Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 230 - Live as You Like While You are Alive

Chapter 230: Live as You Like While You are Alive

“You—Master Luo, you, don’t make these kinds of jokes so early in the morning. Jokes like this are not funny,” said Ling Chuxi. She shuddered and even when she spoke, she was not fluent. She had thought that after Luo Li saw her medical skills, perhaps he would be shocked and might not react well, but she never thought that he would have such a reaction. This really gave her a fright!

“I’m not kidding. Learning never ends, and those who are capable can all be masters regardless of age. Master, I hope that you will not disdain me, a disciple who is so old. Please accept me as such,” said Luo Li as he bowed and was not willing to rise. His words were simple, but his tone was stubborn.

Ling Chuxi stared at Luo Li and could not speak for quite a while.

“I mean, master, all those worldly standards are so ridiculous. Why do you care about them? Isn’t living as we like and living for ourselves what it means to be alive?” Seeing Ling Chuxi not speaking for a long time, Luo Li raised his head, smiled slightly, and persuaded her further, “I remember an expert once told me that in martial arts, the strong are respected, and in some ancient and powerful sects, even if such individuals are disciples who entered the sect later than their predecessors, if their cultivation is stronger, then those predecessors will eventually respect them as senior brothers and senior sisters. Isn’t it the same with medical skills as well? Master, your attainments are far above mine, and not to mention your character as well. So, why can’t I acknowledge you as my master?”

Ling Chuxi was slightly stunned. She did not think that Luo Li would actually say such words. After thinking about it carefully, Ling Chuxi smiled. Indeed, when did she let herself forget? In this world, things have always been so. Luo Li’s words were also a principle. Isn’t living as we like and living for ourselves what it meant to be alive? Why should we be bothered about the judgement of others?

“Yes, that is true. It was I who thought of things wrongly,” said Ling Chuxi as she smiled slightly. “However, whether or not I have the qualifications to be your master, I dare not say. But if you acknowledge me as your master, I will definitely do my best to teach you what I know. I can trust in your character, Master Luo.” Although Luo Li was a little arrogant, his character still received the praises of the masses.

The moment Luo Li heard Ling Chuxi’s words, joy could be seen in his eyes as he solemnly bowed in respect again. “Almighty master, please accept a bow from your disciple!”

“Ah, about that though, can I raise a request?” asked Ling Chuxi as she felt a little headache coming on. “Don’t call me Master in front of others. Can we keep this matter a secret?” requested Ling Chuxi after thinking things through clearly. Luo Li was the number one saintly hand of Nan Xia Country. If it were to be made known that he had acknowledged such a young maiden as his master, that would definitely stir up huge waves. To Ling Chuxi, that was not necessarily a good thing. At least, for now it would not be a good thing. “I see. All right, then.” Luo Li thought about it and understood the problems that this matter encompassed, therefore he nodded and agreed.

“Okay, then. Let’s go and have brea

kfast first,” said Ling Chuxi with a wave of her hand. She finally managed to settle something.

“Then master, can you tell me about what you plan to do about the frost poison in Ninth Prince’s body?” Luo Li was constantly thinking about this question. He was helpless when it came to Wen Qing’s ailment, but Ling Chuxi cured her. The Ninth Prince, Fu Chengyu’s frost poison was also beyond him, but Ling Chuxi still had a way to cure him.

“Yup, sure. The Thousand Pearl Orchid is one of herbs needed to refine the antidote. There is still a need for a few other rare herbs before I can refine the antidote pill. We have yet to find them, though. I’m confident that the frost poison in Big Brother Fu’s body is not incurable…” explained Ling Chuxi as she walked on while Luo Li obediently followed her, paying full attention to what she was saying. As he listened, he would also nod from time to time, with a look that showed he was enlightened.

Therefore, when Cao Zhibai returned to prepare breakfast for the group, he saw Luo Li following Ling Chuxi while uttering the word “master” every time he spoke to her.

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