Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter c-3 Mr. Skeletal Stat Page/Skills/Char

Mr. Skeletal Stat Page;

Level 400 (Ch. 316)

Name Death Stroke

Race Human (Undead)

; formerly Death Apostle (Unique)

- A class worthy of the one that follows the teachings of death

Increased damage by 10% while wielding a sword

All defense Value increased by 10%

Can Defy death once. If the player dies, they can resurrect themselves with half their Hp/mana.

If the player dies within two hours after their resurrection. They will lose 1 level. Even if their death was to a monster.

(Cooldown 72 hours)

Battle Lich (276) SS Legacy

- A lich is a caster class that employs undead to fight for it as it uses spells to decimate their enemies. But A Battle Lich takes that concept and turns it upside down. Getting close and personal is the best approach of this class as it can handle itself in melee or ranged fights.

- All of your skills have a [Dark] attribute to them. You cause 50% more damage to [Holy] affiliated monsters or NPC and receive 50% additional damage from the holy attribute or category.

- [Magic over Sword] (Passive) All of your magic skills have +20% increase in damage and potency.

- [Battle Lich] is part caster class. You can now use 12 skills from skill books instead of the limited 10 for melee classes.


Stamina ∞

MANA 71,000

Health 1,542,000

STR 1,020

INT 1,050

WIS 800

DEX 600

AGI 510

Physical Def 27,001

Magic DEF 51,001

HP Regen 1%

Mana regen 1%

Stamina regen ∞

Prestige/Honor 1,800

Milestone Stats;

1000 STR; Passive skill [Herculean Strength] has been unlocked.

Your physical damaging attacks deal +20% increased Damage.

1000 INT; [Overdrive] has been unlocked.

An active ability that enables the user to use all of his mana-skills without mana cost for 30 seconds

1000 DEX; Passive skill [Inhuman Reactions] has been unlocked. (or is it 3000 Dex?)

No description given; Increases move/attack speed??? (Personal Assumption)


Grand Strategist! à War Maestro (273) / Artisan of War (325)

- 100 Intelligence

The troops under your command have an unfaltering belief in your decision and will face death fearlessly in your name.

The troops under your command have a 20% reduction in stamina consumption.

The troops under your command have +20% increased damage from all attacks and abilities.

The Undead troops under your command have a 3.5% chance to revive instantly after death.

Battlecry! (325)

All your underlings have received a boon of 20% damage

Your underlings have a chance of (3%) to resurrect upon death immediately!

The blind faith of your underlings gives them courage!

Attacks have 5% to ignore the target's defensive values!

The troops under your command have +20% increased damage from all attacks and abilities

Shield Boarder (Unique)

- Your shield can now be used for something other than blocking.

You have increased stability when using a shield to slide over slippery terrain.

Congratulations on finding something a shield can do other than [Blocking]

Pride of the Undead

- Prestige +1000

Wild Rider:

- Increases the chances of subduing a wild animal to use as a temporary mount.

Dead men tell MY tale!

- When equipped. +20% naval ship speed. +20% Naval Weapon Damage.

Your Ring of True Undeath has synergised with your title.

Any ship you ride on will change appearance to that of a Ghost Ship

Ghost Ships can dive underwater and cannot be drowned.

I know it all! (removed 266) +5% towards all basic stats!

Every 5 levels a player would gain 10 attribute points.

Even a player with Level 1000 would only have a total amount of 2000 attribute points

Each level would give its owner 100Hp.

Stamina had also the same effect. It would increase by 100 for every level up.


Rarity; common, rare, unique, epic, desolate, mythic, and legendary (inheritance)

Weapon; Death Knight's Greatsword (200, Epic)

Shield; Death Knight's Tower Shield/Death Knight's Kite Shield (200, Epic)

Chest Plate: Fallen Black Knight order's Chestplate (60, Rare)

Greaves; Greaves of the order of the fallen Black Knights (60, Rare)


Necklace; Necklaces of the Untold Fate (277)

Bound to: Kis'Shtiengbrah/Death Stroke

Tier : Celestial

Attributes: +200 INT + 200WIS

[Changed Fate] using this skill has 50% of activating either effect: Doubler or Juggler.

Doubler: one attribute of your choice will be doubled for 30 seconds.

[Juggler] all attribute points you have will be imbibed into one attribute of your choice (Exception Stamina/Mana and HP)

Lesser Demon'Eye (Rare) +50 STR/AGI/WIS +250 Mana (formerly)

Ring; Signet of Fleshomancy (247) +100 all Attributes (Champion of Undeath restricted)

- [Imperfect Reflection]: Creates a clone with the same HP and defensive values of the ring wearer. The clone doesn't attack or defend but will absorb all damage done to the wearer until its HP pool is depleted. The clone lasts for 10 seconds and all damage it absorbs is doubled.

Cooldown: One (1) hour

[Perfect Reflection]: Swaps location with the flesh clone.

Cooldown 1 Hour

Earring; Earrings of The Unbridled Zealot (Legendary); Attributes +200 Vitality +100 All Stats +1000 Mana, Skill Zealot (Dmg converted to stat increase)

Chaos Runes, Set (Dungeon where he got right to Conquest) 300% dmg, 1% max HP loss every second ; Azure Water Rune, offsets Chaos Runes; 50% dmg increase, no disadvantages

He bought a full set of Doom Knight armor, even though the minimum required level for the set was level 400 (189)

Great General Ouki's War Glaive.

Category: Weapon

Type: Glaive

Requirements to handle: Undead race, or level 450, or Death Knight class.

Mandatory requirement to use the weapon: 750 STR

Damage: 2,000-3,000

Damage modifier : 10% STR

Attribute bonuses:+10,000 HP


[Warmonger] The Great General Ouki's War Glaive passively generates [Courage] while the wielder is mounted.

[Courage] Reduces the chances of falling to deliberating status effects for all the units under the user of the glaive's command by 20%

[Heaven Slasher] Your next basic attack deals 100% damage in Flat Damage, ignoring all of the target's defensive values. (Does not apply to immunity generating skills)

[Never Dull] (Passive) Ouki's glaive ignores 20% of target's Physical defense.


Skill ranks; amateur, beginner, expert, master, grandmaster (rank up after 10 lvls)

Destructive Smash (Common) Amateur 3

Damage / Effects 55% Weapon damage

Stuns target for 2 second

Cost 45 stamina 10 Rage points

Cool down 55 Seconds

Twin strike! (Rare) ; Level 1—> 2 (289) CD; 5 mins à 4 ½ mins

- Mimics the damage of the last ability used before activating the skill.

Deals 75% of weapon's damage. And ignores the defense value of the enemy.

Cannot mimic additional effects of an ability.

Cooldown 30 seconds

Stampede! (Rare)

- Charges forward in a straight line.

Cause stun effect for 2 seconds once successful, and cannot be interrupted.

If the user hits the wall, they will be stunned for the same duration.

Needs a target to be used.

Can only be cast at minimum of 10 meters distance and has a 30 meters range

Damage 300% total damage value of the user.

Death Grip (Unique) (Level Max)

- Can paralyze targets for 5 seconds. Has a 50% chance of success on targets with a similar level of the caster. The higher the level the lower the chances. The lower level the target the higher the chance. 50 levels lower level targets will have 100% chances of being paralyzed.

The chances are capped at 20% minimum.

Half effect on boss class monsters.

3-minute cooldown

Rising strike (Unique) (Level MAX)

- Slash vertically with your weapon and move three meters backward.

The attack animation grants the caster an invincibility frame.

Cooldown 2 minutes

Counter (Unique) (Level MAX)

- Must be used after a successful {Block}

Will send back 20% of the damage that was supposed to land on the player as true damage.

True damage will not suffer any amount of damage reduction and cannot be blocked nor will invincibility effects block it.

10 minutes cooldown

Sneak(Level Max) (Free Skill)

- Muffles the sound of your footsteps by 50%

Cost 10 stamina/sec

Fall Reduction (Level Max) (Free Skill)

- Your character will passively roll whenever you do a drop jump of more than 10 meters, reducing the damage taken by the fall-damage by 50%

Spectral Bomb (Unique) (Spell Book) Amateur Level 5 / Spectral Skull

- Creates 4 spectral skulls that would follow a target and blow up in a 3X3 meter radius (can cause stagger/kickback effects)

The explosion can be delayed and activated at will.

Damage 200 basic damage + 0.75X(Wisdom)

Cost 200 Mana

Cooldown 30 seconds

Demon's Call/ Demon's Maw (149) (Unique)

Deals 5% of a target's maximum-HP in Flat damage value.

Has 10% chance to work on Boss-class Creatures/NPC

Cooldown 24 hours

Death Apostle Class Skills; à Battle Lich Skills

1. [Bulwark] (Level 20) [Death's Blessing]

- Passively Reduces All incoming Magic Damage by 10% Activating the skill grants 100% Magic Immunity for 2 seconds. 5 Minute Cooldown.

2. [Charge] (Level 30) [Immortal Apparition]

- Instantly teleports oneself to the target's Location, and bursting with deathly magic, pushing the enemies away from the target and inducing a Fear effect on enemies for 2 seconds.

2-minute Cooldown

3. [Heroic leap] (Level 40) [Death's Descent]

- Jump to a target's location, Ignoring all incoming Crowd Control effect and dealing 200%Weapon Damage on successful hits. 5-minute cooldown.

4. [Jeopardy] (Level 50) à [Dark Harvest] (Passive)

Gain +5% damage increase for every target you kill. Can stack up to 5 times and last for 60 seconds or until another target has been slain resetting the timer.

After the fifth stack, the caster gains the ability [Soul Discharge], where he can detonate the souls he harvested in an area around him dealing 200% weapon damage. [Soul Discharge] cooldown 3 minutes.

5. [Ground Breaker] (Level 60) [Death Surge] à [Blot the Sun], Upgraded

- summons the darkness of the underworld in a said area. Slowing all enemies by 66% for 5 seconds around the caster and rendering all [Holy] attributed skills useless for the duration. If a target receives the [Fear] effect while they are inside the [Blot the Sun] area. They will take 300% of the caster's base weapon damage. Skill cooldown 3 minutes.

- Upgraded (316)

- Blot the Sun now lasts for 20 seconds.

- If a target dies under Blot the Sun, the duration of the skill will increase by 5 seconds.

- Dead Targets have a 5% chance of instantly resurrecting as undead belonging to the legion.

- (Resurrected undead from Blot the Sun will not be added to the caster's ranks.)


6. [Warrior's Will] (Level 70) [Undying Will]

- Removes all Crowd Control effect from the caster. And gains +5 % Immunity for the following 2 seconds.

2-minute cooldown

7. [Sword Lunge] (Level 80) à [Defile]

Curses a target area, slowing enemies down for by 33% for five (5) seconds. After the five seconds, a barbed root will emerge coiling around any target standing over the defiled area. Dealing 200% weapon damage and applying [Laceration] for an additional 100% weapon damage as bleed over 5 seconds. Skill cooldown 3 minutes.

8. [Bastion] (Level 90)

- Gain 100% immunity and Crowd control Immunity for 3 seconds, Unable to cast skills or move during the channel duration. 3 Minutes cooldown.

9. [Concussive Blow](Ultimate Skill) à [Raise Undead]

- Summons a dead person back to Undeath. Skill cooldown 1 minute.

- Summoned undead through [Raise Undead] are not considered part of the Undead Legion if they die, the caster will have to summon others to replenish his forces.

- Summoned undead need to be constantly supplied with the caster's mana to keep them in an active condition.

- [Named Undead] that you summon can be preserved and summoned continuously even if they fall.

- The skill [Raise Undead] is level 1. You can only summon 5 undead to serve you.

- Level 2 (289) maximum number 10 undead.

10. [Final Phantasm] (Legacy Skill) the radius of 100 meters around the player becomes a part of the Undeath God's domain. Summoning his presence to the field where he can aid you in your fight against your enemies. Cooldown 72 hours.

- You have gained a new skill {Phantasmal Edge} usable only when [Final Phantasm] is activated.

- [Phantasmal Edge] Summons the special forces of The Undeath God Nicholas to charge at the target dealing 50% of targets' current HP in true damage.

- Conditions of Use:

- Target Must not be more than 200 levels of the user.

- Target Must not be a member of the Undead Legion.

- Target Must have more than 65% of his max HP.

- Using [Phantasmal Edge] will end the skill [Final Phantasm].

Infernal Aura (Legendary)

- 100 Mana/second

Deals a damage of 0.5 % of user's own HP in a radius of 10X10meters (Ignores Magic absorption and Bonus Immunity from armors and items)

Immunity skills can still cancel the damage of the skill for their duration.

No cooldown

Ray of Flames (Legendary)

- Fires a continuous concentrated ray of fire in a straight line.

Damage: 20,000 Flat fire damage + 20% of base weapon damage.

Ray of Flames will melting terrain to magma that cools back to hardened stone after 10 seconds.

Magma does 5,000 HP flat fire damage per second.

Inflicts Burning Effect.

Cooldown 1 Hour

Call of Chaos (Legendary)

- Call upon the power of chaos to summon a meteorite crashing down in an area of 50X50 meters.

- Dealing 50 000 Flat AOE damage

- Cooldown 72 hours

- Damage increases with INT at a ratio of 10% for every 100 INT

- Must be outdoors in an open area to use.

Double Edged (Epic)

Learn the Skill to Whistle a summoning call for a Minhocao from deep underground. Duration: 1 second.

The Minhocao is hostile to the summoner and the summoner's allies and enemies. The summoned entity will attack from underneath the ground, engulfing an area with a radius of 20 meters in a single bite, then it will disappear.

Damage: 100,000 flat damage + 50% basic weapon damage to each object and individual within the affected area. Cooldown 20 minutes.

[Special Effect]: the Minghocao spews an acidic bile that melts flesh and metal, weakening armor and weapons durability and causing 5,000 points of flat damage over five (5) seconds.

Upgrade 252

Lore Addendum:

This particular Minhocao defeated and consumed a Chaos Centipede, a highly evolved creature from a different monarchical lineage of deep-earth dwellers. Consequently the Worm King has defied the limitations of gods and nature and evolved into an Emperor Worm.

Dragon Ball Mythic; Level up (289) +1 Additional Fire Ball

Channels an enormous ball of fire that incinerates all in its path and explodes dealing 10,000 Fire damage + (10* INT) the area around the explosion causes 5,000 as Fire Splash Damage in a 5-meter radius.

20Minute CD

Caster receives 80% reduced damage from all sources while channeling. The spell cannot be [Disturbed] or [Silenced]

Ch. 287;

[Synergy!] You have created a new skill. [Blade Tornado]

Spin around yourself using a: Glaive, Spear, Greatsword. Dealing 100% weapon damage decreasing by 10% for every successful attack.

Ultimate Skill Book: Demonic Ascension. (295)

Skill Book Tier: SSS

Cannot be leveled up!

{Player's Appearance will temporarily change}

Enters an Ascendant State where the user continuously absorbs 0.5% HP/ second of all targets around him for 60 seconds. If the user's HP is full, the surplus absorbed HP will transform into a temporary shield of the same absorbed HP value that will last for 60 seconds or until it has been destroyed.

[Demon Within] all fire-related abilities will have a [Demonic] attribute added to them while in Demonic Ascension.

[Demonic] attribute has a 20% chance to burn all of the player or monster mana and reduces mana regeneration by 100%.

Your Doom Knight Rank grants you access to an extra feature of the Undead Management panel.

Command and Conquer!

You can now communicate with your Death Knights over vast distances of the world.

[Deathly Presence] You passively release an aura that frightens monsters that are 50 levels lower than you. Terrorized monsters will flee the scene in your presence.

You have obtained the skill [Isolate] When facing single enemies, you will have a +5% increase in damage.

Legacy Item;

Ring of the Death God. à Ring of True Undeath (214)

{S class Inheritance item}

{Player Bound to Death Stroke}

Requirements Level 0

Cannot be removed!

Bonus stats Has the ability Changes appearance from human to undead.

[Death Siphon] You can heal a flat 5% value of your Hp everytime you kill an enemy.

{God tier skill}

[Can Leave the Undead world]

[Life Cleaver] After casting the skill, it summons two Scyths of Death above the head of the caster and his foe while teleporting them both to Limbo. Cannot work on Boss-Class Monsters and Any creature of Mythic class or above. 72 hours CD

[Sealed] (Requires Death Knight Rank) (LVL 200 minimum) fighting against level 300

[Sealed] (Requires Doom Knight Rank)

[Sealed] (Requires Abyssal Knight Rank)


Scaling accessory

Class. Divine.

{Consumes some of the player's XP to level up}

Currently Ring Level MAX

+ [EXP Bead

While wearing this item, all exp gained from; Quests, Monster Kills and other methods are doubled until player reaches level 500.

Not appliable to Crafting, Alchemy, Forgsmithing, and Ressource Gathering]

Ring of True Undeath

Class SS Legacy item

Ring of True Undeath

[Undead Geas]

[Life Siphon] à Drain; imbue your weapon with the [Drain] ability, absorbing 50% of the damage dealt as Mana and HP. Skill cooldown 30 seconds.

[Life Cleaver]




Ch. 243

Your body remembers: [Undeath]

You have remembered: [Never Hunger]

Passive Skill restored and amplified!

[Never Hunger]: Your stamina regeneration, HP Regeneration, and MP regeneration have been permanently increased by 200%

[Poison Immunity]: Poisons have no effect on you. (Acid damage is reduced by 50%).


You are closer to [Undeath]

You have recovered the Skill [Never Tire]

Passive Skill restored and amplified!

[Never Tire]: Your Stamina stat is infinite. [Slow], [Weakness], [Freeze] and [Curse] spells and Skills no longer have an effect on you!

Passive amplification effect: [Vigorous]

[Vigorous]: 10% of your base HP is restored every 5 minutes.

Ch. 247

Your Skill [Never Fear] has been restored.

Passive skill restored and amplified!

[Never Fear]: Fear inducing effects are ineffective against you. All crowd control skill durations on you are lowered by 25%

New passive obtained

[Horror]: Your fear inducing skills now cause a [Horror] effect on targets, doubling damage done to the targets under the effect. There is a 0.01% chance that the [Horror] effect will cause the target to be instantly [Executed].

Signet of Fleshomancy

Category: Ring

Attributes bonuses:

+100 INT

+100 STA

+100 VIT

+100 WIS

+100 DEX

+100 INT

+100 AGI

Requirements: (Champion of Undeath)


[Imperfect Reflection]: Creates a clone with the same HP and defensive values of the ring wearer. The clone doesn't attack or defend but will absorb all damage done to the wearer until its HP pool is depleted. The clone lasts for 10 seconds and all damage it absorbs is doubled.

Cooldown: One (1) hour

[Perfect Reflection]: Swaps location with the flesh clone.

Cooldown 1 Hour

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