Scandal Supermodel

Chapter 31

Make It Up With Money

An Xue was shaking with anger. She just could not accept it.

“It was the same last time round,”

she thought to herself.

“Why is it that every time Huo Shen appears, he defends An Xiaowan?”

“It wasn’t fair! What is so good about that wh*re!”

“Ms. An Xue, Young Master Huo never repeats what he said for the second time.” Assistant Luo looked at her with a deep gaze, and he then gently reminded her. “Please do not take the opportunity for granted.”

An Xue shuddered and stood up with her shaky legs.

She was a top international model. Yet, she was being treated this way in front of everyone.

The rage in An Xue’s heart was inconceivable.

She walked to the poolside, but couldn’t find it within herself to jump in.

She turned to look at Chen Yinian. Her heart suddenly filled with resentment.

In front of Huo Shen, her fiance Chen Yinian was utterly helpless! His status and background were not strong enough for him to stand against Huo Shen, even if it meant that she had to endure such public humiliation!

“Xue!” Chen Yinian reached out to pull her back.

“Young Master Huo, we are really sorry. I hope you can forgive Xue.” Chen Yinian begged for mercy.

At this point, Du Yunlan could no longer tolerate the scene in front of her. She stood up and gently smiled. “Young Master Huo, won’t you give my daughter some face? I’m afraid she isn’t strong enough to endure going into the water a second time.”

She paused and looked at An Xiaowan behind Huo Shen.

“Xiao Wan, it was Xue’s fault earlier on. To express our apologies, we will compensate you fairly, just tell us what you want.”

“Compensate?” An Xiaowan squinted her eyes.

She stood up slowly, clutching the towel around her body tightly.

Huo Shen looked back at her.

An Xiaowan loosened her body and lazily glazed over with an alluring look in her eyes. She was looking very captivating and seductive.

Moving her lips ever so slightly, she elegantly said, with her icy voice, “With money? How much can you give?”


Everyone was taken aback at her reply, their expressions filled with contempt towards her.

Everyone present at the party belonged to the rich and elite circle. For them, money was cheap and easily attainable. Any problem that money could solve was not a problem, to begin with.

And An Xiaowan actually publicly asked for money?

Huo Shen’s face darkened.

An Xue felt a sense of relief in her heart and took a step back. Du Yanlan continued calmly. “How much do you want?”

“Not much. Just a small amount of two million.”

She gave a sultry laugh, then played with her drenched skirt teasingly. It certainly caught the attention of all the men, as they were now ogling at her.

Huo Shen’s face was rigid and emotionless.

Du Yanlan thought An Xiaowan would take this chance to devour them, but now she was relieved. Nodding her head, she immediately said, “Not a problem. Once the party ends, I will transfer the money to you.”

Du Yanlan appeared to agree, but there was contempt in her eyes.

She thought to herself,

“An Xiaowan is as foolish as ever. She actually ignored Huo Shen’s words for a mere two million Yuan! Who does she think she is?”

“Huo Shen is bound to take his anger out on her in the days to come.”

“Who knows why somebody as respectable as Huo Shen would jump in to save her! But no matter what, An Xiaowan has disrespected him in public!”

“Very well. Madam Du is indeed straightforward.” An Xiaowan looked around. Her smile brightened as she said, “Everyone heard what she said. You are all my witnesses!”

At that moment, what little respect anyone still had left for An Xiaowan, vanished.

Was she some country bumpkin who had not yet seen the world?

As members of the rich and elite families, they would never go back on their words for a mere two million Yuan.

Huo Shen stood stiffly at the side, his eyes narrowed.

Just then, An Xiaowan suddenly stood up and, bearing the pain in her ankle, slowly hobbled over to An Xue.

“Wan, you also better go back and rest now. Don’t catch a cold,” said Du Yanlan pretentiously.

An Xiaowan raised her eyebrows, appearing as if she was shocked. “What are you saying, Madam Du? Wasn’t Ms. An going to perform her diving skills for us?”

“What do you mean by that?” Du Yunlan’s face blackened. “I already promised the two million Yuan as compensation.”

An Xiaowan twirled the ends of her hair and gave a sultry laugh. “You must be mistaken, Madam Du. The two million Yuan has nothing to do with An Xue getting into the water.”

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