She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 494 - I've Let You Down   

Chapter 494: I’ve Let You Down


The entire continent was enveloped by this majestic psychic power.

The energy of a Purifying Spirit God was cleansing the impurities in the bodies of all things in the world, be it humans, animals, plants, or those vengeful spirits that floated in the world.

Under the interference of this energy, even Su Xuanye clearly sensed that his sea of consciousness had been violated.

Realizing that the powerful energy was trying to purify his spirit, Su Xuanye immediately mobilized all his psychic energy to resist it.

Su Xuanye could resist this energy, but as the Cursed Person, Su Qianqian couldn’t fight back at all.

Under the purification power of a Purifying Spirit God, Su Qianqian’s dark eyes gradually showed some hesitation.

In an instant, many wonderful things appeared in her mind.

When she first entered the entertainment industry at the age of 15, her first movie was with Yu Huang. It was a spy war movie about an undercover female assassin. Yu Huang played the female lead in the movie while Su Qianqian played the second female lead.

Su Qianqian had just entered the entertainment industry and was filled with anticipation and yearning for it. At the movie celebration, Su Qianqian received a cruise invitation from the Best Actor.

His acting skills were excellent. He had been Su Qianqian’s idol since she was young.

The fifteen-year-old Su Qianqian was very innocent and naive. After receiving the message, Su Qianqian naively thought that her idol was just asking her out to play and wanted to help her.

However, she never expected that after she went to sea, the Best Actor Mr. Zhang, who was married and had participated in a variety show with his wife and son and was known for being a good father and husband, would secretly drug her and bring her to his bed.

At the critical moment, it was Yu Huang who brought Xuanyuan Jing to save her from the Best Actor Mr. Zhang.

At that time, Xuanyuan Jing had just met Yu Huang and was very attentive in his pursuit of her.

At that time, Yu Huang didn’t want to date. Her feelings towards Xuanyuan Shen was respect, not love. Hence, facing Xuanyuan Jing’s pursuit, Yu Huang was very rational and reserved.

But in order to save Su Qianqian, Yu Huang took the initiative to contact Xuanyuan Jing and asked Xuanyuan Jing to go out to sea to save Su Qianqian on the condition that she agreed to go on a date with him.

Recalling this past, Su Qianqian realized how sincerely Yu Huang treated her.

It was because she had been in a world centered upon fame and fortune for a long time that she became ambitious and eager for quick success. Gradually, she became estranged from Yu Huang. They went from being intimate friends to selfish people who stabbed each other in the back for resources.

Su Qianqian stared at Yu Huang’s figure and saw the robe that she had deliberately stepped on. She suddenly felt guilty.

While everyone was afraid of her, hurt her, and sized her up with apprehensive gazes, only Yu Huang would stand in front of her without hesitation and put a shirt on her.

That was her best friend!

How could she deliberately tarnish her reputation for a movie, an endorsement, and attention?

How could she secretly hire fake reviewers to mock her online when her appearance was ruined and she was abandoned by Xuanyuan Jing?!

Under the influence of the Purifying Spirit Saint’s psychic energy, Su Qianqian gradually regained her consciousness and conscience. The hatred in her heart actually faded a lot. Her dark eyes slowly returned to normal.


Yu Huang heard Su Qianqian’s voice and hurriedly looked up at her.

The moment she saw Su Qianqian’s clear eyes, Yu Huang knew that Su Qianqian had regained her senses.

Su Qianqian looked at her with a guilty expression. “Yu Huang!”

Su Qianqian could feel that the energy Su Xuanye was restraining her with was suddenly filled with aggression. She could even sense that her ribs were about to be broken by Su Xuanye.

Su Qianqian knew that she wouldn’t be able to escape death today.

While she was conscious, Su Qianqian said to Yu Huang, “Yu Huang, my father treated you well in the past. Do you still remember?!”

Yu Huang nodded. “I remember everything!”

Su Qianqian said, “My father is an orphan. After I die, he’ll be completely alone. I bought a tombstone for him long ago. I don’t know if he’s still alive. If he’s alive, please visit him occasionally and talk to him. If he’s dead, please help arrange the funeral and let him be buried in peace.”

Su Qianqian knew that she was doomed. She was giving her last words.

When Yu Huang heard Su Qianqian’s words, Mr. Su’s smiling face flashed across her mind. She felt very upset.

“Yu Huang!” Su Qianqian suddenly called her again.

Yu Huang looked up at her and saw a relieved smile on Su Qianqian’s lips. Su Qianqian said, “Yu Huang, I’ve let you down in the past.”

As soon as Su Qianqian finished speaking, Su Xuanye lifted her up.

Su Xuanye stared at Su Qianqian’s face and saw that her eyes had regained their clarity. He knew that the curse had failed.

He had worked hard for so long, but in the end, it was all for nothing. How could Su Xuanye be willing to accept it?

“Since the awakening failed, it’s useless to keep a piece of trash like you around!” Su Xuanye was about to crush Su Qianqian’s body when a large knife condensed from milky white psychic power flew over from the distant sky.

The knife accurately slashed Su Xuanye’s arm.

Psychic attacks wouldn’t cause any physical injuries to Su Xuanye, but they could severely injure his soul.

Su Xuanye’s soul was in intense pain. He subconsciously retracted the energy that was attacking Su Qianqian and looked in the direction of the large knife.

After the energy that imprisoned Su Qianqian disappeared, Su Qianqian’s body immediately fell to the ground below.

Yu Huang quickly flew over and shielded Su Qianqian in her arms the moment she was about to land.

Sheng Xiao followed closely behind. He took off his Beast Tamer robe and covered Su Qianqian’s body.

“Lin Jiansheng!” Su Xuanye stared at the distant sky and roared angrily, “Are you dead set on going against me?!”

A black shadow quickly approached from the distant horizon. In the blink of an eye, that person arrived in the sky above the Prosperous Capital.

When they got closer, everyone could see the person’s face clearly.

It was a middle-aged man who was almost two meters tall. The man had short hair and was wearing a deep V-neck suit. There was no shirt under the suit, revealing a large portion of his fair chest.

He had a face that looked intimidating and imposing.

His gaze was fierce. With a knife in his hand, he definitely looked like a serial killer.

There was only one Purifying Spirit Master in the entire Holy Spirit Continent who looked fierce but had a high cultivation level.

Lin Jiansheng!

“Mentor!” Yu Huang hugged Su Qianqian and looked up at Lin Jiansheng. She asked in surprise, “Mentor, have you successfully reached the Purifying Spirit God Realm?”

The others also stared at Lin Jiansheng with burning eyes.

Lin Jiansheng nodded and replied, “Yes.”

He succeeded.

His nonchalance shocked Su Xuanye.

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