Scandal Supermodel

Chapter 29

Fit To Be A Mistress

An Xiaowan bit her rosy lips and chuckled lightly while shaking her head. “Why would I be interested in other men when I have Young Master Huo?”

“Is that so?”

As he looked into her dreamy eyes, Huo Shen pursed his lips coldly.

She only said those words to appease him. Naturally, he did not believe her.

Huo Shen knew better than anyone that An Xiaowan was not a forthright person at heart. She was the sort of woman that every man desired to possess, the moment they lay eyes on her. Being a mistress was most befitting of her.

He turned her over, his eyes looking deeply at the scar on her waist.

And then, his monstrous rage transformed into ravenous domination of her body.

There was no mercy in his actions.


At night, the villa was cold and desolate.

An Xiaowan woke up and stared at the icy cold bed frame. She calmly covered her body with a sleeping robe and sat up.

She was alone in the room.

She was like a pet who he remembered when he had nothing to do. When he was done playing with her, he didn’t bother staying longer and straight away left.

An Xiaowan had already expected to be treated as such. Yet, at this moment, for some reason unknown even to her, she felt a little moody and dull.

For revenge and money, she knew what she was doing.

If you want to seize the crown, then you must bear and endure the weight of it.

An Xiaowan closed her eyes for a while, then she bent over to rummage through the bedside cabinet drawer for her contraceptive pills, and picked up the glass of cold water.

She swallowed the pill with a gulp.

Sitting quietly in the cold, dark, and empty room, she could feel the water coursing down her throat and into her body.

A few days later, it was Xia Duo’s birthday celebration.

An Xiaowan carefully prepared a birthday present for Xia Duo. She also informed Huo Shen of her plans for the evening in advance.

In the evening, an evening gown was delivered to her doorstep. The chauffeur and car were also waiting outside the door.

Xia Duo’s birthday celebration was very grand.

The venue for the event was Liu Guang Hotel.

The party was lively, filled with clinking sounds of glasses and rattling chips at the game tables. The ladies were like portraits of glamour in their lovely gowns.

Holding her present, it did not take An Xiaowan long before she spotted Xia Duo by the poolside.

It had been a long time since they last met. Xia Duo was prettier than ever.

She wore a beautiful pastel cocktail gown with a fishtail that swayed lightly on the ground. Her long hair was elegantly tugged up into a bun, accentuating her face and the gorgeous makeup. She was simply stunning.

Unlike the promiscuous and passionate An Xiaowan, Xia Duo was a delicate and pure girl.

Back when they were in school, they were best friends and were always together wherever they went. Hence, everyone called them Red Rose and White Rose.

“Duo Duo.” An Xiaowan approached her and gave her the gift.

When Xia Duo saw her, her face immediately flushed with excitement. She couldn’t help but take a step forward and wrap An Xiaowan in a big hug. “I haven’t seen you for so long, Xiaowan! How have you been?”

“Not too bad.” An Xiaowan smiled. “How about you? How’s life as a millionaire’s wife?”

Xia Duo’s eyes suddenly filled with a look of uneasiness. Her head dropped with an expression of loss.

Her clear and white complexion looked overcast with dismay. After a few seconds, she slowly uttered, “He… gets too overbearing. I barely have any freedom.”

An Xiaowan was stunned. “Duo, tell me, what happened?”

“He wouldn’t tolerate any noncompliance. If I make him angry, he would lock me up in…” Xia Duo was interrupted by the sudden appearance of an assistant.

“Young Madam.” The assistant greeted Xia Duo.

Xia Duo shuddered. She said to An Xiaowan with widened eyes, “I have to go.”

An Xiaowan kept staring at Xia Duo’s retreating figure for some time. After a few seconds, she finally regained her senses.

She frowned, and her fist clenched tightly, a sense of dread brooding in her chest.

“To think that Xia Duo…”

“An Xiaowan?” A voice suddenly interrupted her thoughts.

She narrowed her eyes and turned around.

This voice was too familiar to her! Filled with overflowing gentleness, it had to be none other than Du Yunlan!

Du Yunlan was wearing a dark purple gown. Standing beside her was the tall and beautiful, An Xue.

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