She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 495 - Lin Jiansheng: Perhaps I Have Good Character   

Chapter 495: Lin Jiansheng: Perhaps I Have Good Character


Su Xuanye’s pupils dilated as he said in shock, “How is this possible?!”

After a Purifying Spirit Master became a Purifying Spirit Master, it wouldn’t be easy for them to advance.

Su Xuanye spent six hundred years to achieve the Saint Realm.

It had been more than thirty years since he reached the Saint Realm. After thirty years, his Purifying Spirit Art hadn’t improved at all.

Therefore, Su Xuanye knew better than anyone how difficult it was to become a Purifying Spirit God.

Some time ago, the souls of the Yin Clan’s 13,000 civilians were sacrificed to help Lin Jiansheng’s cultivation level increase greatly and successfully reach the threshold of a Purifying Spirit God.

The increase in Lin Jiansheng’s strength alarmed Su Xuanye.

Su Xuanye used to look down on Lin Jiansheng.

He thought that he was a boorish and simple-minded person.

But on the day of the Battle of the Eight Towers Mountain, he felt a sense of danger from that silly girl.

Precisely because Lin Jiansheng’s cultivation level had increased, Su Xuanye decided to take the risk and plan to use the Death Curse to nurture a Death Curse Person to help him increase his cultivation level.

Unexpectedly, before he could successfully nurture the Cursed Person, Lin Jiansheng had already reached the cultivation level of a Purifying Spirit God!

Lin Jiansheng was only 180 years old!

Su Xuanye had spent more than 600 years but was still a Saint. Lin Jiansheng had only used 180 years to become a Purifying Spirit God. How could Su Xuanye be willing to accept this?!

“How could you have become a Purifying Spirit God?!” Su Xuanye refused to believe it.

Su Xuanye muttered to himself, “Mentor said that only a powerful Purifying Spirit Master who successfully found a super demonic creature and purified it would have a chance to break through to Level 10 and become a Purifying Spirit God.” Thinking of something, Su Xuanye’s expression suddenly became bewildered. “Could it be that you really found a super demonic creature?”

In the past hundred years, Su Xuanye had also gone to Broken Cliff to search for traces of super monsters. However, no matter what, he had never found any traces of super monsters.

How did Lin Jiansheng find it?

Lin Jiansheng smiled mockingly and said, “Perhaps it’s because I have a good character.”

Su Xuanye was so angry that he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Su Xuanye, your mentor told you that you can only break through to level 10 if you successfully purify a super demon. Did she tell you that only the purest and kindest person can obtain the recognition of the super demon?”

Su Xuanye’s expression changed.

Su Tingxue had said that.

However, Su Xuanye had too much hatred in his heart. He had his ambitions, so he naturally couldn’t be pure and kind.

In his opinion, the so-called pureness and goodness was extreme stupidity.

“In that case, you really lost a super demonic creature?” Su Xuanye recalled the rumor from a while ago. He narrowed his eyes and said thoughtfully, “Was Garo Zhengyang’s monster son really a super demonic creature?”


When Lin Jiansheng heard that his beloved child was called a monster by Su Xuanye, he immediately felt angry. “Su Xuanye! The Death Curse has been successfully resolved. You have no way out. I advise you to plead guilty and accept the Alliance’s judgment!”

“Plead guilty and be punished?” Su Xuanye raised his head and laughed sarcastically. “What crime have I committed?! It’s impossible for me to plead guilty and be punished!”

“A Purifying Spirit God? Then today, I’ll try killing a god!”

Su Xuanye suddenly let out a peacock cry. His body suddenly exploded on the spot, and the world was instantly filled with a bloody mist!

The place where the blood mist landed, be it the houses or the ground, began to corrode, as if they had been splashed with sulfuric acid.

The civilians who were touched by the blood mist realized that their bodies had been corroded.

“Ah! Hide quickly!”

The civilians covered their heads and fled into the tall buildings.

Seeing this, Yu Huang immediately summoned Xuan Yu.


Xuan Yu spread its vermillion wings and soared into the sky. As its wings flapped, wisps of Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame descended.

The moment the blood mist touched the Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame, it was instantly burned clean.

Seeing that Yu Huang’s Phoenix True Fire could neutralize the corrosive ability of the Blood Peacock, the Grand State Master secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he turned around and shouted to the old dean and the others, “Let’s join forces and build a protective shield to protect the common people!”


The Grand State Master, the old dean, Sheng Lingfeng, and Prime Emperor Dino worked together.

They worked together to build an indestructible protective shield that looked like a pot lid. The protective shield enveloped more than half of the Divine Realm Continent.

As long as the Grand State Master and the others didn’t fall, the common people wouldn’t be killed.

In the sky, Su Xuanye prepared for fighting to the death and mobilized all the energy in his body.

If this decisive battle didn’t succeed, it would end in death!

As the energy in his body was extracted, the expression on Su Xuanye’s face became sinister. At the same time, his flowing white hair suddenly began to fall crazily.

This was a sign that his vitality was rapidly depleting!

Seeing Su Xuanye’s crazy and paranoid look, the Grand State Master and the others frowned.

This person was really a lunatic.

Lin Jiansheng watched as Su Xuanye did all of this. He didn’t panic or hide. He only looked at her calmly, like a wise man treating a child who had taken the wrong path.

When all the energy in his body was mobilized, the white hair on Su Xuanye’s head had already fallen off. On his left palm, the spiritual energy ball was as dazzling as a sun, and the Purifying Spirit Scepter in his right hand was emitting bright moonlight.

Su Xuanye gritted his teeth and forcefully fused his psychic power and spiritual power.

The two different energy bodies collided and fused with each other while also repelling each other.

When they pushed each other away, Su Xuanye’s body also expanded. After it expanded, he looked like a big ball.

When they fused, the ball would instantly leak and return to its original state.

Sheng Lingfeng was worried that Su Xuanye’s body would explode.

However, Su Xuanye was Su Xuanye after all. He had actually fused the two energies completely.

When they completely fused together, psychic power and spiritual power formed a golden sword.

That sharp sword contained endless power of destruction.

Yu Huang stared at the sword in front of Su Xuanye. Her eyes flickered, and she began to mobilize the spiritual power and psychic power in her body.

Sheng Xiao sensed Yu Huang’s reaction and narrowed his eyes.

Was this fellow secretly learning on the spot?

Su Xuanye held the sword that had fused all his energy. He stared at the golden sword in his hand and said to Lin Jiansheng fiercely, “Lin Jiansheng, she said that you are the most suitable person she has ever seen to be a Purifying Spirit Master. I must kill you today and let her know how wrong she is!”

Lin Jiansheng naturally knew who he was referring to.

The corners of Lin Jiansheng’s lips curled up slightly. He wasn’t afraid at all. “Bring it on!”

Su Xuanye let out a peacock cry again. Then, he transformed into a blood peacock and charged towards the sword!

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