Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 1474 - Lu Qingxin, How Does It Feel to Be Betrayed by Your Loved Ones?

Chapter 1474: Lu Qingxin, How Does It Feel to Be Betrayed by Your Loved Ones?

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Lu Qingxin saw Gu Yancheng’s eyes flashing with hatred and anger. She swallowed hard, it felt like a sword piercing through her throat.

She felt a sharp pain in her chest suddenly.

It was as though there was a huge hole in her chest.

The feeling was as though someone had pierced into her chest and used his bare hands to dig out her heart.

She could see the man holding her heart in his hand. It was blood and raw and she could still hear the heartbeat.

She then saw that person’s lips curl into a smile, as though he was the demon who had come out of hell.


“How did it turn out this way? What really happened?”

Lu Qingxin did not understand.

He had loved and doted on her since young. He would give her anything she wanted.

That person was not anyone but Gu Yancheng.

He was the one who always sheltered her from the storms in life.

Lu Qingxin had never expected him to treat her so cruelly one day.


Gu Yancheng released her slowly. His eyes were following Ye Tianxin’s car which just whizzed by.

He could see her smiling from the window.

He knew that she would not want to have her hands dirtied with Lu Qingxin’s blood.

Her blood was so filthy.

She would be disgusted.

“Lu Qingxin, you should know very well, shouldn’t you?”

Gu Yancheng smiled.

It was a thin smile.

Lu Qingxin felt her legs go weak and she fell on her knees to the ground. She looked up at Gu Yancheng forlornly.

From her angle, he looked like a giant.

He looked down at Lu Qingxin, coldly. There was not a trace of affection in his expression.

“Why? You would never treat me like this in the past.”

That was the biggest question in Lu Qingxin’s mind. She could not help but ask him. She had to get to the truth.


In the past, Gu Yancheng was never once mean to her. He would never treat her this way.

He would always give in to her.

He held her like a precious gem in his hand.

Now, he hated her so much that he wouldn’t hesitate to kill her.

“Yancheng, tell me what I did wrong. Tell me. I will change.”

Gu Yancheng kicked Lu Qingxin who was pleading with him and holding on to his leg.

It was a hard kick as he did not show her any mercy.

Lu Qingxin’s hand turned red from the jolt.

At that moment, Gu Yancheng’s driver drove up and opened the car door. Gu Yancheng got into the car gracefully after instructing the driver what to do with Lu Qingxin.

“Get someone to watch over Lu Qingxin. If she tries to go near Ye Tianxin again, call the police. Have them send her to the mental hospital.”

“Yes, sir.”

The driver drove off, the smoke from the exhaust pipe choking Lu Qingxin.

Lu Qingxin sat on the muddy floor of the carpark. She looked on bitterly as the car drove off.

She did not understand. Nor could she accept what had just happened.


Why did Gu Yancheng treat her this way?

What had she done wrong?

Why did her loved ones leave her one by one?

Even he was treating her like an enemy.

She could not accept it. She was all alone in this world.

She was full of resentment and hatred. Why did the woman have to be Ye Tianxin? Why must it be her?

Lu Qingxin’s phone suddenly started beeping non-stop.

She took up the phone and saw a message from an unknown number that said: “Lu Qingxin, how does it feel to be betrayed and alienated by your loved ones?”

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