Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 38 Loot!

Dave used his undead to leech the elementals around. While he pointed to Lone Arrow to handle them. The Undead followed Dave's mental command by the letter, not bothering to attack the 'Live' enemy, but rather attack the neutral elementals.

They surrounded her and made sure to keep the elementals at bay while she attacked with her bow. Lone Arrow's attacks were rather vicious, she had a good amount of Dexterity and agility, giving her more chances to land attacks and increasing her attack speed.

Agility is a great Stat to increase, it could give archers a good amount of speed while increasing their movement speed. More agility would mean that the archer will have a better chance of kiting slow targets. As for dexterity, it would increase their firing speed. As of now, a warrior would need to focus on three stats. Vitality, to increase their Hp if they chose the Tank class. or, strength and dexterity if they want to go the DPS class. like the swordsman class which has a low amount of Hp, but the damage they deal is enormous. Unlike Tanks who would rely solely on the stats provided by their equipment and their damage output would naturally be low.

Dave had made plans on making his Character an exception, he always kept his bonus stats and would only use them whenever it was needed for him to wield various weapons.

Dave wanted to go the triple route. Dex/STR/VIT. Which is rather hard and an almost impossible route to take, at least this early in the game. Most players would try to focus on one or two routes at max. if they tried to combine more, their characters would become rather weak compared to a true warrior.

A triple Stat warrior would have a low amount of HP/STR/VIT compared to a true one elemental warrior that focuses on any single one of the stats. However, Dave had a good advantage over many other players in acquiring the various bonus stats at level 1.

Though he was not the only one, and several other players have done the same, most of them would stick to the one elemental road as it gave them an even huger advantage over others who did not get to do the level 1 training.

Dave was currently pulling a lot of elementals toward him. And his sole objective was to lower their HP below 10%. It only took one hit for him to do that, but the increased amount of targets made it a bit hard as he needed to go around to attack another monster.

Thankfully Dave had about 500 Magic resistance. And the damage he was dealt by the monsters was not that huge, especially when he teamed {Block} and {Rising Strike} to dodge several attacks from monsters.

However, this still left Dave with barely 50% Hp as the damage intake from 10 monsters was a lot.

"Alright! We took care of the ten on our side! Mr. Skeletal come over!" Shouted Lone Arrow as she made a beeline toward Dave.

Level Up

One of your Underlings had Level up

+15 Contribution points.

Another notification appeared before Dave as he noticed that his group of Undead was rising in level rather extravagantly. Dave also made it to level 39.

Dave nodded and got to where Lone Arrow was. And once he was inside the Undead made Death Trap, the undead were showered with spells and arrows from all sides while the three Ghouls positioned themselves in front of the incoming monsters.

The moment the eleventh elemental died, a howel was heard that reverberated in the garden. It was the Yeti who was now awakened once more than 50% of the Elemental population died.

However, before it could even reach Dave's party that was at the far end of the garden. More and more elementals fell to their attacks. By the time the Yeti was next to the group, every elemental was dead.

"We need to be careful now!" said Lone Arrow as the Yeti approached and chose Dave as his primary target of the assault.

Dave's Hp was back to 100% due to his level up and he had no problem in fighting the Yeti, however Sadly he was unable to use {Stampede} to initiate the fight as the Yeti was too close to Dave.

The Yeti raised both of his hands in a fist and tried to smack down on Dave. This was the Yeti's skill [Dessmiating Smash] Which was an AOE physical skill.

Dave tried to use [Vertical Slash] to dodge the attack but he found out that it was on cooldown!

So instinctively he raised his shield using [Block] then regretted the decision as he thought that the AOE skill would still land on him. However, surprisingly the attack was nullified! As both arms of the Yeti were sprung back as if they struck at a wall and it staggered back a bit.

Dave's brows knitted. This was the first time an attacker had staggered while being blocked by Dave's skill.

"Oh! Awesome you managed to stagger it!" said Lone Arrow.

Dave struck back with [Destructive Smash] and the Yeti was stunned for two seconds!

Dave didn't understand what happened, normally [Destructive Smash] would only Stun targets for one second, is it perhaps the Staggering animation that increased the duration of the stun?

But Dave didn't really bother trying to find out as he struck down with his sword.


Your weapon has proc'd


-500 Hp over 5 seconds

That was a nice surprise for Dave, a free 500 HP damage over time, this would lower the Yeti's regen for a moment.

"Here let me help!" Said Lone Arrow as she grabbed something from her inventory.

It was a small green vial, which she threw at the Yeti.


The target has been poisoned for 10 seconds.

Loses 50HP/second

That was a low tier Position bottle that would cost about 20 silver to buy, it was not something expensive but most players would not waste money at the Yeti, this could only mean that Lone Arrow had no regards towards wasting money if it was to win a fight.

This also was another nice surprise as Dave Noticed that once the Yeti was poisoned, His regeneration effect was nullified. This would mean that Dave had 10 seconds to attack the Yeti without it healing back up some of its Hp.

The Yeti Woke back up and howled as it began striking at its chest like an incensed gorilla.

Then it instantly leaped upwards. A second Later the Yeti came down crashing toward one of the archers that were on the back of the group. The Archer staggered backward as it was dealt 1000 Damage value. Thankfully it was a bit far from its other compatriots and they didn't receive the damage value.

However, The Yeti rose its arms upwards attacking once again with [Dessimating Smash] and the position he was in would enable it to attack in a cone and deal damage to another Skeleton Archer and [Lone Arrow] who was in the way. Dave was a bit too far to do anything, he thought about trying to block the attack but the distance was too great for Dave. So he had to bear with losing one of his underlings As it only had about 300 Hp remaining after being attacked with the jump from the Yeti.

Dave, however, would not let its sacrifice be in vain. As he used {Stampede} Which was now usable as the Yet was more than 3 meters away from Dave.

The moment the attack came down, the first skeleton archer was destroyed into bone dust while the explosive effect of the attack carried forward damaging the second archer for [800+200] damage value of its normal attack plus the AoE of the [Dessimating Smash]

However, the moment the Wave reached Lone Arrow, she already used her {Blink} ability to dodge the attack.

At that time the Yeti got closer to the second Skeleton which had barely any HP left and tried to attack. It would seem to Dave that once the Yeti uses his leaping attack it would reset the aggro value, otherwise, it should have attacked Dave first. However, before the Skeleton would Die, Dave was already crashing down on the side of the Yeti Sending it stumbling once again.

The best part was, that an animation of Dave using Stampede was copied and a shadow of Dave came after him almost immediately to strike the Yeti.



The Yeti took an enormous amount of damage!

This was due to Dave using {Stampede} Coupled with {Twin strike}

The damage Value of Stampede was really High, and the consequential attack would land at 75% of the initial attack value without bothering with Defense or damage absorption. This was the advantage of coupling {Twin Strike} with a powerful skill. Sadly it could only copy physical attacks, as for powerful magic that would be impossible for Dave.

The Yeti was once again stunned, and Dave smacked at it with his weapon not letting him the chance to stand back up as the Yeti had now barely about 30% of its Hp. This was all thanks to his party that kept on striking the Yeti whenever they could. Too bad the ghouls were too slow to close the gape that the Yeti made with its jump, but the archers and casters would not be bothered by range.

{Death Grip} was used, and a black skull appeared on top of the yeti, however it faded almost instantly afterward.


"Damn!" cried out Dave as the Yeti woke back up and attempted to use it's {Dessimating Smash}

Dave used {Block} this time, but the Yeti did not Stagger.

"Ah, it missed," said Lone Arrow feeling a bit unfortunate that the Yeti was not staggered then continued on attacking it.

Another time, The Yeti jumped back up, this time it aimed Directly at Lone Arrow.

"Ah I really wanted to try this!" she said with a smile as she wielded her weapon aiming at the descending Yeti

{Breaking Shot!} Lone Arrow wanted to take down the Yeti while it was in the air.

The moment the golden arrow was shot from her bow it became a powerful gust of wind that struck at the flying Yeti, Sadly, the effect didn't come to be, and it smashed on Lone Arrow dealing 1000 Damage Value.

Dave snorted in a laugh then ran forward. The yeti's aggro value had been reset and now it would attack the closest target which was obviously Lone Arrow.

However, Before the attack would come to be

Dave used [Block] and nullified the attack of the Yeti then struck back at it.

This was where the Yeti fell as the amount of Damage was too much for it to bear with as he fell down.

Level Up!

Dave managed to level up and then saw some shiny items

"Aw, Yiss!" Cried out Lone arrow "Loot!!"

Then jumped forward trying to see what they dropped

Dave could only sigh at the simplicity of this girl. With a smile on his face, he approached the corps and began asserting the drops…

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