Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 36 Ice Palace Dungeon

The girl moved forward a bit giddy, happiness was clearly apparent on her face, of course, who wouldn't? this was Mr.Skeletal who made a sensation at low-level players. She made sure to record everything that was going on.

Lone Arrow.

Hunter Level 31

Dave had inspected the information on the Elven girl and saw that her name was Lone arrow. It wouldn't do him much for the moment because he can't send any friend invites to 'players' due to him currently being an undead.

The girl didn't waste time as she began to pick up speed. Dave's undead was a bit slow but he himself didn't wait for them as he followed along but still he maintained his vigilance. There was no way that he would trust anyone even if it was a girl. His current mission has his future on the line, and the dungeon he is headed for is an important event that would help secure his future. Backed up by the lifeline support of his ability to 'End Mission" Whenever he could, he was a bit relaxed.

Dave's idea is to Conquer as many dungeons as he could, then accumulate as many contribution points in doing so. This would allow him to get better and better equipment in the undead world thus making him climb the ladder faster.

A journey of a thousand mile starts with a single step. And these were the first steps of Dave's journey as he was aiming for the top.

After about 15 minutes they arrived at a glacial cave. Dave waited before entry as his undead soon showed up. There was another dwarf near the entrance of the dungeon. It was once again the property of the Devastators.

"This is the Rims of ice Dungeon," said Lone Arrow as she pointed toward the cave. "There are several creatures swarming the place, they re all ice elementals, and the boss is a lesser Yeti. Here I managed to find the inheritance piece, it was surprisingly hidden in a secret entrance that needed an item to open it, which I have stumbled upon doing a hidden quest" said the girl explaining

"Those guys before were a part of my party, but the moment I showed them the inheritance piece they left the party and attacked me. I had a friend with me who helped me stop them for few moments, but he must have been killed by them. That is when I got the chance to escape. Sadly before I could log out, I was in the aggro range of a wandering pack of wolves. And it was then that we met."

Lone Arrow's story was convincing, at least it made sense, but Dave didn't feel relax. If there was a friend with this girl she could still have him with her in her party.

"I know what you are thinking, you know, there are several guilds that are searching for you. Even information about your location is awarded, However. That is of no concern to me." Said the girl in a bashful manner. She must have come from a wealthy family to not be interested in the 'generous' reward for providing information about Dave.

"Adventuring with Mr.Skeletal is much more worth it than some punny reward." She said while gleaming with a beautiful touch smile.

Dave could only smile back as the party of undead showed up nearby. Lone Arrow was first to go near the Dwarf and rummaged through her inventory trying to pay the entrance fee. However, Dave approached and held her hand. she was a bit surprised as she saw the boney hand that barely had any resemblance of skin on it touching her delicate jade like a hand.

It sent a shiver down her spine that even the cold in the region failed to do.

Dave shook his head and moved first. He got his face closer to the Dwarf and made a grunting sound.

The Dwarf's face went white and he immediately dropped unconscious, he didn't even flee like the other one but instantly went limp.

Dave then turned back and smiled then headed toward the dungeon without paying any fees.

"Pffft" laughed out Lone Arrow. As she saw what happened then followed Dave.

Normally when someone refuses to pay, or if they attack the Dwarf, a notification will pop on the sub-guild that is managing the dungeon. And they will send a party of strong players to investigate. However, Due to the Dwarf fainting on his own, no such message was sent. And they were able to enter for free.

You have entered the Rims of the Ice Dungeon!

Once inside the glacial cave, Dave could see enormous ice spirals hanging down from the roof. And in front of Dave was a huge corridor made of ice. So far there were no monsters near the entrance, Therefore, Dave moved forward while keeping two of His ghouls up front, if there was any trap or monster attack they will be the first to take the brunt of the damage.

"We will be entering the first floor of the dungeon, there is only low-level Ice elementals here, the only problem with these guys is that they have an annoying slow effect spells. Their damage is mostly magic" she said as she explained the monsters of the first floor.

Dave nodded and moved his platoon forward in an escort fashion where he and Lone Arrow were in the middle. Three ghouls were scouting the path forward, and casters and mages were on their side while the last remaining skeleton was in the rear.

Lone Arrow looked a bit giddy as she was turning all around, she was making sure to film every part of this dungeon exploration. She wanted to make sure that everyone would know that she had the chance to do a dungeon with Mr.Skeletal, Fame was more worth it for Lone Arrow than money.

The first group of monsters soon appeared.

They were three ice humanoid creaturs. They were about two meters tall, they had no facial features and their hands were like giant clubs.

Ice Elemental Level 25

800 Hp

300 Magic absorption

600-400 Magic Damage

{Freezing arrow} Slowly freezes the target every time the skill lands. Deals 150% of basic attack as Magic damage

There were three of these creatures in front of Dave. Their Low Hp was nothing to be amazed at, and thankfully their Defense was nil.

"These are relatively easy for a group of adventures. We can slowly wither them down," said Lone Arrow, but before she would finish explaining the technique of the fight.

Dave used {Stampede} on the first ice elemental. The moment Dave entered the creaturs' aggro they all turned toward him. However, once Dave struck the first elemental, it exploded in a rain of ice.


Naturally, {Stampede} Deals twice the normal attack of Dave's weapon, which already had a damage from 620-780. And this resulted in an instant kill. This, however, was not everything, Dave turned around and struck the second ice elemental using {Twin Strike} at the same time.



The second Monster instantly died! The third, however, had already had his hand raised up and ready to attack Dave. Dave, however, didn't wait for the attack to land. He instantly waved his hand

{Block} was used and right after that {Counter}


Before Right as the glow of {Counter} ended Dave had already struck down with his {Destructive Smash} Stunning the target and dealing more than half its Hp in Damage.

That one-second Stun enabled Dave to finish it off with a basic attack.

This all happened while Lone arrow was watching, In less than 3 seconds every single one of the monsters were taken down. While she was still trying to formulate a way to handle the three monsters due to them being only two- she already forgot about the ten other Subordinate of Dave- Mr.Skeletal had already taken care of them.

That damage! The speed of execution and instant reflex! That was the real deal!

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