demon Emperor’s earlier display of potential kinship towards the young man with silver hair could still be dismissed, but now he was actually even showing shades of respect. This was the dignified demon emperor of all the various monster beast clans they were talking about.

Ling Chuxi was also stunned. She had long since guessed that Huangfu Qingjue’s identity was not a simple one, but she had never thought that even the demon emperor would demonstrate such respect towards him. As a demon emperor he could sit and stand at the same level alongside all the various great sect masters, but he was being so respectful towards Huangfu Qingjue.

Exactly what was Huangfu Qingjue’s identity?

“The Huangfu family name has been in existence since the ancient days of barbaric civilizations. It has had a long existence in this world,” explained Huangfu Qingjue leisurely upon seeing Ling Chuxi’s dubious expression. Yet, as he said this, his gaze did not contain much self-conceitedness, but some bleakness instead.

The Huangfu family name has been in existence since the ancient days of barbaric civilizations. It has had a long existence in this world. Huangfu Qingjue’s words echoed in Ling Chuxi’s head, then a lightbulb moment went off in her mind.

When she was very young, she had once seen a paragraph in an ancient book with yellowing and tattered pages telling of a legend that when the earth was first formed, the wars and disputes continued nonstop across the mainland. At that time, countless super strong cultivators and top-notch outstanding clans emerged. Amongst them, was the Huangfu clan.

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