Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 1473 - I Will Kill You if You Appear in Front of Ye Tianxin Again

Chapter 1473: I Will Kill You if You Appear in Front of Ye Tianxin Again

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“Gu Yancheng, you heartless man! When I was pregnant, you said that I was underaged as I was not even twenty years old. You made me go overseas as you didn’t want anyone to know about my pregnancy. You promised to bring me home after I have given birth. I waited for you for so many years but you never got back to me. Now you are cozying up with this girl?”

All Lu Qingxin could think about was how much she wanted Ye Tianxin to embarrass herself at the university.

How could she?

Why did Lu Qingxin end up with nothing while Ye Tianxin became the beloved daughter of the Xie family?

Why did things turn out this way?

She had nothing now.

She thought that since she was already ruined, there was nothing else to lose. She was not afraid of anything.

Lu Qingxin sat on the floor and wailed loudly. She did not care about how people thought of her.

After all, Gu Yangcheng would never dare to kill her. She was not afraid of Gu Yancheng at all.

Besides, Lu Qingxin would never admit that she was the one who had given up Gu Yancheng.

She thought that Gu Yancheng was the scumbag and he was the one who dumped her.

If Gu Yancheng had fallen in love with any other woman, Lu Qingxin might be heartbroken but never this angry.

She could not accept that Gu Yancheng had fallen in love with Ye Tianxin.

Gu Yancheng knew full well that Ye Tianxin was the one who caused Lu Qingxin to lose everything.

If not for Ye Tianxin, Lu Qingxin would still have her family. She would have her parents to dote on her.

It was Ye Tianxin’s mother, Ye Linlang.

The mother and daughter destroyed her family.

Ye Tianxin looked at Gu Yancheng. “Take her away. I want to leave now.”

Gu Yanchen nodded. “Sure, I will take her away immediately.”

Gu Yancheng noticed that Lu Qingxin’s wailing had attracted the attention of the passers-by who were gathering around them. He marched up to Lu Qingxin and grabbed her by the shoulder.

He bent down and pulled her close to him.

He whispered, “Do you want to die?”

His voice was grim and icy,

Lu Qingxin suddenly felt cold all over.

She was a little afraid now.

She should have known that once a man’s heart had turned cold, it was a fearful thing.

Her father was like that.

Even though her mother had lived with him for so many years, he abandoned them without thinking for a second.

A man was the most fearful thing in the world.

Lu Qingxin hung her head low and bit Gu Yancheng’s shoulder.

Gu Yancheng felt a sharp pain on his shoulder but he still refused to let go of Lu Qingxin.

“Come with me.”

Gu Yancheng dragged Lu Qingxin to the carpark outside the university.

He pushed Lu Qingxin into the car, his eyes full of anger.

Lu Qingxin shuddered in fear.

He wanted to kill her.

It was all that hussy Ye Tianxin’s fault.

“Lu Qingxin, this is the first and last time I’m warning you. If I catch you in Ye Tianxin’s presence again, I will send you to the mental hospital.”

When Lu Qingxin heard those words, she started tearing up.

She looked at Gu Yancheng pitifully. “Yancheng, you’re hurting me!”

Gu Yancheng held up Lu Qingxin’s chin hard until there was a cracking sound from her chin.

“Don’t let me hear you call my name again. Otherwise, I’ll cut off your tongue!”

Lu Qingxin could hear Gu Yancheng gritting his teeth.

She stared at his eyes and turned pale.

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