Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 34 The Overpowered Draugr!

Dave had witnessed everything that was happening. This girl, like him, was suffering from the injustice of other players. Fortunately for Dave, The abyssal Knight Deadra was powerful enough to take down the two 'Bullies' and enabled Dave to obtain a piece of an inheritance quest.

As for this elven girl, she would suffer at the hands of the Pk players and she will mostly end up dead and would lose her inheritance piece. Dave didn't think about how did the girl obtain it.

Did she steal it or not, it was not of Dave's concern.

He had the thought of leaving the area but when the players kill the elf they will mostelikely turn on him. he didn't want to die yet, so he compromised.

Undeads have a primal hatred towards all that lives. Should he make an exception this time? Would it be worth it? wouldn't that be unreasonable?

However, all those thoughts vanished once the three players made their move.

Dave wanted to help and will only do so once, perhaps the famous Mr.Skeletal will not be looked down upon once others 'see' that he can sometimes help.

Two of the players were swordmasters, and the one on the backline was a priest.

The girl looked flabbergasted as she tried to run away but looking at her current position she was really in a tough spot.

Dave willed his undead to spread a bit and enclose on the whole group of four.

So far the four adventures had no idea what was happening, but they understood that the undead will fight them. If they started to go into an all-out brawl they will certainly end up being wiped. Afterall they were just level 30 at most.

Dave's group of undead closed the gap rather slowly, trying to figure out his next move. Then the girl moved a bit back, she made sure not to enter the aggro range of the creatures, but she failed to understand why did the Bearded undead didn't attack at once.

His AI was rather high. So she was unable to think of anything for the moment. If she was to enter the aggro range of one of them she will be the first to be attacked. And when that happens the other adventures would attack her at once stealing her inheritance piece and try somehow to fight against the remaining undead.

"Don't enter the aggro range of that undead. Force that bitch to walk towards them. Only then will she be unable to escape. That {Breaking Shot} Skill of hers is fucking annoying. Go one by one and don't group together." Said One of the swordsmen.

They were obviously aware of the aggro range of the monsters and wanted to push her into it

Dave, however, had a smirk on his face, which the elven girl clearly saw.

He pointed his hand towards her, and in a strange motion, he beckoned the girl to approach. Not in a taunting way, but rather… it was as if the undead was offering asylum. Why would an undead help her? What was going on?

She clearly was astonished. But then she noticed something strange. She clearly was standing inside the aggro range of one of the undead… it was just a step in, but he didn't attack. Why did that happen?

Due to the distance of the other three, they didn't gauge if she truly was inside the aggro range. But she could clearly see it. The undead refused to attack her. Something was amiss. But then she remembered that the bearded Drauger had clapped at her display before, though his nametag was red… was he friendly?

However, no matter if she would trust the undead or not. She had no way out of it. if she tries to fight the three others, she will definitely die. However, if she was attacked by the undead and was killed. She will not lose her inheritance piece as long as none of the other players attack her while she was taking damage from the undead.

"Get her! Go!" said one of the swordsmen as he used {Charge} To close the gap between them.

The girl's brows furrowed and she used her blinking ability a split second before the impact from the swordsman's {Charge} took effect. She managed to dodge the charge and the player was now inside the aggro range of the archer skeleton.

Dave was holding the aggro of his platoon from attacking the Elven lady, but once the swordsman noticed his footing.

Three arrows struck at him almost immediately.




"Fuck!" cried out the swordsman as he was now being locked on by the archer undead.

Dave's platoon was not too dispersed, as it only took a couple of steps for the casters to reach the position of the first swordsman who was suffering under the archers.

Another wave of attacks that took about a third of his Hp. The Swordsman's face drained of blood as he tried to retreat. But before long, a Ghoul was at his back forcing him from moving anywhere.

"Hey help me out here!" Asked the first swordsman

"Tsk tsk. You are getting your ass caught like that. Don't you have any shame? You will make this much harder, and I thought that you played the game before me yet you are still a noob," mocked the second Swordmaster as he tried to approach the other trying to help him out.

"Hey, Reiner. Heal us up" said the second swordsman as he used {Charge} Aiming at the elven girl.

Dave then immediately used {Stampede} the moment he saw the priest preparing to cast a healing spell. That was a deadly mistake. Most healing spells required a cast time, and Dave needed his targets to be immobile to use Stampede less that he misses.

The Eleven girl saw the fight breaking and seriously thought about escaping, but looking at the way the undead were fighting left her stunned.

The three players were positioned in such a way that they could not properly help each other. The bearded Draugr had somehow made his allies position themselves so that the assistance from players become minimal.

They were barely inside each other's range of attacks and skill usages while the undead had every one of them inside their aggro range. They were surrounded, but somehow the elven girl was never attacked by the undead. Only the second swordsman who used {Charge} at her.

{Breaking Shot} was used by the elven girl to instantly interrupt the {Charge} of the second swordsman. He was pushed back a bit and was forced to move to close the gap.

The Elven girl began to shower the second swordsman with arrows while using {Binding Arrow} to slow him down.

the swordsman used {Warrior's will} to clear the slow effect, but immediately after that, the girl used

{Concussive Shot} and immediately stunned the player. His usage of {Warrior's Will} was too hasty so he was now stunned for another couple of seconds

The girl was already level 35. Every ten levels a player could go back to their instructor to gain a new skill up to level 100. Then every skill anyone would gain would depend on their luck in the game.

Hunter class had two main skills that could be gained in the early levels. {Concussive Shot} was a level 30 skill that could stun a target. While {Binding Arrow} could be gained at level 10.

The Level 20 skill was called {Blink} and it could teleport a Hunter for 3 meters in a direction.

As for the girl's {Breaking Shot} which could push enemies in a cone after the first arrow lands on a target. It was a special skill that could only be dropped while adventuring. It was a rare skill, but several high-level hunters have it. it was indespensible in clearing the distance between a hunter and a melee class.


Dave's {Stampede} had already smacked the priest and sent him flying for a couple of meters. Due to the disparity between Dave and the priest's Strength. The knockback effect took effect.

At that time another ghoul charged at the first swordsman making his situation even worse.

"Hurry the fuck up and heal me!" cried out the swordsman whow as taking the damage from six ranged units and two ghouls.

The other two who were by the way another ghoul and a normal skeleton was just waiting for an opportunity to attack. They were spare troops that Dave kept in order to change any of his allies if their Hp dropped below a certain threshold.

The priest's Hp was halved in a single attack by Dave. But before he could even heal himself up. Dave used {Destructive Smash} Stunning the priest.


Destructive Smash had reached level

5 Amateur

That was a pleasant surprise But dave immediately discarded the notification as it was blocking his view.

Right after the {Destructive Smash}, Dave struck down with another normal blow. And ended the priest's life

You have killed an invader.

+20 Contribution points.

Another notification that was instantly discarded. But something strange happened, an item Dropped from the priest. But the moment Dave tried to pick it up.

You are under the Undead appearance

You cannot pick up player dropped items.

Dave then understood, that due to the player being an aggressor, the last one that attacked them had the right to loot them. Looking around, it seems that the girl who didn't have the aggressor tag was being chased by these players. And she must have retaliated. This item would naturally belong to her. Dave then sighed and moved to the second Swordsman who was locked in combat with the elven girl.

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