She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 497 - How Good Would It Be If I Had Met You Eight Hundred Years Ago

Chapter 497: How Good Would It Be If I Had Met You Eight Hundred Years Ago

She stared at the man for a long time before slowly opening the window out of curiosity.

Yu Huang stared at the man’s handsome face and his compassionate eyes. She asked carefully, “Are you… a ghost?”

Su Xuanye smiled at her and said, “I’m a person.” After a pause, Su Xuanye said, “We meet again, Yu Huang.”

They met again.

However, Yu Huang couldn’t remember when she had seen him before.

Su Xuanye took the initiative to explain. He said, “We met 12 years ago. Of course, you don’t remember. Oh right, I even planted a curse called Spirit Restraining Parasite in your body. Since you didn’t successfully awaken your beast form today, it’s obvious that my curse has taken effect.”

Yu Huang’s eyes instantly widened when she heard this. She questioned him angrily, “My beast form awakening failed because of you!”

“Yes,” Su Xuanye admitted straightforwardly.

Yu Huang wanted to scold him, but she realized that she couldn’t open her mouth at all.

Su Xuanye reached out and touched Yu Huang’s face. He enticed Yu Huang. “Good child, as long as you listen to me and do as I say, when the time is right, I will naturally help you resolve the curse in your body. At that time, you can become a Beast Tamer.”

Yu Huang could speak again. She heard herself asking, “What do you want me to do?”

“I will give you resources to help you become a superstar, but you must help me plant the Spirit Restraining Parasite on those children!”

The Host agreed.

When the Host was seventeen, Su Xuanye asked the Host to plant the Spirit Restraining Parasite on Xuanyuan Jing, but the Host rejected him.

It was better to destroy a disobedient pawn.

Su Xuanye flicked the Host’s glabella gently, extracted her soul, the Host died.

Su Xuanye lit a fire and disappeared from the room expressionlessly. However, he didn’t expect that the destroyed pawn revived!

The next time they met, Yu Huang was already Lin Jiansheng’s personal disciple. In just a few months, that disobedient pawn already became an initial-stage Level 2 Purifying Spirit Master. She had even successfully devoured the Butterfly Queen’s power.

From that day onwards, Su Xuanye knew that Prime Master Yin Mingjue’s daughter was destined to shine in the cultivation world!

Yu Huang silently processed this information before she had a realization.

It turned out that the person who set fire to the dormitory building of the variety show was Su Xuanye. No wonder even Professor Wei, the Healer of the Divine Realm Academy, was unable to repair the disfigurement on her face. The blood peacock’s flames were a type of true fire. The disfigurement caused by true fire was something that ordinary energy couldn’t repair.

No wonder Su Qianqian had once said that there was a big shot in the cultivation world behind the Host and that she had been helping that big shot.

Sheng Xiao suddenly held Yu Huang’s hand. He said, “Did you know Su Xuanye before?” Obviously, Sheng Xiao had thought about the fact that she might have known Su Xuanye long ago from the details of Yu Huang’s burns.

This bastard was really observant.

Yu Huang didn’t hide it from Sheng Xiao. She nodded and said, “He planted the Spirit Restraining Parasite in my body. He used it to threaten Yu Huang before.”

Sheng Xiao saw that Yu Huang’s expression was a little gloomy. He squeezed Yu Huang’s palm and comforted her. “That was the Host’s evil deed, not yours.”

However, Yu Huang said, “The reason they fell out was because of Xuanyuan Jing.”

“Oh really?” Sheng Xiao asked curiously, “What do you mean?”

Yu Huang said, “Su Xuanye asked the Host to plant a Spirit Restraining Parasite on Xuanyuan Jing, but the Host rejected him. In a fit of anger, Su Xuanye killed the Host. So, the Host was killed while protecting Xuanyuan Jing.”

Sheng Xiao’s handsome face had a sulky look.

Yu Huang glanced at him sideways. She held back her laughter and said, “Those are all the original owner’s deeds.”

Sheng Xiao was speechless.

Although he knew that they were all the original owner’s deeds, he still felt very angry.


“What was Su Xuanye hinting at before he died?”

Yu Huang thought of the person she had seen in the Yin Clan’s Saint Tomb. She snorted coldly and said, “There’s a coward hidden in the Central Pagoda. You should have seen that ghost before, but you don’t remember.”

Sheng Xiao didn’t remember what happened in the Central Pagoda.

Sheng Xiao narrowed his eyes and said thoughtfully, “It seems that I must have found out some secrets about that ghost. He was afraid and wanted to erase my memory. Tsk, you’re right. He’s indeed a coward.”

Lin Jiansheng had successfully dealt with Su Xuanye by himself. He was somewhat smug, but he deliberately put on a straight face and pretended to be dignified as he said, “Everyone, we’ve been led by the nose by the Blood Peacock for so long. It’s time to counterattack!”

“I’ve already found the Blood Peacock’s nest. Let’s go and destroy their nest together!”

“Alright! Destroy the Blood Peacock’s nest!”

Hearing that, Sheng Lingfeng suddenly fired a signal into the sky.

The signal shot to a height of 30,000 meters in the deep sky. Suddenly, it exploded with a bang and turned into thousands of signal fireworks that landed on the continent.

After the elven royal family, the beastmen, and the cultivation families of the various continents saw the signal fireworks, they quickly gathered the top experts of their clans and sent them to the Divine Moon Empire’s capital through the spatial teleportation stations between the various continents.

* *

In the underground palace.

Na Luo stared at Sheng Yang’s sleeping face and gently fiddled with Sheng Yang’s eyelashes.

Sheng Yang didn’t react at all.

Sheng Yang had long been drugged by Na Luo. She would sleep for three days and three nights.

After three days and three nights, the battle would have ended.

Na Luo suddenly closed her legs and a gorgeous golden fishtail instantly replaced her legs.

Without batting an eye, Na Luo pulled out the dazzling golden fish scale in the middle of her abdomen and forcefully fused it with Sheng Yang’s glabella.

Na Luo’s rosy lips were pressed against Sheng Yang’s ear. She spoke softly and sent her voice into the depths of Sheng Yang’s soul. “Yang Yang, our paths are different. We can’t be on the same side. I don’t ask you to understand me, nor do I ask you to cast your lot with me. We’ve known each other for three years, but I’ve never used you. When I said that I like you, it was true. I also meant it when I said that I want to be with you.”

After a pause, Na Luo continued, “The reason my ancient merman race can have the ability to continuously reincarnate is because we have a Divine Fish Scale. I will give you my Divine Fish Scale. After I leave, it will protect you in my place. With it, you will have a chance to reincarnate.”

Similarly, Na Luo, who had lost the Divine Fish Scale, would also lose the ability to reincarnate.

If she died in battle this time, she would never be reborn.

Na Luo stood up to leave.

The sleeping Sheng Yang suddenly raised her hand and grabbed Na Luo’s wrist.

Don’t go!

Sheng Yang was asleep, but she was conscious.

Na Luo lowered her head and looked at Sheng Yang’s sleeping face. Her eyes suddenly turned red.

Na Luo squatted by the bed and lowered her head to kiss the back of Sheng Yang’s hand. She sobbed and muttered, “I really hope that I met you eight hundred years ago.” At that time, she was kind-hearted and filled with expectations and fantasies about this world.

At that time, she was worthy of Sheng Yang.

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