Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 616 - With A Mere Move

Chapter 616: With A Mere Move

‘It turns out that these two are stuck in Little Silver Ancient Mountain. Just nice then. I’ll let you both be stuck here to death. Wait till my blood awakens and I possess the true strength of a demon emperor, then you’ll see how far I’ll avenge my hatred for you!’ thought the young man with fiery hair to himself.

However, as to how exactly he planned to take his revenge… He hadn’t thought of it yet. It didn’t matter. He could slowly think about it in the future. Why don’t I just put her through the same thing she put me through? Ah ptui, no way, no way. What exactly am I thinking?

“Little fellow, do you really think that I can’t open this array core?” Huangfu Qingjue said with a smile.

He slowly drew his sword, revealing the silver brilliance of the sword’s blade. In an instant, it seemed as though all the light in the world was centered on the sword’s long blade.

With such a sword in his hand and his elegant figure, Huangfu Qingjue looked as though he was standing atop a majestic peak ten thousand miles above the vast lands of the earth and could only be looked up to in admiration.

“You… What exactly are you trying to do here?” asked the young man with fiery hair as his expression changed. Seeing Huangfu Qingjue like this, it was as if he wanted to forcefully break open the core of the array using his strength alone.

If it were someone else, the young man with fiery hair would never believe they would have the ability to do so. However, seeing Huangfu Qingjue standing before him like this, he was unable to raise a single bit of doubt towards Huangfu Qingjue’s abilities.

There were eight cores of array in Little Silver Ancient Mountain. If one was forcefully broken open, it would release a destructive force, similar to what Ling Chuxi experienced before. Furthermore, it would surpass that of Ling Chuxi’s past experience because what she had faced was still not the total amount of strength that would be released from a totally destroyed array core.

The critical factor was that once such a surge of strength emitted through Little Silver Ancient Mountain, at least more than half of the monster beasts here would face a great trial between life and death.

Thinking about this, the young man with fiery hair did not hesitate to rush at Huangfu Qingjue.

Even though he had not yet awakened his demon king blood, the cultivation of young man with fiery hair had far surpassed Xiao Rou’s and any of the monster beasts Ling Chuxi had ever encountered before.

If his cultivation were to be compared against human standards, then he should be at a beginner stage in the realm of True Essence. In addition to his cultivation, he possessed the innate nature of a monster beast, so his attacking and defending abilities were far stronger than other ordinary cultivators at True Essence Beginner Stage.

Ling Chuxi once again felt the benefits brought about by the Core of Martial Path. If it were a few days back, with her own cultivation in the realm of True Essence, she would be unable to take a clear look at his actions, much less put up a resistance to them.

However, such cultivation was obviously insufficient in front of Huangfu Qingjue’s. The young man with fiery hair’s figure that was fast as lightning suddenly turned sluggish, as if he was being pinched by a large invisible hand in mid-air, totally unable to move.

Huangfu Qingjue lightly waved his palm, then the young man with fiery hair was caught up by a force and was sent flying like a leaf sailing in the wind.

“Don’t dream of hurting the young master!” Just at this moment, a few rough roars rang out and a few middle-aged men speedily rushed over. Wherever they passed, sand and pebbles were sent flying, just as if a few hurricanes had thundered through.

“You’re finally willing to come out?” murmured Huangfu Qingjue with a slight smile as he slashed out another move.

It was just one move, a mere move, yet the effects of it was like a meteor coming directly down from the Nine Heavens with a thousand-mile-long rainbow that ran through the entirety of heaven and earth.

“Stop!” rang out an aged but vigorous voice.

The middle-aged men felt their hearts palpitate, but it was already too late and they could only watch as Huangfu Qingjue’s sword slashed out a move resulting in the flashes of ten thousand swords. Fierce waves of powerful qi burst forward and they quickly waved their hands to send out their strong and powerful Qis of True Essence to counter it.

Ling Chuxi was secretly shocked. The cultivation of these few middle-aged men was also in the realm of True Essence. However, it was obvious that they were a great deal stronger than her. They should be pinnacle stage experts in the realm of True Essence. However even with such powerful cultivation, under the might of Huangfu Qingjue’s sword move, they were still akin to little boats in a thunderstorm, helplessly retreating and swaying, eventually smashing into the mountain peak behind them. Such terrifying might!

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