Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 1475 - Fighting With the Devil

Chapter 1475: Fighting With the Devil

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Ye Tianxin.

It must be Ye Tianxin.

She must have done it on purpose.

Lu Qingxin was shaking with fury as rage overpowered her. She was very certain Ye Tianxin was the one who sent her the message.

She did not believe Ye Tianxin was innocent in this matter.

She must have sent her the message to provoke her on purpose.

She wanted to scorn her.

She was laughing at her ignorance and stupidity.

Lu Qingxin finally got up from the ground. She looked up to the sky, still obstinate and persistent.



There was absolutely nothing that Lu Qingxin could not get.

If she could not get it, nobody could either.


Gu Yancheng was hers and hers alone.

She would make him stay by her side forever.

Even if she had to be the devil and do the vilest thing, she would make sure he would never leave her.

On the other hand, Lu Qingxin and Gu Yancheng’s appearance was a small incident to Ye Tianxin. It did not affect her mood at all.

She had far more important things to do than to be concerned about both of them.

The matter regarding Mingzhu was very serious and urgent. After returning from Capital University, she made her way to Xie Xuning’s office immediately.

The security at Xie Xuning’s office was very tight.

Even though she was Xie Xuning’s daughter, she still had to go through all the security checks before she could see her father.

“Dad, I have something to tell you.”

Ye Tianxin told Xie Xuning about what happened at the prison and Mingzhu’s parentage.

“Dad, the DNA report cannot be fake. The question now is when Aunt Yue suffered a miscarriage, how is it that Mingzhu was actually alive? Who was the one who operated on her back then? Uncle Qie is a doctor himself. When his wife suffered a miscarriage, didn’t he read the medical report? How can he not know anything about it?”

When Ye Tianxin thought of the questions, she cursed Qie Wang silently. He was a real jerk.

What kind of husband was he that he did not know anything about what happened to his wife and daughter?

Xie Xuning looked concerned.

Was Yan Shanyue’s miscarriage really just an accident, or did someone cause the miscarriage?

If Li Zhiwei was still alive, she would definitely be the prime suspect, but she was burnt to death in a car accident.

Her father, Li Hezheng was a lonely, old man. No matter how clever he was, there was nothing much he could do now.

He was a dying old man. He would not be greedy for power at this stage in his life.

“Tianxin, does Qie Yiyan know about this?”

Ye Tianxin nodded. “Yiyan was the one who went to collect the blood samples. So there shouldn’t be any problem with these samples.”

Who would want to harm Qie Wang?

Did Qie Wang know that someone was out to hurt him?

Xie Xuning clenched his fists tightly.

The scariest thing for a person was not the fact that he had enemies.

It was more fearful not knowing who his enemies were or what they would do to him.

“Since Mingzhu was able to get close to you, then you’d better not get involved in this matter. From now on, I will check on whoever is close to you, your mom and grandma.”

Xie Xuning looked up into the sky and thought he saw a huge net.

The net was going to descend anytime and captured his family.

“Chief, something has happened.”

Someone had walked into Xie Xuning’s office.

A document containing some important message had been sent to him.

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