Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 39 Frost Eating Snake

Yeti's Hide.(Crafting Material)

25 Silver coins

Yeti's Blood (Alchemy Material)

[Palace Key]

Most of the items fell in Dave's hand after the girl had frowned at the lack of any interesting items.

"This guy usually drops some ice shards, they are very good at buffing up weapons…too bad we didn't get anything" said Lone Arrow.

Dave didn't bother as he split the drops with the girl. Normally he can't issue a trade so he had to {Discard} half of the loot. He gave Lone arrow the hide and 12 silver coins and kept the Yet's blood for himself and the rest of the money. The Yeti's blood was essential inc reating restoration potions.

"Thank you!" said the girl as she was glad she received some of the loot, even if it was not of great value, they could still be sold in the auction house.

Dave nodded and pointed forward. So far he had lost only one Skeleton which was negligible, as he could handle the loss for the moment.

"Alright, let's go, the palace has two floors, we can probably fight against the second boss, if we manage to defeat it we can get more loot. However, I don't think that we would be able to defeat the last boss." Said the girl.

Dave then turned around with a frown, he then wrote on the snow that remained in the garden

"Didn't you say that this was a low-level dungeon?" Asked Dave. Indeed he was having some trouble understanding this. He clearly asked the girl for a low-level dungeon, and seeing that this dungeon has three bosses… how come that a dungeon with three bosses would be low level!

"Ah… well, I thought that you only needed to test out low-level bosses. I thought that defeating the Yeti would be sufficient…" she said with a sheepish smile.

Dave then felt a bit of a headache, his reason for going to a dungeon was to try and get the dungeon core form the boss. If the boss is too high level he won't get anything.

Dave could only sigh, he was already here so he might as well give it a try.

Then he moved forward. The Palace's gate was made from ice, and once he used the key, the door opened and the key disappeared from his inventory. His small platoon of undead moved first to try and look out for any potential danger, while Dave followed behind and Lone Arrow as the last to enter. After that, the gates of the palace closed in an eerie manner.

There was a long corridor with blue fire torches lighting the way. Dave moved with a bit of prudence. This was a strange territory for Dave and he needed to be cautious.

"There are no traps in this dungeon, we only have to be wary of the Ice specters that spawn inside the palace." Said Lone Arrow

Then a woman with a spectral appearance showed up before Dave, she looked rather, Ancient for the lack of a better word. She was holding a knife while she wore a gray dress, her face was distorted and her hair looked disheveled.

Spectral Servant


A long since dead Servant of the Ice Queen that had been revived from the dead as a banshee.

Level 65


300 Damage Nullification

800 Magic Absorption

Damage (800-900)


{Bnshee's Shout}

Daze's Targets in a 6X6 Area of effect while dealing 500 Magic Damage.

{Cut throath}

Slits the Target's throat affecting bleed, dealing 100 Flat Damage/second for 20 seconds.

Dave looked at the description of the monster and was amazed that it was of the Undead Race. However, her Name tag was red… this was the first time Dave saw a red tagged monster which was of the same race as his.

Perhaps specters and Undead were different, thought dave, however, it was not the time to think of that.

Dave used {Stampede} and followed with several attacks to take down the first monster with the help of the small platoon. There was no need for Dave to play it safe, at least for now. He already had exceeded the Maximum requirement of the dungeon's party limit. Which as only 6. He had an advantage over other groups while accompanied by his undead.

Once the banshee was killed, it dropped a small pearl.

Soul Corrupting Pearl

(Special item)

It seems that Only Dave was able to see the dropped item. As Lone Arrow was surprised at him trying to pick something invisible from the ground. Lone Arrow didn't speak anything of it as she understood that it was probably related to a quest of Dave's.

They kept on moving through the halls of the palace, and met several of the Banshees, the worst part was when they were surrounded by more than three of them. And they had to flee backward. They could have taken them, however, the [Bansshee's Shout] was an annoying ability as it forced Dave and his party to Be dazed constantly and that was not a favorable position to be in.

Dave managed to reach level 43, he was leveling up like Crazy in this dungeon, even his undead would Level Up boosting his Contribution points. Not only that, Dave would sometimes get a notification telling him that someone died in the dungeon he had corrupted recently. And more contribution point would come in.

Dave Began leeching the monsters to his group. There was no need to fight in a brawl situation, leeching monsters was simple,as Lone Arrow would attack a lone monster and it would be forced to come toward Dave's Death Trap. He would surround them from all sides and Rain hell from above with the casters and archers attacking while Dave made sure to remain as the vanguard.

Once the lower floor was cleared, they found themselves in front of a huge staircase. It was grand and had a giant chandelier above it. Dave climbed the stairs with his party of that when they saw a scene that they would never forget.

A giant coiling snake that was purely made of ice was looking at them with its red blue eyes.

The size of the snake was enough to make anyone's heart shudder with fright. The snake seemed to be waiting for them as it was lazily looking at the group.

"We have yet to enter its Aggro range," Said Lone Arrow.

Frost eating snake of the northern land.


This snake was a pet of the ancient ice Quee, too bad it is now under the control of the magus that is now trapped within the ice palace.

Level 99

20 000 Hp

Dmg 1500-1600

Magic absorption 800

Damage nullification 800

(Passive): [Frost Aura] increases stamina consumption by 1% for every second the fight is prologued.

[Petrifying Gaze] Can stun targets for 3 seconds if the skill is activated while a target is looking directly into the eyes of the Snake.

[Bone Breaking Hug] Coils around target dealing 200% damage. (Cannot be interrupted)

"This is the second Boss, and it is really tough to handle. The worst part is its frost aura, it slows targets and would make them feel "Clod" the colder you get the slower your attacks. It also makes you consume stamina like there is no tomorrow… we will need to be really careful" said Lone Arrow trying to explain the situation, Yet again, Dave didn't even wait until she finished As he used {Stampede} And charged at the gaping mouth of the Giant Snake.

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