Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 229 - This, Acknowledging a Master was a Little Thrilling

Chapter 229: This, Acknowledging a Master was a Little Thrilling

The corners of Fu Chengyu’s mouth curled up into a smile when he overheard the conversation going on inside. Although he did not personally witness it happening, he seemed to still be able to imagine the situation going on inside the wooden house now with Ling Chuxi discourteously ordering Luo Li to do things while rolling her eyes. Thinking about it, it was a pretty meaningful scene. Fearfully, the fact was that only Ling Chuxi would dare order around the pill master of a generation as if he were her subordinate.

Just as Cao Zhibai was sitting around worriedly, a terrible scream that made one extremely shocked to hear it rang out from inside the house. In his state of shock, Cao Zhibai did not bother about anything else and was about to rush inside. Fu Chengyu very quickly knocked him out then lay Cao Zhibai on the ground before continuing to wait outside calmly.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, the door of the wooden house finally swung open. Ling Chuxi came out with an exhausted look on her face and following behind her was Luo Li who had a complicated expression on his face. Luo Li’s gaze was extremely complicated indeed. There was shock, amazement, joy and disbelief all tangled into one complex expression across his face.

“Chuxi, what happened?” asked Fu Chengyu in concern as he went over to them.

“There are no problems anymore. She just needs to rest well and after a month, she can try to walk slowly. After three months, walking shouldn’t be a big problem anymore,” replied Ling Chuxi tiredly. Then she lowered her head to look at Cao Zhibai who was slowly stirring and immediately understood that him being on the ground as such was definitely the result of Fu Chengyu’s knocking him out.

“Ah, Chuxi, how is Wen Qing?” asked Cao Zhibai through gritted teeth as he touched the back of his head gingerly. Fu Chengyu’s slap was really ruthless. It hurt like h*ll.

“She’s asleep now. There aren’t many problems anymore. You also heard it all. In the following days, you’ll need to take care of her well. Just follow along according to my instructions and that will do.” Ling Chuxi yawned before continuing, “Oh, I’m so tired. I’m going to sleep now. It would be good if you could go in and accompany her.”

“All right, then. Chuxi, let’s return to rest first,” said Fu Chengyu as he looked at Ling Chuxi’s exhausted face and felt a little ache in his heart for her.

“Okay,” said Ling Chuxi with a nod before walking to exit the courtyard with Fu Chengyu. Luo Li immediately followed after them while Cao Zhibai went into the wooden house to watch over Wen Qing, shut the door and no longer came back out.

“Having seen that, Miss Ling, I assume you can also solve the matter of the frost poison in Ninth Prince’s body, right? Can you tell me how you plan to do it?” asked Luo Li shamelessly as he followed closely by Ling Chuxi’s side.

“I am too tired. Let’s talk about it tomorrow. Ah, wait. I’ll just go back and wash my face first. Cao Zhibai that rascal definitely did not boil hot water for us…” muttered Ling Chuxi in dissatisfaction as she walked away. The weather was so cold and yet he still made her boil her own water when he invited her here? Was this not asking for her life pretty much? How terrible of him.

“I will immediately go and boil hot water for you. Just wait,” said Luo Li as he immediately went ahead of them to prepare hot water.

Ling Chuxi blinked and looked at Luo Li’s retreating back as he ran agilely into the distance. A generation’s master was working so hard to serve her, she should feel embarrassed, okay?

Early the next morning, Ling Chuxi slept till the sun was high in the sky. There was no choice. She was really too tired from doing the treatment last night. She squinted at the sunlight as she opened the door. The moment she did, she was given a fright by the person who was standing by the door.

“Master Luo, why are you standing here so early in the morning?” asked Ling Chuxi as she looked at Luo Li who was standing by her door without moving. She thought about it for a moment and understood why. Then, she smiled and said, “Master Luo, wait till after we have eaten. Once we have, I’ll let you know the answers to the things you want to know. Is that all right?”

Luo Li slowly turned around and looked at Ling Chuxi seriously without speaking for a long time. That solemn look of his left Ling Chuxi feeling goosebumps in her heart. What was Master Luo going to do?

After a while, Luo Li seemed to have decided on something when he suddenly bowed in a gesture of respect. He bowed in a very serious manner to Ling Chuxi and said in a clear voice, “Almighty master, please accept a bow from this disciple!”

Ling Chuxi was immediately stunned and thoroughly solidified into a rock right where she stood!

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