Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter c-1 The Undead Legion

The Undead Legion;

The Undead King was the commander in chief. There were seven Divisions in the army military organization table. There were seven generals, the Abyssal Knights, beneath the King. Each one commanded a Division of more than 100,000,000 Warriors.

- Eleanor of Arotsa, Daughter

Each division, depending on revives and losses, had roughly 100 Doom knights, 10,000 Death Knights. 1,000,000 Skeleton captains and around 100,000,000 elite and normal skeletons.

8 Generals

Dagla, Arch-lich (Abyssal Knight)

- commands the magic division

Lich Du'Razha (Doom Knight) Level 520 (freed from a Dungeon from the Ice Queen)

- One of the most powerful of solitary units under the Arch-lich (Gehna) lord over the magus ranks of the Undead Legion.

Gehna, Berserker Demi-god (Abyssal Knight)

- Leader of the Vanguard Division of the Legion)

Drahma the Unfettered (Doom Knight) Level 550(freed from Temple of the Black Skull Order Dungeon) , Weapon Paste-Maker (140)

- Drahma was one of the most powerful individual units in the Undead King's Legion. He was under the direct command of Dalga the [Abyssal Knight].

After the Undead King disappeared, Drahma was captured by the Black Skull's, a fallen order. He suffered for many years, tormented and experimented on.Ultimately, he succumbed to his beast-nature went mad when his heart was removed. The Undead King's Blessing kept him alive but in constant torment. The rage that built over the years madness and unchecked rage granted him a Power:

- Zola, Mermaid Demon LVL 400, Former Lover

- Vreek, the one responsible for the Genocide of the Giant Race / Black Skull Order

Exiled Deadra (Abyssal Knight)

- Former leader of the Rogue Division, now led by the king and his favorites (189)

Samael, The Voracious (Abyssal Knight)

- A being representing the top evolution of a ghoul, voracious and forever hungry, a creature of madness and greed. However, Samael overcame the mindlessness of such horrid behaviors and overcame his nature, a pure ghoul of the highest ranks.

Dikenz (Undead Trader)

Gate Guardian Ramsha, Warden of the entrance to the Underworld, trades many goods

Delvina, the Warden (Death Knight) Level 400

- Death-Knight Delvina is famed for her 'ways' in dealing with the infidel.

Head over the punishment forces of the Undead-Legion. Delvina is known to be one of the most ruthless enforces of the legion. Any unfortunate soul that becomes her prisoner will suffer unending torment.

Orn The Knight Slayer (Doom Knight) Level 550

- Orn, a famous butcher of the Undead Legion, had made his name known for having slain a thousand Knight in battle alone.

Gale the Borken Blade (Doom Knight) Level 550

- Gale was a powerful warrior when he was alive, and became even more ferocious when he turned to an undead. He is famed for wielding a broken great sword that never left his side.

Dementi (Abyssal Knight)

Matalan of Ash, (Death Knight)

Dortha the Beast (Abyssal Knight)

- Able to shapeshift, but at the cost of his sanity

- Deadra had been the only one allowing him to not go completely berserk

Gafgar, Undead Sailor

Undead Ranks;

Ranks/ Commands Contribution

Normal Skeleton soldier (Draugr) Lowest unit. 0

Elite Skeleton 10 normal units (10) 100

Undead Captain 10 Elite skeletons. (100) 1000

Death Knight 10 Undead Captains (1,000) 10 000

Doom Knight 100 Death Knights (1,000,000) 100 000

Abyssal Knight 100 Doom Knights (100,000,000) 1 000 000

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