Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 40 Frost Eating Snake's Fang.

The reason for Dave's charge was rather simple; The aura of the snake was really useless against Dave. He was a Skeleton, and skeletons have unlimited Stamina. So he charged forward into the fray.

The snake was stunned for a moment, after that, Dave followed up with a normal strike.



The damage dave was dealing was reduced a lot due to the high amount of defense the Snake had. However, that didn't discourage Dave in the least as he kept on attacking. Dave's group came and began showing the snake with attacks, but the damage they dealt couldn't go past the double digits. It was lamentable but still, it was damaged. The problem was that the snake was too high level, and thus, Dave suffered from the penalty of the level difference. Still, even if his undead were lower level than Dave, the system would recognize them as under his leadership, and therefore, it will give all of them the same penalty that the leader is suffering from even if their level was low.

Lone Arrow came and threw a potion towards the snake.

The moment the potion struck the snake, it hissed annoyed with the solution that slowly began to melt pieces of its skin.

Brittled Defense

-25% defense Value for 10 minutes

That was a defense breaking potion, it was rather expensive but indispensable in fighting against bosses. Dave,'s damage increased slightly so did his small group. The boss's Hp dropped to 90% where it howled and jumped forward trying to coil around the target with the highest Threat Level. Which of course, was Dave.

Dave, however, didn't hesitate in using [Vertical Slash] as his body was pushed three meters backward, fully dodging the snake which now coiled around itself.

It remained in that awkward position for a bit before Dave struck down with his sword.


It was not that much but accompanied with the attack from the skeletons the damage was slowly building up and the snake was now about 80% Health.

The boss howled another time as its eyes shone with a bright glow. It was going to use another of its skills [Petrifying Gaze].

Dave was a bit startled as he didn't calculate correctly the damage to his party, and now that another 10% of the boss's Hp is down, it was using another of its skills. Normally players would look down the moment the Boss's Hp dropped so that they would dodge the skill. Yet Dave found out that he was looking directly into the shining eyes of the Snake.


Dave was awestruck as he noticed that he resisted the skill, why did that happen? Then he looked at the log and found out about something he forgot about; His passive.

Never hunger, Never Tire, Never Fear!

Inherited resistance toward Fears, paralyzing effects and petrification.

Undead fear nothing, thus, even if a skill that should petrify a human from fear, it is useless against something that had already died. Those that died, have nothing to fear, and those that fear nothing, can only move forward!

Dave found it amazing as he now began valuing his class more and more.

Dave then wanted to give the snake a taste of its own medicine, although it has a low chance of success, it is a skill never the less and it has a chance.

[Death Grip!]

A giant black skull appeared above the snake and it began to laugh soundlessly. The moment Lone Arrow saw the snake her eyes shone brightly as her mouth slightly gaped.

Frost Eating snake Has been Paralyzed for

2.5 seconds

Due to the target being a boss the effects should be halved. And those seconds were precious to Dave as he attacked without rest. The moment the two seconds ended, Dave struck down with [Destructive Smash] and stunned the snake for another second.

The snake was receiving a lot of damage and now about 70% of its Hp was already shaved off.

The Snake then moved forward aiming once again at Dave then coiled around him. There was no way for Dave to escape the attack as his [Horisental Strike] was now on cooldown. The moment the snake began to coil around him, he felt as if his bones were breaking.


Dave received an enormous amount of damage, coupled with his already low Hp, he was steps away from dying. The situation turned grim almost instantly. It only took a single attack for it to become like this.

Dave was thrown, and the snake charged after Lone Arrow. It was clear that using the [Bone Breaking Hug] the snake would reset its target's threat level. And chase the second one. Otherwise once a tank is grabbed, the snake could finish it off immediately, and that would not be fair for players.

Lone Arrow began kiting the snake, but looking at her, Dave noticed that she was much slower than usual. It seems that the frost aura from the snake is reducing the speed of Lone Arrow. Prolonging the fight would only make the chances of winning slimmer. Dave's situation was not that great too. He was with about 20% HP left and didn't have any potions or any consumables to heal back up.

Dave would usually [Rest] To recover his Hp, but now that he is in this fight, he finally understood the need of a priest. However, considering that undead can't heal with 'holy spells' how would an undead heal back up?

Dave then remembered about the necromancer classes in the old MMORPG, as they, unlike priests would use curses and hexes to heal their summons. Would it be the case here as well?

Dave turned around and looked at one of his casters. He then willed it to attack Dave.

The caster didn't even hesitate in the slightest as he used a dark orb and threw it at Dave's face


'It works!' Dave thought, that that was surprising! Dave has yet to fully understand his class so he made sure to note this down and try and explore the potential of his class and race as much as he could after this.

Now Dave willed the two remaining casters to focus their attacks, or in this case 'heals' hon him as he charged forward.

Lone Arrow was currently the highest threat holder in the team, so the Snake would ignore any attacker and keep attacking her. She understood that Dave didn't let her OT, but it was rather the snake's skill that cleared the aggro of the one it holds. Therefore, she was not angry as many would once the Tank is no longer able to hold the aggro but she kept her mind focused and kited the snake toward Dave. She knew she was not in a position to keep the aggro on her for a long period of time, and therefore she would need the snake to switch back to Dave.

Dave nodded toward the effort of Lone Arrow as she kited the snake back to him and he struck at it with all its might.


The snake then glared at Lone Arrow who was unlike Dave, looking down avoiding the gaze of the snake. With that accomplished, the snake could only keep following Lone Arrow after its skill failed.


The Snake lunged forward. Dve had already climbed at almost the top of the threat list, but Lone Arrow was still the first when the Snake was at 50% Hp, Lone Arrow's movement became sluggish as the effect of Frost aura made her slower and slower the more time they fought, however, that was not the case for Dave and his skeletons.

The moment the snake lunged, Lone Arrow used [Blink] and managed to dodge the skill with ease. At that point in time, Dave used {Stampede} As it already was off cooldown and struck the snake from behind making it reel and hiss from pain.

The attacks continued and Dave claim back his position as the top in the threat value and the Snake was now fully focused on him.

Its fangs fell down on Dave as he immediately used [Block] Followed by [Counter] Dealing a lot of damage to the snake.

Dave didn't need to bother with looking away from the snake as it reached 40% and used [Petrifying Glare] he rather looked directly at the snake's eyes like a challenger as he smiled and attacked it without the wait.

Your weapon has proc'd


-500 Hp over 5 seconds

The bleed effect took over. Which added to the damage the party was dealing. Dave had already climbed back to max Health and now the casters who were healing Dave, turned back to attack the Snake which added more damage and made the snake lose more and more Hp.


The snake jumped toward Dave while he used [Horisental Slash] to dodge again. The fight continued on until the Snake had 10% Hp left. It was the last time it would use its bone breaking skill, Dave had no other option but to take the hit head-on.


Yet that was not enough to get him killed, as the team continued on with attacking, and the snake finally fell while giving a desperate screech to the heavens.

Level Up

Level Up

Level Up

Dave Level up three times while fighting the snake, which brought him to level 47.

"Wow! That was amazing! I guess we are the only ones below level 80 to have managed to kill this thing! Being with a group of undead is damned awesome!" cried out Lone Arrow as she looked rather excited.

Dave then smiled as he looked t the exited Lone Arrow. Somehow, her innocent attitude made him look favorably on her, as she approached the corps and pressed on it inspecting the loot.

Dave didn't worry that she would take anything under his eyes as she was already surrounded by a lot of undead.

"Oh, there is an item here," she said as she pointed toward a small Dagger that was on the ground.

It was a small ice Dagger that was between a lot of loot. Dave picked it up and inspected it.

Category: Dagger

Fang of the Frost eating Snake

Once a Fang of an old frost eating snake now it became a dagger to be wielded to harvest lives.

Damage 80-120

Requirements 50 Agility Level 30

Bonus stats: Increases the target's stamina consumption by 1% for every attack hit. Can stack up to 100 times (target needs to be attacked once every 10 seconds at least for the effect to remain)

Scaling/Class B: Agility - C: Dexterity.

Class. Rare weapon

"Wow, this is a rather useful dagger, it is a rare drop from this boss, and it could get a decent amount of gold at the auction house." Said Lone Arrow as she looked at the Dagger.

"I don't have any use for it, but if you want it…" said Lone Arrow yet Dave started writing on the ground.

"I don't have access to the auction house…" he wrote.

Lone Arrow then tilted her head a bit then said, "Then, how about I sell it and send you half the value?" she asked then added, "But for that… why not give me your number!"

Dave could only stare dumbly at her… indeed that was an option but should he really give her his number?

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