Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 33 The Elven Huntress

Dave went back home and took a look at the basket of vegetables. He then started making something for himself. Sadly with his injured hands, peeling potatoes was a hard task for him right now. The more he tried the harder it became, frustrated he threw the knife and the potato as if it was his worst enemy. Dave slouched down and silently began to cry. Indeed, it was insufferable, a young man of barely twenty years of age, whose future should be limitless was handicapped and is unable to do the simplest of chores.

After a moment Dave took in a deep breath and stood back up, he went looking for the potato he threw watched it and started once again, slowly he managed to finally peel it. it took a lot of time for him to finish, then threw everything in boiling water. He added some meat, a bit of seasoning and ended up with a strange broth, that he called food.

This was much better than the bland instant noodles he would eat every day, so at least he ate alone in his small apartment in total silence.

Now and then a single tear would fall, but he would instantly wipe it off. Something about this day made Dave more frustrated… his resolve was shaken, but he didn't know the reason behind it. he would look at the future he wanted to achieve, but it looked too distant and filled with adversities. It was hard for Dave, but still, the moment he finished his meal, he went online to see the forums.

There was nothing new, mostly it was just the same old talk about the new undead event, but it was going down a notch. Like every other news, it would become outdated after a while.

There was something that peaked Dave's interest, a word about the Pits of despair. It was a level 450 dungeon, something that many players found difficult, even the super guilds have taken a considerable time to break through the 5 bosses of the dungeon, only to be held at the bay of success by the sixth boss.

Dave saw some videos of players trying to defeat the few first bosses, barely managing to defeat them, the last boss would always smack them around.

The Devastators have the highest chance of achieving victory, mainly due to the other two super guilds being uninterested in competing for the dungeon right now. The northern and southern Region are engrossed in a fight against each other for the moment. Nothing too big actually. Just skirmishes around the borders of each territory. This was the chance that the Devastators took to get their hands on the Pits of despair's first clear achievement.

Dave went back to his bed and went to sleep, he played a lot and didn't feel like playing more. At least for now.

Once it was morning Dave had a shower and ate something for breakfast. Immediately after that, he logged back into the game.

While you were offline.

Players have died 28 times in the Skeletal soul eater's cavern.

+280 contribution points.

That was a nice surprise for Dave.

It seems that the dungeon is still able to get players killed. For now, the players that enter the dungeon must have been off guard and ended up being killed by the new variety of the undead that was swarming the place.

Another mission proved itself before Dave and he accepted after verifying the state of his small platoon.

Dave found himself in another region, this time it was a bit colder. This was the deep north.

Here in this region Dave and his small group were spawned in a cold and desolate area, it was white all around, with nowhere to hide or to blend with the surrounding.

Dave didn't see any players around, but there were several snow-wolves running around in the distance.

Dave noticed that the wolves were chasing something.

After a close inspection, it was indeed a player. A girl was kiting The huge pack of wolves with her bow.

Dave was too far to inspect her level but he didn't bother. She was running directly towards his location.

Dave positioned his undead to prepare to attack, but once he saw the girl's face he was a bit intreagued. She was beautiful, to say the least, purple locks with a green dress and a hard leather armor. The moment their eyes locked. The girl frowned, but then a smile immediately was plastered across her face. She instantly began to run toward Dave's group and ignored attacking the wolves. This way her speed increased.

The moment she was 30 meters before Dave's group, just outside the aggro range of Dave.

She stopped and waited for the wolves to catch up.

Once they caught up, she used a skill and blinked on the other side of the group of the wolves.

she used {Breaking shot}

The whole pack of wolves. Who were 6, by the way, were pushed three meters back. Immediately after that she brought a potion and drank it.

It was a potion that Dave knew about. Cleansing potion.

It removed the user's aggro.

The wolves had now been pushed into the skeletons aggro range, and the player that they were chasing had its aggro bar cleared. They then immediately turned around and looked at the group of undead and began charging towards them.

Dave felt astonished. She clearly was unable to ditch the group of wolves, even so, if she was to kite them, it would take her a lot of time to kill them off. But doing this she was able to force the wolves to fight against the undead and she could get herself out of the combat.

This was an excellent display of skill that Dave witnessed happening.

The elf-like girl sighed a breath of relief as she sat down and began eating some consumables. She was not worried about being attacked, why would she? These are just mobs and undead let them duke it out and she would finish the last one standing.

Dave couldn't help it but look at her direction. The girl felt a bit weirded out how come that certain bearded undead has a look like that?

He then brought his hands together and smirked while clapping


The moment he did that, the girl's reactions were funny, she immediately canceled on her recuperation and stood back up, she went way back behind the group and distanced herself.

She just remembered about the strange undead entity, the bearded undead that has excellent AI. It was part of an event that she heard a lot of people talk about, but never in her life did she believe that she would meet the bearded undead right now!

Without a moment's waste, Dave used the three ghouls to tank for the party of casters. The archers turned around and began raining hell from above.

It took a couple of minutes for the party of 6 wolves to be decimated once Dave joined the fray.

They were but level 25. So it was nothing hard, their defense was low, and their Hp was not that great. Besides their attacking power, they were not a threat alone, but a pack is a bit difficult for a single player to handle. Dave was never alone by the way and the group of wolves was eradicated.

The female Elf player stared in amazement. It was exactly as she heard, she even took a video of the fight and saved it. Dave's company turned to face the Elf. But right before she would turn around and run

"Here she is!" said a player as he was running across the plains.

The Elven lady's expressions turned Grim. The player that was chasing her had a red name tag on his head. He was an aggressor. He must have killed someone recently.

Two other players spawned behind her.

"Come, give us that inheritance piece!" said another player that just appeared.

The three players closed the gap on the elf and she found herself surrounded. Undead behind her and Pk players before her. Her situation looked rather grim.

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