Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 37 Ferocious Yeti

Chapter 37

Dave looked back and leered as he saw the astonished look on Lone Arrow's face. As a matter of fact, Dave just disassembled a group of three elementals without the use of any of his underlings. The speed, the execution, and the thinking process were beyond anything a low-level player could do. This was, of course, thanks to his numerous years in playing games when he was young, though he was still not fully accustomed to the gaming system of Conquest, but combos? He was a master in that regard.

Dave then pointed forward as if telling Lone Arrow to move forward.

Level Up

One of your Underlings had Level up

+15 Contribution points.

Dave was thankful that he managed to level up. It is a good book for him to be able to gain levels in his 'Adventures'.

"Ah! I didn't get any exp!" Said Lone Arrow as she pouted.

Dave could only shrug. Of course, she wouldn't she didn't assist in the fight, nor were they in a party or could they form one.

"Next fight, let me at least attack the mobs, I guess we would be able to share the Exp ok?" she asked, to which Dave only gave a nod then proceeded forward.

The long corridor extended forward where chilled winds would sometimes blow. The wind was a strange phenomenon to witness in a closed looking cave, but Dave didn't bother thinking about the logic behind the game. It was just a game after all.

There was another group of three elementals before Dave, again the same type. Ice elementals. Yet before Dave attacked.

{Binding Arrow}

Lone Arrow used the AoE skill to slow the three elementals and they were instantly leeched in. Dave used {Stampede} as he attacked the first elements destroying him into fragments. Then used the same strategy to kill the other two.

"Yes! Now I can get a decent amount of Exp!" said Lone Arrow as she noticed her EXP bar increasing slowly.

Dave noticed that even when Lone Arrow took some EXP his gauge didn't suffer any penalties and it increased by 3%. It seems that they don't split EXP and that was a good sign.

The group continued on until they reached a small circular room.

"This is where I got the inheritance fragment. Do you see that statue over there?" asked Lone Arrow as she pointed at an ice sculpture. It was of a beautiful maiden clad in armor and had a tiara of ice on her head. Her face had a cold look on it that was of a perfect contrast to the ice element that it was sculpted from. It wore dark ice made armor and had a bow on her back while both her hands were in a praying position. She seemed to be gazing upon an opening in the ceiling that would bath her in a ray of an artificial moon.

"My quest enabled me to gain the recognition of the ice queen. And Once I finish the Inheritance quests I will be able to wield her power. It is a B class inheritance, and it is quite powerful" said the girl with a proud look on her face.

If only she knew that Dave Had an S class item on him she would have felt a bit ashamed to speak so boastfully about her measly B class Inheritance item. But Dave didn't find it worth it to mention it as he could only smile and move forward.

There was an ice door before Dave, that was sealed shut. And next to it was an NPC who looked to be drowsy. It was a man that looked rather old and was wearing a long coat that protected him from the coldness of the ice cave.

Once Dave approached he didn't try to speak to the NPC. It had a red name tag. And was hostile. He didn't know the exact level of the NPC But something told him that if he approached he would be instantly killed.

"Why are you stopping?" Asked Lone Arrow as she was unable to understand the reason behind Dave's abrupt halt.

Dave then pointed at the NPC then shook his head.

Lone Arrow then understood that it was probably that he will be attacked. This is the dungeon guardian, we need him to open up the passageway to get us into the ice palace." Said Lone Arrow.

Dave then pointed at her then the NPC.

Lone Arrow got closer to the NPC who suddenly looked sobered up.

"Euh, another of you adventurers, you want to enter the ice palace?" asked The NPC.

"Yes, could you please open the door?" Asked Lone Arrow.

"Yes, but…" he said as his eye drifted toward the Undead platoon behind Her.

"Those things should not be here." Said the man as he drew a sword.

"They are…euh friends, they are helping me against the evil within this palace. With their help, we will have a better chance of defeating the usurper within the palace"

"I don't really think that the undead could coexist with the living. But if you say so, you may enter, However, if you do not do as you just said. And if you try anything funny within the palace zone, I will make sure to go after you all and destroy you. My queen left this place for young adventurers to seek her heritage. Until that god damned magician took over the palace. I could easily destroy him but she gave me instruction to only let the young generation have their way into the palace. Now heed my call, destroy the evil within the palace and I will let you leave" said the NPC as he looked at Dave "And if you try to be witty and claim the Palace as your own, I will be the one to destroy you all. After all, my queen only let the adventures to get in, not the like of you" said the NPC.

Then the door opened and the NPC went back to his "sleeping" statue.

Dave gave him a wary look and proceeded after Lone Arrow.

Once he went past the NPC, he heard a snort then the door closed behind Dave and his party.

Right in front of Dave was a huge palace with hundreds of statues erected everywhere, they were similar to the statue they saw before.

"This palace is a three-zone dungeon, it has three floors and the top floor has a level 120 Boss. We will not be able to defeat it for the moment, but I guess the lower level is achievable with your strength. The second level could be a bit difficult but we could always give it a try." Said Lone Arrow as she pointed forward

The huge palace had three floors as it seemed to Dave, the first one was the garden that was surrounded by a wall, and the door that Dave just entered was the entrance to the guardian.

In front of Dave was a giant fountain with various sculptures but the water in it was frozen solid. The grass, however, was amazingly green as if it was grown in the midst of autumn. There were several elements around the guardian that were swarming the place.

Right in the middle of the garden, there was a huge monster that was lazing about. It was a Yeti

Ferocious Yeti

Level 80

12 000HP

1200-1400 DMG

300 Damage absorption

500 magic absorption

Passive [Massive Regen] heals 100Hp/second

[Dessimating smash] Inflicts AoE damage in one before the Yeti. Deals 200 Damage/ target

[Heroic Leap]

Jumps Randomly at a target dealing 1000 Damage in a 3X3 zone

"This is the first boss, it is not that difficult to deal with with a proper priest, and the only skill that we need to watch out for is [Heroic Leap] if somehow it lands on the priest it will make this really hard, otherwise with constant DPS it will go down without a hitch." Said Lone Arrow.

Still, Dave was annoyed about his passive. It could Heal 100HP/sec while Dave could deal about 700 Damage. This will lower Dave's DPS to 600. Also with the 300 defense bonus, Dave's DPS will be about 300 HP. It would take about 40 seconds of constant attacks from Dave to take it down. However, with his other skills, it will be much longer. That is of course while counting the fact that it could also attack Dave.

"We need to clear the other monsters first. However, once the monster population reaches below 50% the Yeti will howl and group them all to attack as a team. There is a method to deal with that. There is 20 Ice elemental here, we will kill ten and the other remaining ten we will try to lower their Hp as much as we can, then we will blitz them before the Yet groups them up." Said Lone Arrow.

That was a nice strategy to use and Dave gave a nod of approval. Dave brandished his sword readying up for the fight.

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