Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 227 - Wager

Chapter 227: Wager

Cao Zhibai and Luo Li stood at the door with their eyes popped open and mouths agape. What was going on? Why were the two people before them discussing food in such a relaxed manner?

“Hey, Cao Zhibai, what are you staring at from over there? Go and buy two chickens. Tonight, we’re making roasted chicken. Little Sister Ling said that she will be making them for me tonight.” Wen Qing looked at Cao Zhibai timidly poking his head through the door and ordered him to do the marketing without being courteous.

“Ah, is that so? Sure, sure. I’ll go and buy them immediately! At once!” it was clear that Wen Qing’s tone was fierce, but Cao Zhibai acted as if he had received spoken instructions with great grace, and immediately headed out the door to go to town obediently to buy the ingredients necessary.

“Wait, come back here!” Wen Qing shouted from behind again.

“Coming!” replied Cao Zhibai as he immediately turned around and stood still, awaiting Wen Qing’s next line of instructions.

“Go and change your clothes first. If you caught a cold and died, I’d have to deal with your corpse and that’d be annoying to death!” barked Wen Qing.

“Ah, okay! I will immediately go and change!” agreed Cao Zhibai. When he heard these words, it was as if he had just eaten honey. He laughed happily as he turned back around to obediently return to his own home for a change of clothes first.

Luo Li looked at Cao Zhibai’s departing back with a stiff expression on his face. Then he turned around and looked at the two people who were happily talking once again in the wooden house.

“About that, I think it is if better Elder Sister Wen Qing calls me Chuxi, Little Sister Ling sounds quite awkward,” suggested Ling Chuxi with an embarrassed smile. Of course, Little Sister Ling was awkward, it made her naturally think about the fairy known as Little Sister Lin, or Lin Daiyu, who fell from the sky in the classic novel, ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’!

“All right, all right. Chuxi it is then,” agreed Wen Qing readily with a nod.

Luo Li finally could not take it any longer. How could he not have noticed the hope between Wen Qing’s brows? Wen Qing’s emotions were totally different from what they were in the past when he visited. What did this imply? It implied that Ling Chuxi had given her a heart-calming pill by guaranteeing that she could cure her legs. Luo Li could not help but ask, “Miss Ling, so can you really cure Miss Wen’s legs?”

“Yeah, I can,” replied Ling Chuxi simply as she looked at Luo Li who was standing by the door. “Master Luo, please come in and take a seat. I know you do not believe that I can cure her. Then, you may personally witness the things that will happen next.”

“All right. I want to see Miss Ling’s ability. If Miss Ling is truly able to cure Miss Wen’s legs, then I will admit defeat.” Luo Li felt angry inside. This Ling Chuxi had actually said such exaggerated words. Nobody had ever said such exaggerated words to him before. He really wanted to open his eyes wide and take a good look at exactly how capable this teenaged young maiden was!

“Aiya, Master Luo. And what if Miss Ling can cure my legs? Aren’t you going to show us a little something?” At this time, a sly smile appeared on Wen Qing’s face. “Then, if so, wouldn’t that mean that your skills are not as good as hers, Master Luo? Why don’t we place a bet?”

Luo Li was stunned. He was so angry that his blood was boiling. Without waiting for Ling Chuxi to say anything, he spoke up without thinking. “If Miss Ling is able to cure a disease that I am incapable of dealing with, I’ll admit defeat and admit that my skills are not as good as hers. And I, I… will definitely provide an explanation! I will tell the whole world I am not as good as Miss Ling!”

“Ah, but this is not necessary,” said Ling Chuxi. She actually admired Luo Li’s proud personality and his attitude when dealing with such matters. She did not wish for Luo Li to be shamed and immediately raised her hand. “It’s not necessary Master Luo. Really, you don’t have to do this!”

“Indeed, this is meaningless.” Wen Qing had also taken Ling Chuxi’s cue and put her hand to her chin. “If that were to happen, besides making Master Luo ashamed, it will also bring unnecessary troubles for Chuxi. Master Luo, your level of fame is extremely high. Just think about it. If you announce that you are not comparable to Chuxi, then there will definitely be a lot of people with ill intentions who will seek out Chuxi. Either to challenge her or to beg her to save people.”

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