Scandal Supermodel

Chapter 30

Who Will Save Her

An Xiaowan’s eyes darkened, but her mouth curled into a sarcastic laugh. “Aren’t you afraid of tarnishing your reputation by talking to a murderer like me?”

“You have the face to come to the party!”

An Xue stepped forward. Her beautiful gown highlighted the curves of her body, and she looked absolutely gorgeous. “In the whole of the Capital, who would still invite you? Did you find a way to sneak in, so you can hunt for a new gold mine?”

Du Yunlan’s eyes were stoic as she pulled at An Xue.

Having a conflict with An Xiaowan at such a grand event was not a good idea.

However, An Xiaowan looked like she was not afraid of anything. She then moved a couple of steps forward and laughed out exaggeratedly in a sultry and charming voice. “Since you insist on talking to me so much, why don’t we talk about my father’s current situation?”

“An Xiaowan.” Du Yunlan gave a cold stare. “It is a result of his sins for Yan Mo to have a daughter like you.”

“Dad’s real misfortune was to have you as his wife.”

An Xiaowan was unrelenting, her smile filled with sharp thorns. “Madam Du, you better pray that the truth never surfaces, that you never wake up from this dream. Otherwise, everything you have worked so hard for will crumble overnight!”

“You!” Du Yunlan raised her hand to hit An Xiaowan.

But before Du Yunlan could strike, An Xue had already walked up to An Xiaowan and swung her hand at her.

An Xiaowan had already expected that, and she easily blocked An Xue’s blow with one hand.

An Xiaowan then turned around and suddenly threw a slap across An Xue’s face with ease.


A crisp sound cracked through the air. An Xue head was a mess, and many guests around them turned to look towards them.

“B*tch!” An Xue dazedly cradled her cheek for a few moments, then suddenly went mad and ferociously pushed An Xiaowan.

On any other day, An Xiaowan would have been able to steady herself. But today, her ankle was not yet fully recovered, so she buckled and fell.

Instinctively, she grabbed onto An Xue’s arm.

The swimming pool was just behind her.

An Xue got a fright and tried to get rid of her. But because of inertia, she just couldn’t shake her off.

“Splash… splash…”

One after the other, both of them fell into the pool.

The splashing sound of water and the small puddles of water outside the pool piqued the curiosity of people around. Everyone peered over to see what was happening.

“Did someone fall into the pool?”

“Looks like they are about to fight!”

“One of the girls in the pool looks like An Xue!”

At the party, many people heard it was An Xue who fell into the pool, and their eyes perked up. Those who had mobile phones with them hurriedly shuffled over to record the drama unfolding.

The news of the world’s top model falling into a pool is bound to be the center of attention.

The swimming pool was a deep one, with a depth of two meters.

Neither An Xiaowan nor An Xue could swim.

Their dresses were soaked in water and became extremely heavy. An Xiaowan struggled to stand, but her ankle was hurting, and she could not do anything.

“I don’t think they know how to swim!”

The sudden exclamation startled everyone.

Suddenly, a silhouette of a person flashed through the crowd, and with a


jumped into the pool without hesitation.

An Xiaowan opened her eyes in the water.

It was… Chen Yinian.

He dived into the water and saw An Xiaowan, his eyes narrowed slightly. Then, he decisively turned away and swam towards An Xue.

When the others saw An Xue had been rescued, and the other victim was An Xiaowan, the murderer, everyone began shoving and nudging each other, reluctant to jump into the water.

An Xiaowan could feel the air in her lungs running out.

The feeling of being suffocated intensified.

An Xiaowan began to feel lightheaded and tilted her head upwards. She looked through the glistening ripples of the water on the surface with a hazy vision.


Who will save her…

An Xiaowan shut her eyes weakly, her body slowly sinking further.

However, just as An Xiaowan was about to lose her consciousness completely, she heard another splash.

A huge ripple appeared and parted the water.

An Xiaowan opened her eyes in a daze and saw a tall figure quickly swimming towards her.


The shirt oh his body was floating in the water, looking so soft as if it was dancing in the water.

An Xiaowan stared at the man with a fuzzy gaze. Her lips quivered slightly.

It was Huo Shen…

It was actually Huo Shen.

What was he doing here?

An Xiaowan closed her eyes. Within a few seconds, she fell into a warm and solid embrace, tightly wrapping her in the water.

Huo Shen held An Xiaowan and swam upwards. Very quickly, both of them came up to the surface of the pool.

“Xue, are you alright?”

As soon as An Xiaowan came up from the water, Chen Yinian’s anxious and concerned voice reached her ears.

She felt bitter[a][b] in her heart and could barely stop herself from bursting out in laughter.

Everyone was crowded around An Xue. Nobody cared about An Xiaowan’s safety.

After pulling An Xiaowan out of the pool, Huo Shen tossed her aside and coldly looked down at her.

When fresh air passed through her nose, An Xiaowan suddenly started coughing loudly.

She spit out a few mouthfuls of water. Her vision was hazy, and she lay paralyzed on the floor.

“Thank you…” An Xiaowan was slowly regaining consciousness and strained to utter her thanks with a hoarse voice. She had a serious expression on her face, starkly different from her usual alluring smiles.

At that moment, she really thought she was going to die.

She was suddenly engulfed with the feeling of being abandoned by everyone in the world.

And at that very moment that Huo Shen appeared.

An Xiaowan blankly stared at him, and for a long while, she remained quiet.

Assistant Luo, who had followed up behind Huo Shen, was now looking anxious as he hurriedly placed a thick bath towel over Huo Shen.

Huo Shen was not needed to concern himself over a trifling task such as jumping into a pool to rescue someone. But earlier, Huo Shen had suddenly walked ahead of them. He was too fast for them to catch up, so they could not stop him in time.

Huo Shen stood up, still feeling unnerved.

However, Huo Shen’s cold and rigid face was looking down at her, and his thin lips stiffly uttered only one word. “Stupid”

He felt extremely uncomfortable in his drenched clothes.

But he waved his hand and flung the towel from his body at An Xiaowan.

Suddenly, An Xiaowan’s vision was blocked as a large towel dropped and covered almost her entire body.

An Xiaowan hastily pushed the towel aside. Her face emerged from the towel was messy as her make-up was smeared. Coupled with wet clothes that were sticking to her skin in disarray, she looked pathetic.

In fact, she was looking like an eyesore.

Huo Shen’s thin lips were pursed tightly. The anger on his face had hardened into a harsh and cold look.

At that moment, he actually jumped in to save this woman?

Huo Shen frowned. This feeling was strange and alien to him, and it made him increasingly vexed.

Huo Shen slightly pulled at his necktie and scanned his surroundings with his eyes brimming with hostility.

“Who pushed you?”

After An Xiaowan heard his question, she hesitated for a few seconds and then raised her finger and pointed at An Xue.

Huo Shen did not have a loud voice, but it was powerful and commanding. Everyone in the surrounding crowd quietened down and looked over.

Although Huo Shen’s face had never appeared in any news media, the logo engraved on his cufflinks was unmistakable.

“It’s Young Master Huo!”

“Young Master Huo? Why is he in a commonplace like this?”

“Ahh! Ah! Ah! The Capital’s most distinguished man! But why would he jump into the water to save a woman?”

Huo Shen’s eagle-like eyes followed the direction of An Xiaowan’s finger, and he spotted An Xue in the arms of Chen Yinian. Within a moment, his mouth twitched slightly and arced into a scorn that was subtle yet terrifying.

“You want to jump in yourself, or would you like me to get someone for your help?”

The chilling look in Huo Shen’s eyes sent cold shivers through An Xue’s body. She felt as if her words were stuck in her throat, choking her, leaving her incapable and paralyzed.

Chen Yinian hurriedly stood up. With his body still dripping wet, he said, “Young Master Huo, Xue was indeed the one in the wrong first. But both of them fell into the pool together. I think they’re even.”

Huo Shen was unfazed, as if he never heard Chen Yinian. His stone-cold gaze had an authoritarian aura like that of a dictator.

Nobody messes around with Huo Shen’s woman.

[a]I think this is meant to mock chen yinian – she felt he was overly concerned, sort of being too mushy

[b]it felt more like laughing on her own misery n situation, since she still feels deeply hurt fot trusting “this guy” in the past, who is now so concerned for her enemy and opposing Xiaowan.

so it was a mix of feelin g bitter hurt and a mocking laugh for her past self.


ALternatively we can go for “Her was cold” or “She felt cold in her heart and …. in a sarcastic laugh”

Lemme know if u think a change would be better for character description.

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