She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 496 - Su Xuanye Gets Defeated  

Chapter 496: Su Xuanye Gets Defeated


The golden sword fused with Su Xuanye’s true body. The two fused into one and turned into an even more terrifying longsword that shot towards Lin Jiansheng’s head!

At that moment, the Grand State Master could clearly feel all the energy in the world attacking Lin Jiansheng.

The Grand State Master frowned and subconsciously extended his right hand to fight with Lin Jiansheng. However, Lin Jiansheng chanted the Purifying Spirit Incantation at this moment.

When he chanted the Purifying Spirit Incantation, pairs of benevolent and kind eyes suddenly appeared above his head.

Among them, there were the eyes of the Yin Clan’s 13,000 citizens, Kong Qing’s eyes, and the eyes of many souls that had been purified by Lin Jiansheng.

Among them, there were two pairs of eyes that were especially eye-catching.

One of them had curved eyes that were as clear as water. They were bright and gentle when they looked at people. The other pair of brown eyes had amorous almond-shaped eyes. It was dazzling, dignified, and affectionate.

When the golden sword approached Lin Jiansheng’s head, it suddenly stopped.

The Grand State Master raised his eyebrows and looked at this scene in surprise.

This was…

A man’s figure suddenly appeared from the golden sword. This person was Su Xuanye, who had been very imposing earlier.

However, at this moment, Su Xuanye seemed to have seen something unbelievable as he stared at the two pairs of eyes above Lin Jiansheng’s head in disbelief.

After Su Xuanye recognized the two pairs of eyes, he choked and shouted, “Mother! Mentor!”

Those gentle eyes were the eyes of Su Xuanye’s mother, the Peacock Demon. The other pair of amorous eyes were Su Tingxue’s eyes.

Su Xuanye stared at the two pairs of familiar eyes.

In an instant, longing, love, and regret filled his heart.

Su Xuanye stared into his mother’s eyes and saw her face.

His mother was smiling at him. There was no resentment or hatred in her smile, only tolerance and love.

“Ye’er, regardless of whether you can successfully awaken your beast form or not, you are still my treasure. I will protect you forever.”

“I don’t have any other requests for you. I only hope that you can live happily and peacefully.”

“I don’t want you to be an indomitable expert, but I hope that you can become a strong and brave child in the future. I want you to be kind and benevolent to the world and be loyal to your partner… If you can do this, I will be very satisfied.”

The words his mother had said when she was alive suddenly rang in Su Xuanye’s mind again and again.

Su Xuanye thought that he had long forgotten the past, but after seeing his mother’s gentle and loving gaze, Su Xuanye instantly remembered everything.

He had always wanted to avenge his mother, but he had let her down.

What his mother wanted was for him to be a brave and kind person!

But what about him?

What had he done?

He had successfully taken revenge, but he had also killed the innocent!


Su Xuanye looked at the other pair of amorous eyes.

He stared at those almond-shaped eyes, as if he had traveled back in time to more than six hundred years ago, to the day when he and his mentor were engaged for life.

That day, Su Tingxue was sitting in the pharmacy of the bamboo building while arranging the herbs. He walked in with a wild daisy in his hand.

Su Tingxue laughed at him. “Ah Ye, you’re already an adult. Why do you still like wild grass?”

Su Xuanye picked one of the wild daisies and formed a circle with it.

On the green ring, a wild daisy bloomed beautifully.

“Mentor.” Su Xuanye raised the wild daisy and licked his lips. He mustered his courage and asked shyly, “Mentor, I love you very much. I want to stay with you day and night and marry you. If, if you love me too, then extend your middle finger. If you want to reject me, then extend your pinky.”

On the pinky, the daisy ring would be the tail ring. On the middle finger, it would be the proposal ring.

Su Tingxue looked at him for a long time. In the end, her ears turned red and she raised her middle finger.

At that time, he really wanted to marry her and give her a home. But the next day, he saw the Spirit Restraining Parasite in the secret room, so he went down the wrong path.

Su Xuanye recalled what happened six hundred years ago. His desire to take revenge and destroy all the Beast Tamers in the world suddenly became less intense.

The sharp sword that was emitting golden light suddenly became dim and colorless.

Seeing that the sword had suddenly lost all its offensive power, Lin Jiansheng looked at Su Xuanye with pity in his eyes and said gently, “At that time, you were only a child. You were tricked by your father into eating that piece of meat. If you didn’t know the truth, why would your mother blame you?”

When Su Xuanye heard this, he suddenly felt relieved.

Was what he couldn’t forgive really the anguish of his mother being eaten?

No, he just couldn’t get over the fact that he was also one of the culprits who had hurt his mother!

Rather than saying that Su Xuanye hated all the cultivators in the world, it was better to say that he hated himself.

“Su Xuanye, the person you really let down isn’t your mother, but Su Tingxue, who once gave her heart to you but was framed by you in the end. But even Su Tingxue protected you until her death. She knew that you framed her, but in the face of the siege of the six families, she never said a word against you.”

“Su Xuanye, you always think that the world is betraying you. Little do you know that the person who betrayed the world is you.”

Su Xuanye looked up at the two familiar eyes on Lin Jiansheng’s head again.

Gradually, his eyes were filled with tears.

“Mother, Mentor…” Su Xuanye suddenly knelt down.

In front of a Purifying Spirit God, even Su Xuanye could only be purified.

The moment he knelt down, black grievous energy was released from his body. The boundless grievous energy wasn’t inferior to Kong Qing and Su Qianqian at all.

Seeing this scene, Yu Huang trembled slightly. She said, “Su Xuanye himself is the cursed person.”

Sheng Xiao agreed with Yu Huang.

When the grievous energy in his body dissipated, Su Xuanye’s gaze instantly became clear. He looked like a true Saint.

Su Xuanye suddenly lowered his head and shouted at Yu Huang, “Yu Huang! Remember, don’t enter the Central Pagoda!”

With that said, Su Xuanye suddenly grabbed the dim sword beside him and stabbed it between his eyebrows!

The moment the longsword pierced through Su Xuanye’s glabella, Su Xuanye’s body instantly turned to ashes!

It was also at that moment that unfamiliar scenes suddenly flashed across Yu Huang’s mind. They were the memories that the Host had lost—

The twelve-year-old Yu Huang took leave from the production team to participate in the first beast awakening ceremony of her life, but she failed.

At night, she locked herself in her room and brooded. However, she found a man in a white-haired purple shirt standing downstairs.

In the blink of an eye, the man appeared outside her room window.

Yu Huang widened her eyes in shock.

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