Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 619 - My Woman

Chapter 619: My Woman

Huangfu Qingjue pondered in silence. He could tell that the old demon emperor’s bloodline had indeed not been awakened, and he also knew that the inner side of the barrier around Little Silver Ancient Mountain was much stronger than that of the outer side. If they were to forcefully pass through the barrier, even he did not have the confidence to keep Ling Chuxi safe.

For a moment, even Huangfu Qingjue was a little restless from his anxiousness.

“In the past, Your Excellency’s family clan was the saving grace of my monster beast clan. Due to this, I should help you without any care for my life, but this matter relates to another matter concerning the rise and fall, and life and death of my clan here in Little Silver Ancient Mountain. If Your Excellency is willing to wait a few more days for that related matter to pass, I will try to awaken my bloodline of ancient demon emperors past and help you open the array core even if I need to do a blood offering. Do you agree to this proposal?” suggested the demon emperor determinedly after a long pause.

“What?! Lord Demon Emperor, you can’t do this! I mean, you can’t do this, sir!” exclaimed the middle-aged men who were standing behind the demon emperor. They were shocked silly to the point where their mouths hung open, and they only managed to start protesting as respectfully as they could after quite a while.

“There’s no need to say anything further. Do the rest of you not know how our monster clan was able to survive till this day? Are the members of this monster beast clan as such that they would forget their benefactor’s grace?” rebuked the demon emperor angrily.

The middle-aged men did not dare to say any more, but gazes of misery appeared in each of their eyes.

“How long do you need?” Huangfu Qingjue asked. Huangfu Qingjue and Ling Chuxi had no idea how matters outside the barrier had developed and he knew that Ling Chuxi was concerned about this.

“If it takes longer than expected, then half a month. If it takes shorter than expected, within three to five days,” replied the demon emperor.

“Then, many thanks to you, Your Highness. If we succeed, I owe a great favor to you and your monster beast clan which I will definitely repay in the future,” said Huangfu Qingjue with a nod.

Hearing Huangfu Qingjue’s words, the demon emperor’s face was full of delight.

“What does he mean by blood offering?” asked Ling Chuxi in a whisper.

“A blood offering is when one uses all of one’s blood as an object of offering, it is the sacrifice of a life to call upon the souls of demon emperors and demon kings from ancient times past to awaken the current demon emperor’s blood into possessing the true power of his demon king blood. However, using this method, the duration of his true power will be very short. At most, it will only last long enough for us to open the core of the array,” explained Huangfu Qingjue.

‘The demon emperor is willing to use all of his blood as an offering in the sacrifice of his life for the sake of transmitting the powers of past demon emperors and demon kings in order for him to assist in opening the array core!’ Ling Chuxi was stunned at this. However, at this moment, there was not the least bit of reluctance upon the demon emperor’s face. Instead, there was delight and joy.

Securing Huangfu Qingjue’s promise was actually so important to him! Was the legendary and prestigious Huangfu family really that strong?

“How should I address your companion?” asked the demon emperor apologetically. He had only realized at this moment that he had only been speaking to Huangfu Qingjue without including Ling Chuxi in the conversation.

“Ling Chuxi is my woman,” Huangfu Qingjue calmly said.

Hearing his reply, Ling Chuxi actually felt a thick sense of warmth arising in her heart. Those two short words contained a thousand threads of love and extreme tenderness.

“Miss Ling, do forgive my neglecting to include you in our discussion earlier on. If the both of you do not mind it, you are both welcome to stay at my place temporarily for a few days,” offered the demon emperor courteously in invitation.

“Such an arrangement would be much appreciated. Shall we head there now?” Huangfu Qingjue said.

The group of them walked into the depths of Little Silver Ancient Mountain, following along strange protruding peaks where the waterfalls and springs met. It was truly so beautiful. They passed quite a number of fearful monster beasts in worshipful stances by the side of the path. They exuded extremely respectful attitudes, resembling citizens welcoming the return of a king. Amongst them, there were quite a number of odd and rare monster beasts that Ling Chuxi had never seen or even heard of before.

What was most shocking was that these monster beasts were not as strong as Ling Chuxi, Mo Kongyuan and the rest thought they would be. This was presumably due to the effect of the restrictions placed upon them by the Eight Gate Array.

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