Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 228 - Ordering Around a Generation’s Master  

Chapter 228: Ordering Around a Generation’s Master

Luo Li choked and pondered this point. Indeed, it was a logical one. He could not help but say with a little defeat in his voice, “Then, taking Miss Wen’s point into consideration, how should this matter be handled? What should the wager be?”

“If Chuxi can cure me, how about you help fulfil three of Chuxi’s wishes? Just do the best within your abilities. If I’m not cured, then vice versa,” proposed Wen Qing as she smiled like a fox.

“Agreed,” said Luo Li after he heard her proposal. He felt that it was not too much and thus, he agreed.

A corner of Ling Chuxi’s mouth twitched. These two had decided on a wager just like that. Even though she was the person directly involved in the matter, it was as though she was an uninvolved party.

When night fell, Ling Chuxi roasted two chickens as she promised she would. The other dishes were all made by Cao Zhibai. Cao Zhibai’s culinary skills were actually not bad. He served Wen Qing very well, bringing her chopsticks and a bowl as well.

The thing that most left everyone speechless at the dining table was when both Luo Li and Wen Qing reached out for the most sensitive part of the roasted chicken—the bishop’s nose. Both their eyes had widened and narrowed as they looked at each other and understood that the other party was actually someone who had shared the same interest in this matter. In the end, they used their gazes to communicate and made allocations as to whom got how much. As there were two roasted chickens, each one was to have one bishop’s nose each.

When he saw both Luo Li and Wen Qing with their mouths all oily from eating their respective pieces of the bishop’s nose part of the roasted chickens, Fu Chengyu quietly lowered his head to focus on his own food. The Master Luo who was loved and respected by the masses actually had eating habits like this. He wasn’t sure how the people who admired him would feel if they saw this. It was too image-shattering.

After dinner, Ling Chuxi and Luo Li stayed behind. Luo Li wanted to watch Ling Chuxi’s treatment methods on Wen Qing. Fu Chengyu and Cao Zhibai on the other hand, were locked outside the house.

“Big Brother Fu, don’t let Cao Zhibai rush in. If he insists on trying to rush in, just knock him out,” instructed Ling Chuxi to Fu Chengyu especially before entering the house.

Fu Chengyu nodded. “Rest assured.”

“Why are you saying such a thing? What will happen? Could it be that the treatment will cause Wen Qing to be in great pain?” asked Cao Zhibai anxiously and worriedly when he heard such instructions being given from the side.

“Right now, she is enduring great pain every day. Don’t worry, these kinds of days will pass very soon. I am worried that if you hear Wen Qing’s screams later on, you’ll be unable to control yourself and come rushing over and disrupting our treatment. If that happens, it’d be terrible,” answered Ling Chuxi in a serious tone.

“What?! Ah! Oh, no… I…” just as Cao Zhibai was about to say something, Ling Chuxi disappeared into the house as quick as a flash and slammed the door shut. All that was left outside was Cao Zhibai standing alone, thinking of scratching the door, but he was easily dragged away by Fu Chengyu.

Cao Zhibai was waiting outside anxiously. Shortly after, there seemed to be movement in the house. It was Luo Li who yelped in surprise, but very quickly things quietened down. Not long after, Wen Qing’s muffled groan could be heard. It was a sound she had let out after being unable to withstand the pain.

“Ah, ah… Wen Qing, are you all right?” asked Cao Zhibai from outside. He wanted to scratch the door again, but recalling Ling Chuxi’s instructions, he withheld his own actions.

The house returned to silence again and Cao Zhibai returned to sitting in front of it with his eyes glued to the front door and his heart full of worry and anxiety. He did not know what was going on inside.

Shortly after, Luo Li’s voice could be heard from inside the house. “Miss Ling, I have really never heard of, nor seen such a method. Really, it is truly eye-opening! I really admire you!”

“You really talk a lot. Go and wash this,” replied Ling Chuxi’s discourteous voice which could be heard through the door. She seemed to be ordering Luo Li to do things. After that, a pitter-patter of footsteps could be heard. They should belong to Luo Li who was doing things as instructed to by Ling Chuxi.

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