Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter c-2 Misc/Notes

Inheritances- Renamed- To not confuse with Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian /Legacies;

Inheritances; 6 Major Classes,

Every class, there is one major inheritance that is given by the Deity of the said Class those are all unique inheritance and are given to only one person throughout the game.

Normally the players with inheritance should be powerful beings, not only could they "transform" into their class's main Deity, they can also gain impressive amounts of defense, Hp, Increased damage output and some even gain a massive size. Like the god of war inheritance owner, he can grow massively in size. Even a stomp of his feet can crush another person.

Yet this inheritance would have been a game breaker if not for their limit. The user can only stay in their "transformed" state for 2 hours after activating their inheritance, after that, the inheritance activation goes on a 72 hours cooldown

Shadow Dancer/Shadow Assassin; Mercy (It's Just Business)

- Thieves/assassins/rogues

God of War; Zhang Shi (Blood Rage)

- Bruisers/Berserks/Tanks

- giant glaive. It also had five seals on it. and the player that owned the item needed to defeat several strong bosses to fully unlock its potential. The last seal is the hardest, yet unlocking it unlocked the best skill in the game. Transformation.

Tree of Life; Druid (Heaven's Dawn)

- Summoners /Druids/Warlocks (summon demons, more destructive)

Dawn of Light; Wan Yi (Heaven's Dawn)

- Priest/Healer

Divine Bow; Hunter Guy (inheritance is the bow instead of class), + Dragon Pet

- Hunter (can tame beasts)/Archer

World Bender; (should be Tess, but you seem to have renamed it into

- magic type inheritance that reduces mana costs, cooldowns and empowers all the class's skills by a huge amount. Not only that it changes the graphics of normal skills and their power

Monster Tiers;

Monster Tiers; Ch. 06

Normal 1-100 :

Savage 100-200:

Fierce 200-300:

Desolate 300-400:

Epic 400-500:

Mythic 500-600:

Ethereal 600-700:

Holy/Unholy 700-800:

Demonic/angelic 800-900:

Divine/Devilish 900-999:

God 1000: Endgame boss

If a target is 30 levels higher than a character then the character deals 10% reduced damage to the enemy and receives 10% additional damage.

☠ = 20+ level above

☠☠ = 40+ level above

☠☠☠= 80+ level above

☠☠☠☠= 160+ level above

☠☠☠☠☠= 320+level above

Ch. 66

Xuanwu Rune (Medium Tier)

High-Grade dungeon core

Demonic-Rune (High-Grade)

Demonic Eye (Legendary crafting material)

Broken Undead-King's Helmet (Special Quest Item)

- If you ever reach the Death-Knight's level, you should find Andre the blacksmith and ask him about this, Hidden-Quest (073)

Reforged Anew!

Find the Undead blacksmith Andre and ask him about the origin of the broken helmet.

- à New Questline available!

Game-Story Questline!

Rank (SSS)

Search for the Armor of the Undead King

- à Main Questline (Difficulty: SSS)

Andre the smith has offered to fix the armor of the Undead King if you to find rest of the pieces in the set and bring the following materials for the repair work:

Bones of a King (must be killed by you)

5 x Unicorn's Horn

100 x Adamantine filaments

Ramsha's Blood (10 liters)

100 x Silver Hydra's Scales

1 x Black Dragon's Heart

New Hidden Quest: Sacrilegious

Kill three (3) Holy Church Cardinals to obtain the title: 'Blasphemer'

Blasphemer title effects:

Holy attacks do 20% less Damage to the user when the title is equipped.

User does 20% more Damage to Holy Church affiliated entities when the title is equipped. (234)

Ash-King's Pendant (Quest Item)

Sworn Stalwarter's Core

Sworn Stalwarter's Gauntlets (Weapon- Bound) (Legendary)

- Category: Gauntlets

Sworn Stalwarter's Gauntlets

A weapon made from the hands of the vicious Sworn Stalwarter

Basic Damage 2,000-3,000

Blood Rune [Life Steal] Siphons 50% damage dealt as HP

[Venom Attacks] have a chance to poison enemy

[Electro Shock]


Requirements 300 STR. 300 AGI 300 INT

Level (1)

Bound to (Death Stroke)

Attributes/Skills Weapon Level (1)

When Worn, increases the Area of the skill Infernal Aura by 5x5Meter radius and damage by 0.5%

[Ramp UP] Increases the Damage of Stalwarter's Gantlets after each successful hit by 2% capped at 5 times

[Burning Fist] If Ramp UP is activated, imbues a the weapon with fire damage increasing basic weapon's damage by 20%

[Flame Tornado]

[Rising Dragon] The next melee attack after activating the skill is a rising uppercut that sends enemies into the air.

Deals 200% base Damage in fire element.

Rising Dragon has a 30% chance to immediately cause Overheating.

New Skill unlocked:

[Dragon Kick] a flying-jump kick knocking back enemies and doing 100% of the base damage. A successful attack conjures a fiery phantasmal dragon that does an additional 100% base damage in Fire Damage.

New Skill Unlocked:

[Advancing Dragon] Explode with the might of a dragon, targeting multiple enemies at once with a series of rapid attacks. The attacks cannot be nullified with evasion or escape Skills. Each attack does 100% of the Sworn Stalwart gauntlets base damage.

5 Minuts cooldown


[Fist-Fighting Style] you can now train your fist-fighting. Every additional level increases fist-weapon damage by 5% (passive).


[Dragon Awakens] instantly resets your Sworn Stalwart skills. The user enters a fugue state in which all learned fist skills are merged and then used in one fist-fighting combo attack. [Awakened Dragon] has a two hour cooldown period. The skills used during an [Awakened Dragon] attack will individually have an extended, 200% cooldown period.

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