Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 27 A grim situation!

Chapter 27

Once the party was reading up. Dave was first to initiate the combat as he used {Stampede}.

The moment he entered the aggro range of the Golden Panther, it awoke and growled at the in coming Dave.

However, it failed to dodge and was struck down with Stampede.


The damage amount was insane! Due to stampeded dealing twice the damage of the wielded weapon it was normal and the monster was stunned at the same time.

Dave struck down with his sword after that and instantly used Twin Strike as more damage was exerted.

The panther relied on his agility, so it lacked defensive abilities and defense in general.



The monster was taking a huge amount of damage before it could even do anything.

Dave didn't let up on his advantage as he used {Destructive Smash} prolonging the Stun effect by another second and at the same time letting his followers line up to start their attacks.


That was the damage from destructive smash alone. And the undead following Dave began their assault landing about hundreds of damage points per hit.

The Panther was finally able to awaken from the stun effect, but dave used a Death grip.


Dave could only sigh as it was yet again resisted, an ability that relied on luck was not something to rely on.

The Panther that had lost almost half its Hp struck with its paw. But Dave didn't wish to take the hit head-on. So he used {Block} and immediately followed with a {Counter}


Another decent amount of damage was dealt with the panther as it was destabilized.

Dave struck down once again with his sword dealing another good amount of damage.


The panther was incensed! It never managed to even touch Dave and it was already on the brink of death.

A panther like this would usually have several skills, but the skill rotation of Dave made it unable to use any of them. Until now.

All feline creatures in the game have a basic skill called {Maul} it would deal a fixed amount of damage and would bleed the target for a percentage of their max hp.

The moment the Panther was about to jump at Dave's neck. He used Rising Strike.

{Rising Strike} deals 100% weapon damage and pushes the user the meters backward rendering them invincible during the animation.

Dave managed to time it correctly, Lading a decent amount of damage of [720] then falling back and widening the gap once more.

The archers and Casters had a bit of a low casting time. So the Panther was still able to barely survive, but now it was on its last leg. Both literally and figuratively.

The panther jumped forward trying to go for one last desperate attack. Even a scratch on that ugly undead's face would let the Panther feel a bit of comfort in its death.

Too bad Dave would not let it.

[Block] Was already off cooldown and he used it canceling the momentum of the Panther and smacked down with his sword


You have Slain an enemy.

+24 500 XP

Level Up.

One of your Undead had managed to level up

Hidden Bonus

+15 Contribution points.

Your Ring's level had reached level 20.

You still lack a certain condition to access the second part of the Inheritance quest.

Condition unmet.

Level 150

Dave found it amazing! Not only was he able to level up using the monsters. Even one of his followers managed to level up. So indeed he could easily level up while fighting neutral monsters that don't belong to the evil faction.

But what about the ring? Dave knew that inheritance equipment had 5 seals. Every one of them can be unsealed once the ring levels up 10 levels. It is much easier to level the ring but the quest is really difficult.

As for another problem. Dave could not rush in blindly and start the level 20 quest. He has yet to reach the required Level. And it looks like it will take a while. However, with the help of the small party of the undead. It should be much faster than any other adventurer who is going solo.

One of your followers had dropped

Golden Panther's hide (Rare crafting material)

Golden Panther's Fang X2

Golden Panther's Claws X4

23 copper coins.

"Ah, it dropped items. But why did they appear in my inventory?" asked Dave. That was rather strange indeed even if Dave was the one that landed the last strike. The drops could not be his and his only, he was considered a monster and is not protected by the party's loot picking rules.

Yet one of his undead just moved forward, grabbed the items and Dave found them in his inventory. Quite strange but really useful.

"Alright Let's move forward!" said Dave but sadly only the crackling of bones could be heard out of his mouth.

The undead didn't say anything as they followed Dave suite.

As for the undead that leveled up, it was the sole Ghoul in Dave's party. It became slightly bigger. And looked a bit different than before. If one didn't stare at it for a long period of time, one would not notice the change.

Dave didn't think much of the change. As it was one of his 'party' members noticed the small difference once it leveled up. Even its 2500 Hp, became 2700. So this would mean that it really was growing. How much would it grow though? Would it also be able to rank up?

Dave didn't feel the need to answer that question. What he wanted was to make sure that he won't miss out on this opportunity. He needed to level up as fast as he could, and in this monster-infested Hill, he could do so.

Another solitary Golden Panther was found in another opening of the hill. Strangely the information above the Panther would indicate that it was a king of the mountain, so how can there be more than one in a small hill?

"Let's get it boys!" said Dave as he initiated the fight the same way as before.

In another place, there were two guys that were still staring at each other dumbly.

Mainly it was No Tits no Life. And Can't touch this.

"What the heck just happened?" said No tits asking Can't touch this to explain.

"Like hell would I know, aren't you the train? You got your ass handed to you by some bunch of undead!" he said refusing to believe what just happened.

"Alright, I guess we can't take down that undead, but let's just call our Guildmaster first."

Can't touch this and No Tits were part of a guild named Arkadia. They were a small guild, which the guild master was a level 360. It was barely the average level of players in the game at this point in time.

The guild Arkadia's Headmaster was shocked once he saw the footage of the Bearded skeleton that was recorded by the two of them while they were fighting.

"Where is that place?" asked The headmaster

"Northen side of Kimulka City. Western borders" Said No tits no life

This palace fell under the jurisdiction of the devastators. And so Arkadia guild had no right to go in and do anything without their consent. They even had to pay a fee to access the region to level up their players. That was something that was agreed upon by several guilds in the past. Where new players have to pay a sum of the money to gain Experience. And at the same time be able to remain safe within the Exp region. Other pk players would usually attack others while they are in the midst of fights. And in doing so they could ruin their chances at gaining another level and be forced to start from scratch. With the Devastator's protection. No Pk was allowed in their region, however, every activity of any guild must be reported to the Sub-guilds of the devastators.

Now Arkadia's Guildmaster felt a tinge of greed. If he were to divulge the existence of the bearded Skeleton that made a mess in the demonic monastery that time. He might be rewarded, but if he was the one to kill it then the Undead event might be initiated while he could gain some benefits from the system.

Arkadia's Guildmaster knew that if he was to personally go to that place he will be pulling some attention to himself. It was a low-level area what would a Guildmaster need to do there anyway?

"Alright, keep the information to yourself I will give you some good stuff later. Go back to the hill and try to locate the bearded skeleton. I will send You something to use once you are there" said the Guild leader addressing No tits no life.

The two low-level players went back to the hill and began their climb, looking for the undead that killed them.

It took a while but they finally found what they were looking for. It was Dave who just managed to end the life of yet another Panther.

Dave didn't notice the presence of the two guys. But something strange soon happened. A golden light glowed right behind the two and another person appeared.

It was the Arkadia guild master.

He used an expensive item shop, called "Anti-bully"

It was a simple item that would summon another player to the user's location. But it had a range limit. The summoned player needs to be at least 100Km close.

Once Dave turned around, his face turned white.

It was a level, 360 player…

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