Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 226 - This Preference Really Leaves One Speechless

Chapter 226: This Preference Really Leaves One Speechless

“My meridians are in shambles and my bones are also broken. You still think that I can stand up again like this?” asked Wen Qing before she let out an uninhibited laugh. “That Master Luo outside also does not have a solution. What kind of solution would you have?” Although Wen Qing was smiling, Ling Chuxi could tell that there was a hint of bitterness and helplessness in her smile.

“Let me try. Perhaps I can come up with something,” said Ling Chuxi as she approached Wen Qing, directly knelt in front of her and lifted the blanket that was covering her motionless legs to inspect them. Wen Qing wanted to avoid this inspection but she could not, neither did she have any means of rejecting it. She felt a jolt of surprise in her heart. She could sense that this young maiden actually had such strong cultivation. What level of Battle Qi was she at?

Just as Wen Qing was about to say something, Ling Chuxi had already started speaking, “It’s curable. However, you really are an outstanding woman. You’ve been enduring this kind of pain every day without flinching.” After checking Wen Qing’s legs, Ling Chuxi secretly exclaimed in her heart. Indeed, Wen Qing’s meridians were in shambles and her bones were broken in a few places just as she had said. Although her bones were reconnected, they had not been reconnected properly. Therefore, her bones did not heal well but still, that would not cause her such pain. The cause of her pain and the most important thing was that her meridians were in shambles. It was fearful to think of how great the pain she had been enduring every day.

“You care cure me?” asked Wen Qing after hearing Ling Chuxi’s words, she was stunned but instantly laughed. “Little lady, don’t tease me anymore. You also don’t need to comfort me like this. My legs… how is it possible… that they can be cured…” When she came to the end of her sentence, her voice became softer and softer and her expression had also dimmed. There was even a hint of a sob in her voice. Indeed, she was enduring the pain of having her meridians in shambles daily. Every day and every night, no one knew the depth of her pain and no one could share her burden. In the dark of the night when all was quiet and still, she felt that her suffering could not get any worse. There were many times she thought of committing suicide just to be free of the pain, but the moment she thought of how Cao Zhibai, that idiot, would end up all alone in this world after she was gone, she swallowed the pain and withstood it all. She had always endured this pain by herself. Yet today, a young maiden who was a complete stranger had acknowledged her pain in a single sentence.

“I can. Trust me, I really can do it!” affirmed Ling Chuxi with a smile and great confidence.

Wen Qing instantly raised her head to look at Ling Chuxi, and she saw that there was self-confidence written all over her face. The assurance was so dazzling that it made one unable to look away. A gleam of light slowly arose in Wen Qing’s heart, and it became brighter and brighter. Perhaps, the girl in front of her could really heal her?!

“I can cure you. I think that the reason you were able to silently endure such enormous pain and suffering was all because of the strength you got from the person you call an idiot, isn’t it?” said Ling Chuxi, smiling slightly as she turned to look at Cao Zhibai who was still outside the courtyard. Cao Zhibai was covered in dirt and dust and he was patting away the bits of dried grass stuck on him. Then, he and Luo Li looked over in the direction of the wooden house. When they heard no further movement in the house, there was a puzzled expression on their faces. Luo Li himself also found it strange. He knew that Cao Zhibai’s lady was a tigress who knew martial arts. The last time, he was also driven out mercilessly. Fortunately, he did not care about such matters. It was just that the house is still so quiet even now. Could it be that Ling Chuxi could really cure Wen Qing? It was impossible! How could it be!

Cao Zhibai trod carefully as he slowly moved forward. When he finally reached the door and poked out his head inside to take a look, he saw that Ling Chuxi and Wen Qing were chatting away happily, discussing what to have for dinner!

“I feel that the essence of a roasted chicken is in the wings. Then the thighs come second,” said Ling Chuxi very seriously as she put a hand to her chin.

“No, no. The essence is in the bishop’s nose!” retorted Wen Qing seriously with a shake of her head.

Ling Chuxi was speechless. This lady who appeared so beautiful on the outside actually liked to eat the part of a roasted chicken like the bishop’s nose.

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