Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 28 Mr.Valentine!

Dave perfectly knew his limit. Fighting against a level 360 was nothing short of a suicide. He immediately ran away from where he stood. Thankfully he could leave the place whenever he wished as he immediately used the game's interface to go back to the Dead world.

The level 360 player couldn't even react! He just wasted an expensive item with not a single profit coming out of it. he believed that he could kill the bearded undead and gain something from the system, but never did he think that the undead would disappear the moment it spotted him.

He was infuriated.

"What the hell happened!" cried out the Arkadia Guildmaster.

"I don't really know, he was a strange undead. All his actions were too 'human' his AI must be really high. The game system must have recognized you as a high-level player and decided to withdraw the strange undead. Perhaps this one will only be allowed to low level Players to kill." Said No tits no life.

"God damn it." cried out the Guildmaster. Now he felt the pinch of having used the "Anti-bully" item for nothing. It was an item that helped people when in distress it could call upon a player of their guild if they accepted the request and summon them to the target's location if they ere 100Km close to them. The Arkadia Guild master used this to try and kill the strange undead to et some sort of bonus from the system but he never thought that everything will be in vain.

"If the system recognizes me as a threat to the low-level undead, this would mean that only low-level players have the right to defeat it. listen up, il give you some of my old equipment and some good stuff. Stay here, and wait for it to respawn once it appears kill it and summon me. Don't loot him or I will put a kill order on your head!" said The Arkadia Guildmaster.

A kill order was a strange item. It would summon giant beacon on top of a target"s head. And it will remain until the target has been eliminated. Once the target has been killed they will gain the bounty placed by the owner of the kill order and it cannot be less than 100Gold.

In counterpart. The longer the kill order remains on top of the player's head. The price of the bounty will slowly increase. Sometimes some players will be unable to afford the bounty and will be forced to suspend it. the moment the bounty is suspended all the increased value of the bounty will be sent to the target.

This would mean that the longer the target remains alive. The more expensive his head will get. And if the user cannot afford it. the target will end up gaining the benefits.

Not only that, the target will also have one more bonus. Due to being a kill target he might end up being swarmed with players. But if he ends up killing one of the attackers the attacker will 100% drop 1 of his equipped items.

This was to limit the use of this kill order. So that many players won't abuse the system. It is a balance between risk and reward only those high figures can afford to make a kill order. And once it is established it will only get more and more expensive until it cannot be afforded.

No tits no life felt shivers down his spine after the mention of the kill order. He already saw many people being harassed and ganged up upon. Forcing them to hide or not log in. if a player remains outside the game, the price inflation will not continue. So they will always be forced outside the game. And moreover. A player with a kill order on their heads can only remain within safe zones for about 1 hour. And that time is shared between all the safe zones of the game. If they spend half an hour in a zone then teleport to another, they will only have one hour left until they get kicked out of the city and be killed.

The guild master exchanged several items with No tits no life which made Can't touch this a bit jealous but he didn't speak.

"Now stay here and report to me once you see the bearded Drauger," said the guild master as he tore a teleportation scroll to go back to his save point.

"What should we do?" asked Can't touch this.

"We will just stay here, these equipment are rather nice. We can grind in this place for undead and golden panthers. And if we see the bearded Drauger we will report to the guild master. Just like he said, he might reward us if we do a good job…" said No tits No life. But he knew that deep down, that whatever the guild master would offer him would probably be much lesser than what he would receive if he was to kill the undead. But he knew even with these requirements it would be really hard for him to do so.

A glint flashed pass his eye as he remembered that he read something interesting in the forums.

Then he began scrolling down his friend's list until he found one of his friends online.

"Hey, Jeff. You are from a sub guild of the Devastators right?" said No tits No life

"Uh, yes, what do you need?" said the man that was named Jeff.

"I think I have some information regarding the strange undead that is plaguing the forums and is related to the event of the Undead Expansion. Link me to one of the higherups of the Devastators guild" said No tits no life

"Ah… uh, just tell me and I will send them a message." Said, Jeff

No tits no life immediately understood that Jeff was a greedy person. He wanted to know about the discovery he made and he will probably say that he was the one that discovered it to gain the benefits."

"No, just link me to one of the higher-ups. Otherwise, I will tell you nothing. And once I contact the higherups I will make sure to mention your name." Said No tits no life

This was both a bonus and an implied threat. If Jeff was known to have tried to disregard the information related to the event he might be punished. That is of course if No tits no life refused to tell him anything after having supposedly come in contact with an information regarding the event.

Even rumors have power. And if Jeff was discovered to have hindered the super guilds access to this valuable information, his end would be sour.

"Alright alright. Wait a second…I will contact one of the higherups."

Moments later a friend request was sent to No tits no life.

It was Mr. Valentine. This guy was a powerful player that always accompanied the number 1 player of the Devastators. He was only 2 levels behind him at level 420 and was well known in the whole game. He was the one that managed to finish an A class inheritance quest of the Shifter lord and had one of the strangest and most useful skills in raids.

"What is it? you say you have information regarding the undead event, if you are lying or trying to get some benefits without proper information, I don't need to tell you what would happen." Said Mr. Valentine.

"No, sir. I really do have critical information regarding the event. But first I want something in return besides the reward of course." Said No Tits no life.

He really knew how to use his bargaining chips correctly and now he is trying to make the best use of them.

"What sort of information you have? Tell me first." Said Mr, Valentine who sounded a bit annoyed.

"I just need protection first, the moment I divulge the information my guild master will probably put a kill order on my head." Said No tits no life

"You are from Arkadia? That is a small time guild. Your guild master is nothing compared to us, if your information is valuable we will give you protection and you can even join one of the sub guilds of the Devastators and enjoy many benefits. Only if your information is valuable, also your reward of 10 000$ Will be handed to you." Said Mr.Valentin

"Alright. I will send you a footage of the strange undead, and his whereabouts, and everything I know that is related to the current event."

No tits no life accessed the footage option and picked up the whole video of his fight with the bearded Undead. How he moved, and his skills and everything even the battle log.

He sent the video and added a critical information

"The bearded undead is probably designed by the system to disappear once a high-level player is in the region. He will fight low-level players close to his level, and once a high-level player appears he will disappear. So the only way to defeat him is probably by sending powerful low-level players with good equipment. And his last known location is here." Said No tits no life as he sent the location of where he was.

"Very well, the information sounds plausible I will discuss with my guildmates and we will see about it. now you just have to wait, and if you manage to find his location don't engage in a fight, let us send a party of our main guild to deal with him. Once he is defeated we will add a bonus reward if it is actually related to the even" said Mr.Valentine as he cut the connection with No tits no life.

This was the world of business. Mr.Valentine knew that if he contacted the guild master of Arkadia he will ask them for more than what a level 30 would aks. A level 30 could be satisfied with but a mere 10 000$ that was not even half of what a low-level dungeon that is owned by the devastators would generate per day.

The Devastators were a huge guild. And a guild master of a low-level guild Like Arkadia will know that once he is offered an inch he will want to take a yard. It was better to deal with low-level players as their view is limited and they can't see the whole picture.

And so, a meeting was adjourned at the Devastator's headquarters. Even the guild master was there. The highest leveled player Warlord was present.

Mr.Valentine then displayed the video for all to see and give their points of view…

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