Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 26 Golden Panther

Platoon number 22225 has been summoned to defend against an invading force.

As a leader of the platoon, it is your duty to serve the king in protecting his land.

March forward with your force and block the invaders from reaching their goals.

100 contribution points once successful. For each Soldier's death under your command, you will lose 10 contribution points.

Every enemy that dies under your command will grant you 10 contribution point.

every enemy that falls under the hand of your followers will grant you 5 contribution points.

You may gain more contribution points based on meritorious deeds, and depending on your handling of various situations.

You may refuse the mission, but you must pay 100 contribution points

once you are in a deficit you will be stripped out of your rank.

will you accept your mission?


"Yes!"Dave accepted without hesitation.

He was transported to a different place this time, not the graveyard. But a giant hill, almost a mountain with its sheer size.

There were several giant trees littering the place. It was like a forest atop a hill. The weather was humid and a bit eerie. Just like an undead's tomb.

Dave and co were walking down the hill when they noticed two adventures walking up.

They were both using two-handed swords.

Player: No tits no life

Level 31

Player: Can't touch this.

Level 27

"Oh, Two high-level sword masters… this might be a little difficult." Thought Dave.

He then commanded his unit to spread In a wider range and wait for the player to approach.

"Hey, tits," said (Can't touch this.) "Don't you think that undead party is weird?"

"Yea, I have been playing for two months now and never saw a party of undead this strange…" said the other player

Indeed, it is very rare to see a party of undead with different types of undead. And this peaked their interest.

"Alright, they are still lower level than us. We can beat them up, just kill the leader first…where is he?" asked No tits.

"I can't see him, they are probably without a leader. The leader hallo is not on any of them…" said Can't touch this.

"Alright, let me take down the Ghouls first, you should keep the casters away from me. Get to their mele range and break their formation, the archers won't deal much damage anyway, if you think your Hp will get too low just drink a potion." Said No tits. As he was the highest level of the two he knew about how to handle the undead. Always take down the ranged monsters first, then focus on the tanks later.

Yet the moment he got closer to the ghoul's something strange happened.

The ghouls backed down a bit. They distanced themselves from the attacker.

This was off script! Normally once a player enters the aggro range of a monster they would instantly trigger their reaction and they will attack. But these ghouls backed off!

No tits were forced to run after them to engage in a fight, and he made a small mistake. He was now too far away from his friend.

The moment the distance became too much, it was the time for Dave to enter the fray.

Dave used {Stampede} and approached the lower level player Can't touch this from his blind spot.

The earth cracked as Dave was stomping on the ground he broke the dirt and sent rocks flying as he approached as a haywire train

Once Can't touch this turned around he was faced with a grinning undead! Dave's appearance was vivid in his face as he was the only skeleton that had a semblance of skin on his body while his rusted dark armor made him different from any other skeleton. He looked special!

This monster that was approaching Can't touch this looked like a Drauger from Norse mythology. He even had a god damned beard!

Once Can't touche this noticed the advancing bearded skeleton he couldn't even react and was struck with a shoulder bash by him.

At that moment, his body was sent sprawling down the ground. The archers didn't even wait to launch multiple attacks on the swordmaster and his Hp began to drop at a rapid rate.

{Warrior's Will} was activated by the downed Swordsman.

{Warrior's will} was a comune skill, and every warrior class would obtain it once they go back to speak with their instructor once more. Dave would have had it, but he never got the chance to leave the undead world.

Can't touche this stood back up, the moment he tried to drink a potion, Dave was already before Him

{Destructive Smash!}


That nearly took a third of the player's Hp and canceled his potion drinking attempted.

Now that the low-level player was unable to use another stun removing skill. Dave struck down with his sword instantly.


The damage that Dave was dealing was not optimal, mainly due to the player having some damage reduction items. Indeed it was not as powerful as a tank. But still, it reduced Dave's damage by a bit.

However, now that another huge portion of Can't touche this's Hp was already shaved off. Dave instantly activated Twin Strike. A shadow of his sword was soon mimicked and another strike followed hitting the still stunned target

[-644!] the damage was insane and Dave managed to kill one of the two in less than two seconds!

You have slain one of the invading members.

+10 contribution points.

Death Siphon has activated


"Wow!" said Dave as he saw the dissipating body of the Adventurer.

Dave turned around and noticed that two of his Ghouls have already succumbed and the last one was about to die. He willed it to come towards him, and the other ranged mobs to stay behind Dave and follow him suit.

"Damn idiot! How the fuck did he die!" cried out No tits no life as he ran after the ghoul.

The ghoul was inherently slow, but when Dave and his party of undead Ran toward him, they managed to close the gape rather fast.

Dave's ranged troops managed to give him some covering fire and he managed to retrieve the ghoul with barely any Hp.

"What the fuck is going on here!" Said No tits as he looked at Dave

"Its, the bearded Skeleton! Finally, I found it! what a good stroke of luck!" said the man

He already knew about the strange phenomenon happening with the undead. And with that, he knew that there was a strange undead doing some mischief. The undead bearded skeleton has made a huge trouble to the devastators back at their demonic monastery dungeon. And now he was here. How did it get all the way here?

But No tits no life didn't bother thinking about a solution, he knew that this was one of the major characters in the event of the undead. Probably killing it might grant him some sort of opportunity.

No tits no life turned serious as he closed the gap with the bearded Drauger looking undead.

{Piercing strike!}

Piercing Strike was an ability similar to the berserker's {Charge}

It could close the gape with an enemy and damage them while ignoring 100% of their defense.

Unlike the berserker's {Charge} which would stun a target and deal twice the normal Damage.

Dave had a variation of the {Charge} skill as he had {Stampede} Stampede had a higher range. But could stun targets longer.

Once No tits no life got closer. Dave instantly retaliated with a {Rising Strike}

It was rather simple. Using {Rising Strike} Will put Dave in an invincibility frame and widen the gap between the two at the same time, fully nullifying the {Piercing Strike} of No tits no life.

Once that happened the player was stunned! How could a mob have such reactions!: and that Skill , he never saw it before!

The player charged once again trying to close the gape but he was bombarded with blasts and arrows that rained on him none stop.

"Fucking annoying pests!" cried Out No tits no life as he was enraged. He couldn't get closer to the bearded undead as the others were slowing him with attacks that had slow effects and some casters even used rooting effects

{Warrior's Will} was used to remove the effects and he got once again closer to Dave.

{Death Grip} was used

A small gashly hand appeared behind No tits no life. It aimed directly at his heart.

He felt the cold hand of death clinging to his heart tightly as it pumped with fright!


Dave frowned as the ability failed to activate. Though he was higher level than the player, the ability relied on luck.

"Get Reckt!" cried out the sword master as he used {Destructive Smash} On Dave.

Dave raised his shield timely and used {Block} it could nullify the Damage and ignore stun effects if it was properly blocked.

The player was shocked at how his attack was blocked but didn't think much of it as he prepared to attack once more.

{Counter!} used Dave and his shield, that was still raised shone brightly for a moment and a similar attack that the player used struck back at him!


"What the fuck!"

{Counter} was one of the Death Apostle's main skills. It was really powerful and it could send back 20% of the attacker's damage back to him in true damage disregarding the defense value of the attacker.

No tits no life was a swordmaster, and he was level 30. He already had a huge attack value and could easily deal more than 2000 damage to a 0 defense target. Now that destructive Smash would increase the weapon's damage the higher its range. The stronger the attack the worse the aftermath.

Dave retaliated with a sword strike and luckily Bleed was activated.


Yet before No tits, no life could do anything, more attacks struck him down. His Hp was being drained constantly.

"Shit." Said The player and he tried to back off. Otherwise, he would die. But Dave wouldn't let a free 10 contribution points escape that easily.

The archers were willed to go behind the player and Dave was confronting the player while three more casters were behind him. He would have no way to retreat and if he tries to charge at the archers he would let his back prone to attacks.

It only took a few more seconds for No tits no life to die. And Dave managed to get more contribution points.

Dave was asked if he wished to leave or remain here to fight once more. But he decided against it and remained in the region. He wanted to venture the place, probably finding more players. The next tier of the potion he wanted to drink cost much more than he currently has.

Dave already lost two ghouls and the final one was slowly regenerating its Hp.

After a minute or two, it was back to full health.

Dave commanded his unit to go up the hill. And surprisingly there was a monster laying there.

It was a golden panther that was alone in a small opening.

Golden Panther

Level 50

Damage 1200-1600

Hp 5500

The golden panther is the king of the hill. No one likes being awakened from sleep and this one retaliates without concern to those that invade his territory

However what struck Dave as odd was that it had a red name tag…this meant one thing… he could be attacked.

What would be the result if Dave actually killed a monster? When he was back at the monastery the monsters there had green tag names. They were friendly…perhaps they were considered of the same faction, the 'evil' faction as for this panther it was a neutral monster and it was 'alive' so it was a viable target for assault and was naturally an enemy of the undead that hated anything that lived…

Dave waited for few more minutes until all his skills were off cooldown. Then he gathered his troops to attack the dormant monster…

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