Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 35 Undead partying with the living?

By that time Dave had willed the third Ghoul to come and replace another of his minions as he was low on health.

The first swordsman was barely holding on and seeing another Ghoul in the free made his heartache.

The swordsman that was fighting the elven girl was unable to approach her as she was easily kiting him around.

"Gha!" cried out the swordsman and used a skill

{Vertical Slash}

It was a long-range AOE skill of the swordsman class. it would send a wave of energy in an arc and hit enemies that were in front of it. it was a desperate attack that would reduce the Efl's health a bit but would not cause her any sort of danger.

The elven girl gritted her teeth and kept on attacking.

Dave was already behind the second swordsman. Due to the girl's kiting route, she was moving in circles and that made them close to Dave. However, what the elven girl didn't account for was that she was closer to dave than the swordsman.

Once the swordsman saw that he heaved a sigh of relief. He didn't attack the undead, and the girl before him was the first to enter his aggro range so he should attack her first.

However, something that he didn't expect happened right then.

The bearded Drauger didn't even move and waited until the girl went past him.

The elven girl was already aware of the undead behind her and was ready to use her blink and drink another cleansing potion to clear the aggro so that the bearded undead would switch aggro once she is close to him. However, that was not the case. Once the swordsman was closer the Drauger smiled and attacked him.

It was a stunning display! What happened? The system? What is going on? Is there a bug?

All those questioned went through the player's head as he found himself unable to think properly once the attack landed on him.

Immediately after that Dave used {Death Grip} and an eerie skull appeared before the second swordsman. His heart felt cold as if death's own hands were tightly gripping it. paralyzing him from ever moving a step.

Death Grip was successful

Target paralyzed for 5 seconds

His {Warrior's will} was already off cooldown, however, due to him being [Paralyzed] he couldn't activate it. A stun or daze, even slow or snare effects could easily be disabled by the {Warrior's Will} skill. But a paralyzing effect was not the case. It would block the player's whole body from moving or activating any skill. The worst part. That it lasted for 5 seconds!

Right after that Dave attacked while adding {Twine Strike} which dealt a ridiculous amount of damage.


[-795!] (Critical)

Even if the second tik of attack dealt only 75% basic weapon damage. It would totally ignore a target's Defense Value. And especially now as it landed in a critical hit.

Critical hits have 1% chance to proc and moreover, that was not it.

Your weapon has proc'd


-500 Hp over 5 seconds

You have slain an invader

+20 Contribution points

The second swordsman wailed one last time before he dropped to the floor and another item fell. It was his sword.

Then soon after the last remaining target fell.

One of your underlings had slain an invader

+10 contribution points.

Dave had managed to defeat all the players with the sole exception of the Elven girl.

Once that happened, every undead under Dave's command approached the scene.

They were willed not to attack, but to remain in an imposing manner .surrounding her but not letting her move.

Dave wanted to see how she would react in such a manner.

She held her bow and aimed directly at Dave, but the nocked arrow was never loosened.

They remained there for few seconds until Dave pointed with his finger toward a certain location.

It was where the first Priest died. There was a shining item there, it was a hood.

Then his hand moved toward his feet, where the sword of the second swordsman dropped.

And lastly it was pointed toward the place where the last swordsman died, that dropped a gauntlet.

Then he waited for the girl to move.

Her face was filled with an indescribable expression as she didn't understand at first. But once she saw the items, her face brightened up and she immediately picked them up. She was still warry from the undead, but no matter what, they didn't attack.

Once she picked all three items she turned toward the undead and said.

"I know you must be just an AI, but still. Thank you" she said. Yet before she could turn around.

Dave tried to speak

But nothing but grunts would be spoken.

"You want something?" she asked.

Dave nodded

"The items I dropped?" she said while a sad look appeared on her face. Indeed, it Was Dave's effort that gained her that equipment so she didn't think that she had all right in hogging them.

But Dave Shook his head. Those equips were not that good, mainly whatever he could get from the undead world's shop are much better than those of these adventures. What interested Dave was something else.

He then looked at the snow and san ingenious idea appeared. It was as if a small light bulb appeared on top of his head.

He began writing on the snow with his finger. It was really hard, but still, the words were visible to the girl.

"Do you know of any nearby low-level dungeon?"

That was what Dave asked. He was intrigued by the idea of conquering dungeons and receiving dungeon cores. Now if he could get another one, his contribution fallout would be doubled.

"Dungeons?" asked the girl and Dave nodded his head.

"There is one close by, it is relatively easy for a group of level 30 players, I just managed to get an inheritance piece from there, but we never defeated the boss. The others tried to steal it from me… do you want to go there?" asked the girl.

Dave then nodded in confirmation.

"This is way too strange… I am talking to an undead… if people know about this it will make a scoop!" she thought about this as she made sure to film the whole thing. Then an interesting idea flashed across her mind.

"Hey! Can I come too?!" she asked

Dave's brows furrowed as he thought 'She want's to party with me?"

Dave pulled his sword as he gazed menacinlgy at the girl.

"Wait wait! I promise I won't hindre you, heck if you think that i might be a liability you can have your undead kill me, I just want to do an adventure with the bearded draugr! please!" the elf begged.

Dave then was taken aback… come along? With a player? Would that be alright?

Then he weighed his options, what the girl said was true, if she comes and become a threath he can immediatly kill her and be over with .and even if she calls firends to gank him he can simply use End mission and be transported back to the undead world. He was not risking anything and really needed the dungeon core and with the help of this skilled archer, it could be worth it.

Dave then nodded but remained prudent.

"Alright! This is so cool!" She said in an excited manner. Dave could only sigh… she then said

"Alright, follow me. I know the way!"

"Ah, I can't invite you to a party… she said" Dave shrugged and was not bothered with that as he moved behind the Elven girl.

"By the way, my name is Zoe. What is your name?" Asked the girl. She was thinking that this Undead was probably a part of some sort of hidden quest. And if she follows him around she might have access to something unique.

Dave halted for a moment. He didn' wish to give her his character's name. and thankfully she cannot nor can he add her as a friend due to his current State as being an undead.

Then Dave wrote on the snow


The girl's reaction was somehow funny as she looked mouth agape at the writing.

"So you are that player!" she said finally understanding that Dave was a player and not a monster.

"Oh my god dude you are a living legend!" she said as she was trying to understand what sort of circumstances intertwined their fate.

Dave could only shrug as he pointed forward for the girl to keep moving…

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